Top 10 Things That Undertale Has In Common With Earthbound

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1 Playing as a nondecript kid whose main attack is to swing a stick at enemies

I think you mean "Playing as a non-decript kid whose main attack is a melee weapon made of wood".

Ness And Frisk - GreenPizza0511

2 One of the best storylines ever in video games

Please don’t get me started on this...

3 Incredibly weird enemies
4 Bright and colorful on the outside, disturbingly dark on the inside


5 Quirky metanarrative style of humor
6 Breaking the fourth wall
7 Top-notch character design

Oh yeah, the designs are so creative.

8 Both have a very underrated and important character that wears nerd glasses

My name Jeff

Jeff and Alphys - GreenPizza0511

9 First-person battle perspective
10 Heavily text-based

The Contenders

11 Infamously terrifying eldritch-abomination bosses at the end of each game

Seriously, though, what is it with Omega Flowey and his constantly overshadowing the vastly creepier Amalgamates?

Endogeny needs love too, you know. - xandermartin98

Omega Flowey and Giygas - GreenPizza0511

12 Overpriced on the Internet

Um, Undertale is only ten dollars...

whereas Earhbound can easily go for over 100. - xandermartin98

13 Silent protagonists
14 Reusing Megalovania
15 Incredibly overrated by some people and horribly underrated by others
16 Postmodernist 90s cartoon atmosphere
17 One of the greatest video game soundtracks of all time
18 Known mainly for being played on computers and the like
19 Creepy yet also cute at the same time
20 Both have an ridiculously cute race of critters that live in their own strange, isolated little village and have an eccentric manner of speaking

Mr. Saturn and Temmie - GreenPizza0511

21 The art style
22 Extremely depressing storyline (Mother 3)
23 Dogs
24 Both role-playing games

Well duh - GreenPizza0511

25 Overbearingly pretentious at times (Mother 3)
26 Both incredibly gigantic memes on the Internet
27 Both extremely polarizing games
28 Both hated on mainly for their graphics
29 Highly overrated battle systems
30 Not nearly as innovative as people claimed
31 Legendary cast of characters
32 Being generally way too easy
33 Appearing cute and harmless at first, but then later veering off into incredibly dark and disturbing territory
34 Lacking a sprint button
35 Slow fast-travel systems
36 Having a unique and creative replacement for the normal Magic command in RPGs
37 Real-time elements integrated into the battle system
38 Gradually going from underrated to downright ridiculously overrated
39 Overhyped yet still amazingly phenomenal games

100% agreed - GreenPizza0511

40 Cult classics through and through
41 "On days like this, kids like you..."
42 Having instant noodles as one of the healing items
43 Utter randomness at times
44 Highly overpowered main characters
45 Both contain famous musical superstars
46 Both contain characters that are basically "mother" figures to the main character

Toriel and Ness's mom? - GreenPizza0511

47 Containing an oddly iconic mountain (Earthbound Zero)
48 Intentionally weak enemies
49 The main text sound effect (Earthbound)
50 Both games obviously have a very genuinely Nintendo charm and feel to them
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