Top Ten Things That Would Make Game of Thrones a Better Show

The Top Ten

1 Getting rid of Tyrion Lannister
2 Sean Bean returns
3 Daenery's brother returns
4 Jon Snow becoming the main hero
5 Lady being still alive
6 Ayra Stark becoming the second main hero
7 Lady the dire-wolf getting to live and survive longer too

That Cersei and that George R.R. Martin would've let Lady the dire-wolf live longer for Sansa but no, instead they just had to unfairly make Sansa lose her pet dire-wolf, Lady anyway.

George R.R. Martin deserved all the grudges against him for unfairly making Sansa lose her pet dire-wolf, Lady.

8 A new villain played by Tim Curry
9 Sansa Stark becoming braver and cooler
10 Lady the dire-wolf having a bigger role

The Contenders

11 Robb Stark returns
12 Jon Snow and Ayra Stark fight the dragons
13 Myrcella Baratheon still being alive
14 Stark reunion

I really want the Starks to meet again. I love characters meeting each other, but who else would kill to see the children of the Stark house, including Jon Snow, to have a reunion? Or at least two of the characters? - Aeterna

15 Ghosts of characters who were killed off find out Littlefinger was behind the conflict between the Starks and the Lannisters
16 Jon Arryn still being alive
17 Catelyn Stark still being alive
18 Rickon Stark still being alive
19 Tommen Baratheon still being alive
20 The Lannisters finding out it was Littlefinger who started the conflict between the Lannisters and the Starks
21 Any characters who were killed and written off are ghosts
22 Less bratty Robin Arryn
23 Less tyrannical Joffrey Baratheon
24 Less spoiled Joffrey Baratheon
25 Less reckless Ned Stark
26 Mycah the butcher boy still being alive
27 Arya and Nymeria traveling around the entire outside world together
28 Visible ghost of Ned Stark
29 Visible ghost of Catelyn Tully/Stark
30 Visible ghost of Robb Stark
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