Top 10 Things Which Happen When You Become a Fan of Psychedelic Music

I got the idea for this list for Metal_Treasure's recent list of things which happen when you become a Metal fan. I thought I would do the same thing for Psychedelic music. Just like his list this not meant to be taken to seriously, however these are some things which can happen when you become a Psychedelia fan.

The Top Ten

1 Some Non-Psychedelic Songs You Liked Before No Longer Do the Trick for You

Thanks for mentioning me as an inspiration. Not many users do it when use my list ideas. - Metal_Treasure

2 You Don't Think the Beatles are the Most Psychedelic Band Ever
3 You Start to Appreciate Early Pink Floyd More Than Later Pink Floyd
4 Modern Pop No Longer Does the Trick for You
5 The Beatles are Not Your Favorite Psychedelic Band
6 You Fall in Love with Fuzz Guitar
7 You Stop Thinking of Psychedelic Rock as Just Music Which is Played in Austin Powers Movies
8 You Never Stop Searching for Obscure Psychedelic Albums from the 1960s
9 You Start to Think that the Band Them Got Better After Van Morrison Left
10 You Fall in Love with Psychedelic Inspired Artwork
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