Top Ten Things That Need to Happen On the Big Bang Theory

... The show. I keep begging for these things to happen and I dearly hope they will, as the show seems to be on it's last legs. We have probably only 2 more seasons for all of this!

The Top Ten

1 Sheldon And Amy Get Married

I expect this as a finale. don't let me down CBS, I want the cutest wedding in the history of all weddings. - keycha1n

2 Howard and Bernadette Have a Kid

Not soon, again, preferably a last-season sort of thing - keycha1n

They have now. Her name is Hailey. - LeaPurple2003

3 Leonard and Penny Get Married

I am 99 percent sure that it will happen.

They are only engaged, let's hope it happens! - keycha1n

4 We Find Out Penny's Last Name

I am very curious about this. Everyone else's last name has been revealed, but what about hers? - LeaPurple2003

Do you: Penny-indeterminate last name, take Leonard Hofstadter to be your lawfully wedded husband?
"I do".

Tell us already! - keycha1n

5 Sheldon Makes a Discovery

I really want Sheldon to succeed. He's technically a genius, something accomplishing must happen to him! - keycha1n

6 We Meet Sheldon's Meemaw

Honestly, I've been wanting to see this since the first mention of "meemaw". - PositronWildhawk

I want her to meet Amy as well! - keycha1n

7 Sheldon and Amy "Do it"

I think it has happened. - LeaPurple2003

Ummm... I feel like it would be crazy-awkward, uncomfortable, and all around weird for me to watch. But nonetheless, this has to happen. Someday! - keycha1n

8 Raj and Emily Get Engaged

I really hope this relationship works out for Raj, after all those silent years, he deserves it! - keycha1n

9 A Proper Good-Bye To Mrs. Wolowitz

The show has done nothing to acknowledge or salute Carol Ann's passing, I really hope they will dedicate her an episode or something. The show is not the same without her. - keycha1n

10 Stuart Becomes Successful

The poor guy! I'm sorry if his name is really spelled Stewart by the way! - keycha1n

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11 Penny and Leonard have a child
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