Things that Should Happen in Avengers Infinity War Part 1 and 2

Here are things that I want to happen in Avengers Infinity War for both parts. I will include Part 1 and 2 for these items.

The Top Ten

1 Captain America Dies (Part 2)
2 Black Widow Dies (Part 2) Black Widow Dies (Part 2)
3 The X-Men Join the Battle (Part 2)
4 Thanos Takes Over the Universe (Both Parts) V 1 Comment
5 Vision Dies (Part 1)
6 Deadpool Appears (Part 2)
7 Spider-Man Fights the Green Goblin (Part 1)
8 Iron Man, Thor, Deadpool, Wolverine, Red Hulk, Hulk, and Captain America Defeats Thanos (Part 2)
9 Red Hulk Appears (Part 1) V 1 Comment
10 More Than One Stan Lee Cameo (Both Parts)
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