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1 Racism

This is bad, but racism is everywhere. The dude who wrote this article isn't probably American, that's for sure. This thing ticks me off. Why does everyone think the U.S. is so bad? The dude who wrote this article is the bad one. He probably wrote this article to be a negative, mean person. I've never met one so horribly, thuggish person where I live. I live in Texas. This is so horrible, when people like this should stop spending their time degrading countries. If he isn't American, then he probably wrote this list to make him feel better about his country. Sure, their are some bad things going on right now, but you don't dwell on it. You try to fix it. Plus, the U.S. isn't horrible at all. Take a look at Iraq and Iran and North Korea, for instance. Geez, I'm 13 years old for God's sake, and am I the only one who's positive here? A lot of people on here are probably older, and don't mind being negative, because they already have spent time on this planet. So, try to fix the States, ...more

I am an American and I am ashamed to live in this country. There is so much ridicule over things that we have no control over. We cannot decide the color of a person's skin, so why does everyone feel the need to discriminate? Everyone on this earth is equal. Just because you're white, doesn't mean you're better than anyone else, and just because you're black, doesn't mean you're worth less than anyone else. Things that have happened in the past are still affecting this world and it's not in a positive way. We should be using our history and learning from it not continuing to wrongfully discriminate against our own people. I can't believe that in 2016 we are still fighting this fight. Sure, things have gotten better from where they started, but come on, what is the point in all of this? Each person on this planet has a life just as complicated as your own. Everyone has their own problems to deal with. This is a problem that could so easily be put to rest, but there are ignorant people ...more

His guy below me says not to dwell in other countries yet he comments on North Korea Iran and Iraq as if it is only ok for him to comment on stuff and it isn't ok for other people to comment on us. That isn't fair to people like me who have a background from another country but was born here. And although we don't have as many things going on as them, we still have many problems so don't pretend that Americans are perfect when clearly some of them aren't. For example, youth in today's generation. Half of them are probably out doing something they're not supposed to. But you do get your point about Iraq and Iran and North Korea but don't dwell on them because you never know if somebody else on this site has a background from those countries it will really hurt their feelings if you do that to them. They will start thinking that their home country is a horrible place and might never go back because of what people say. So please don't dwell on others please.

Racism is America's sin. The Native American were here first. This was their land until a foreigner from the European world TOOK IT, through lies and deceiving schemes. Then their families were to lazy to care for the land, so they bought and took educated Africans to become their slaves to harvest the land...remember which was taken from the Native fast forward several hundred years later...Now we have racist Trump and his white supremacy friends, relatives, the uneducated, and "Christian " folks to deal with...AMERICA WAKE UP before Jesus comes back. Deal with you SINS.

2 Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.

You guys need to chill with the whole "I hate Donald Trump because of what I've heard about him" Like come on now. He's the only reason we are alive right now, he has saved this country like 3 times already since he's became president and that's amazing! He's not building a wall to be mean and just deport families for fun, it's for our own safety like do you want to be dead in a couple of days because of a disease that came from somebody that doesn't eve belong in your country? Well no that's what I thought so maybe you should read more into stuff before you post Donald Trump on the Top Ten things wrong with the world.

This is one of the tweets Donald Trumpet made:

The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!

Hey Trumpet, do you know why did USA gave Pakistan so much money? Because Americans are much better than YOU! I thought America was bad, until I read this tweet! Now I truly know that America isn't a bad country after all, YOU BIG LOSER!

Our powers that be forced a lying deranged narcissist upon us with the fraud that is the "electoral college." Our gov't has been corrupt so long nobody knows what an actual democracy is, and devolves into horrible class warfare that benefits super rich people like our Trump, to the detriment of the lower classes. And yet the middle class believes the upper classes' hyperbole about poor people and immigrants being the root of all our problems while they suck the life out of all the rest of us. America contains too many stupid people and Trump is the proof.

This swaggering, arrogant oaf has finally caused our allies around the world to stop looking up to the USA as having the moral high ground. We can no longer be depended on to do the right thing. We no longer have the highest standard of living in the world, last I checked we are at #19 on that scale. We are quickly losing ground to satisfy the right wing radical ideals that we should all be at each others throats competing, while the moneyed elites rob us blind & turn us against one another.

3 Violence

Has everyone gone nuts.

Almost all the gas stations, Midi Marts,Hotels,Motels and a lot of other businesses are run by Hindus. Almost all our jobs in the United States are being taken over my Mexican Illegals and they don't pay into Social Security or taxes and nothing is being done about it. They are going to give Welfare and free hospital care and free Social Security to all illegal Aliens. You make a call on a Cell phone and you end up talking to a Hindu that can not talk English. They are making it a standard procedure for all children to learn Mexican. How long will it be before our children have to learn Hindu. Anyone coming into this country is suppose to understand our language and speak it. Hindu woman can not be searched at Airports. Are you kidding me. What do we have security Checks for at airports? I would never get on a plane if it has a Hindu woman on board. She could be carrying a bomb for Terrorist's. Please do not tell me that it is not possible. We had ...more

We've been waging illegal wars on countries since 1950. Do you think it's time we stopped? Drone strikes, bombings, the killing of innocent people in other countries who never did ONE thing to harm the United States? It's wrong! I'm sick and tired of this country being at war for sticking its nose in other people's business. America is a danger and threat to every country on this planet.

If the money that was spent on wars overseas was funnelled into the American economy instead, the U.S. would be a shining example of what a country should be. Let other nations resolve their conflicts themselves.U.S. propaganda is just as rampant as the old Soviet Union's was back in the 60's.

We have 5% of the worlds population, but 60% of the worlds mass shootings. More semi-automatic in the streets are not the solution to this problem. Our founding fathers believed we had a right to bear arms, not weapons of mass murder.

4 They Think They Are the Only Country On the Planet

I am an American. I do WANT to be the greatest country in the world, but that does not mean I think we are. We used to be when we stuck to our values and when we were a true democracy ruled by the people, but we have strayed from those which has caused us to decline. Most true Americans do not want to rule the world, they want to be free, and for other people to be free with them. Many people believe all Americans are stuck up, but we just love our country to where we will defend it against almost anything anyone says about it. And we do care about other countries and that is why the U.S. Government is everywhere in the world. I will say that sometimes the leaders and sometimes the people overstep the boundaries, but we do it with good intentions. America is the second most giving country second only to Myanmar for the first year. Many people come to America to live the American Dream. Although some people may think that that means making a lot of money, for many people, including the ...more

The United States is a capitalist empire of greed. They allowed 9/11 to occur so they could validate a war in Afghanistan and Iraq and seize the oil reserves in the Middle East, they wasted a large amount of resources and lives to fund this pointless war. Over a million Iraqi's were killed and the US blew them back to the stone age, kept anti-Muslim racism alive, created Al-Qaeda and ISIS, and kept the Middle East in the cycle of war they've been in all for the monetary gain of the capitalist nightmare that is the United States of America. God bless Canada, God Bless the World, and damn the capitalist empire to hell.

Honestly. America is controlled by 13 families. Rothschild and Rockefeller are probably the most known ones. Rockefeller owns the music industries, music is everywhere. In movies, T.V. series, commercials etc. Rothschild owns all of the banks. Therefore they own all of the money in the world. Now one of them is gonna marry a Hilton, then some "accident" will happen to the Hiltons and they'll own all of the hotels.

In America, the government sits laughing at everybody else. That's because everything people think about is money. The world is so obsessed with money that they don't realise that the 13 families that control America will soon control everything else. Their goal is to eliminate 90% of the world's humans and control the 10% like slaves and they won't even know it. RFID chips will become more advanced, til they can finally kill you by sending signals to your brain. In some states, RFID chips is a MUST. Everybody who refuses to install them will be caged up like animals. ...more

At last! This really should really be the top option. I HATE America's arrogance; they truly believe that the rest of the world is jealous of them when they couldn't be more wrong. America should have a high-voltage electric fence built all the way around to stop them spreading their poison to more civilized countries. Give me charming, beautiful, historical ENGLAND anyday! It's American independence day tomorrow - the day when Britain broke its ties with the Yanks. Good riddance!

5 Discrimination

It will always exist, whether people like it or not.

Yeah. White people are trashed on in America too much.

6 Too Much Taxes for the Poor

It does not make sense to tax the poor. We pay taxes for many reasons and the most noble reason is to lift up those less fortunate than ourselves. As an American, I just want to make certain we are helping the poor in an efficient and effective manner.

I agree to much taxes for the poorer people. I live in the united states and it's just falling apart. I'm moving to England in a month. Way better country and the best place to live.. =)

Blame it on Democrats/Liberals.
Damn New England (Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont), the most hated region on the country!

This should be upside down on the opposite way. We must stop this. Rich man are being bad at the poor man.

7 Lack of Respect

I think the root of all the problems is Capitalism. Everyone is money hungry. The American way of life revolves around money. It's designed that way by the families who run the country. There is no democracy in the states, it's all a smoke screen. The leaders are already picked before hand. If it was a true democratic election you would have more than just two people in the final running. Why is it always just two parti es? d emocratic or republican? Capitalism is slavery, the rich get richer off the backs of the working class people. The people are struggling to get by and resort to desperation to put food on the table. People are thrown in jail and their voting rights taken away while the prison system profits from incarcerating the people. You need to take your country back from the hands of the corporations before they take all power away from the people. Start taking care of each other rather than fighting one another. Love your neighbor. Pay no attention to differences in race ...more

The people in our country seriously need to grow up and calm the hell down. Also the government should stop lying to us, because ever since this year (2020) I don't feel safe trusting our government, which is honestly sad

Uh, Ronluna, we are not trolls. Don't be such a jerk about it. I'm 13, and haven't been to too many places, but I know that I have met nothing but nice, considerate citizens. I'm an American, and me and my family donate to the poor all the time, we recycle, enjoy family nights, and have our neighbor community party nights, and we are not trolls. I respect every adult, as my parents have taught me. So, don't be so negative, and stop reading all these posts that say, "Oh, America sucks, blah blah blah. ", and go meet people and change your thoughts about Americans.

Oh you won't get any respect in the U.S. just be black and have a opinion and get on child support what's so sad the black women are the worse toward their own and don't even realize it they have the most to say about white woman stealing their men when they treat their men like crap and kids or the new trend is for black girls dating white women and be proud about it but years ago when black men were dating white women they were sell outs but whats that make them?

8 Anti-government movements

There's too much of this.

These are good

Make america great again and deport the leeches getting us dollars from doing subpar work and then spending the money on getting posters to demonize the government

Like Antifatism

9 R&B Hip Hop and Rap is More Popular Than Rock

Who put this on here? Let me guess, some 90's kid Nostalgiatard hipster teen loser. Stop acting like that music is better, because it clearly isn't. Well let me tell you one thing: I CAN LISTEN TO WHATEVER I WANT. Just because the music was made 60+ years ago does not automatically mean it's better. People are entitled to their own music choices, so get out of here and stop acting like a narcissist. by the way, this is a pathetic reason to hate a country. A choice of music being chosen over another being deemed "wrong" just seems desperate. You American haters better cook up some more valid reasons. Racism and violence were good reasons, please make ones as sensible as that. RANT OVER.
I'm not usually raging like this, but I had to get something off my chest.

100% on Hip hop/rap, it is full of simplistic music with uninsightful dumbed down lyrics, birthed from the worst parts of black culture. But it is misrepresented as "black music" and if you point out how simplistic, harmfull and juvenile it is people call you racist. When REAL black music has influenced ALL music, Blues, R&B, Soul, Jazz and yes even rock is equally black in its origins. If you pick easy e, lil wayne, kayne or even pac as "voices of black people in music" over Marvin Gaye, Muddy Waters, Al Green, Prince or Jimmi Hendrix you are what is wrong with America and you promote glorifying negative aspects of the black community.

First of all, I’m a fan of R&B, rap, AND rock. Second, how is this exactly a problem for a country, worse than sexism, the Christian Right, and lack of education? Everyone has different music tastes, and we should respect them.

Rap is The biggest part of the black community problems fake gangster rappers sending off the wrong message kids following that B.S and everybody that's born in the 80's or 90's all want to be a rapper ask them where they work at all my ninja I'm in the studio gettin to the money what is wrong with the U.S.

10 Sexism

One need not look further than the US Corporate Board room -- just start counting the number of women sitting around the table. Not only are the numbers dismal, but they tell a dismal story. It is a dismal story of corporate billionaires, bankruptcies, legal staffs, and their billionaire families -- sounds like something all of us can relate to right?

Funny how people only think sexism only applies to women. If you think about it some feminazis and probably some meninists as well are against femininity in males, and this isn't the only thing that's happening that is sexist.

Women are still just used for being sexualized in the media, and there are also feminazis everywhere who claim they want equality but they really want female supremacy. It goes both ways.

You who said you hate seeing guys being better than girls, I will skin you for saying that! Skinning means removing all the skin from your body and it is unbelievably painful!

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11 Troubled Youth

Future Generations are doomed at this point. If we keep up with this pollution, corruption, and war, they're gonna be raised in the third world.

I feel as if some people don't understand what this means. The children of the new generation, Generation Z, have started to grow up very differently then the past generations have. There is more crime than ever, and with with issues such as mass shootings increasing in the United States, there is also a lot of danger that gen z was thrown into, with little to no guidance. So, yes, I'd say at least a large portion of today's youth are troubled, and that will be an issue for the future of our country. Thank you.

The youth are responsible for their own actions. I know several people that came from nowhere or bad households and rose up and make at least $40k a year. You can't blame your parents until they're dead. This goes along with disrespect. If it weren't for them feeding you and changing your diapers... Bringing into the world... You wouldn't be in existence at all

The problem isn't the "troubled youth". Find the source of their problem and more often than not, the problem started with the parents or guardian.

12 2016 Presidential Candidates

While I don't like Trump at all because I feel he is tearing America apart instead of bringing us together, I also could not vote for Clinton because I know how corrupt she was - I worked on Whitewater.
My question has always been... With 323 million people in America, those two were the best we had?

Get ready for the Canadian immigration site to crash because Donald won

Idiots... idiots everywhere. Just happy I am in Canada.

They all kind of sucked except for Bernie Sanders. I liked him

13 The Current Economy

Our current economic state is an utterly terrifying prospect. That's why we keep on ignoring it. As seen in the government shut down we only keep on raising the debt ceiling pushing the problem onto the generation after. We must do something now to stop the debt from piling up. When we perform diplomacy in wars such as Iraq or Afghanistan and if we have a good leader we should look at the general view. Our relationship after such a war, and what we gain from it. In Iraq we gained absolutely nothing except death and sad stories to go around. I to be frank cannot believe we even intervened to start it! Since we had gone we should have at least taken the oil which was there and set up a STABLE government. We should have used our ELEVEN aircraft carriers and a tiny bit less than half of our military during the war. We weren't very committed to it as it seems. We changed nothing and have only worsened the situation and how everyone views us. We need a strong leader to make the right ...more

People must remember the united states inception. Find land, steal land from aboriginals, fight amongst selves who's land it really and wall-la. Let's see what land came out of world war II. The conception of Israel. Back to the main stay invade, push out aboriginals destabilize surrounding areas. Funny how at the end of world war I the first Zionist camp was started in Palestine... What the hell does this have to do with the economy? Same people rule both countries. If anyone wants to bring america back to the people its through common sense and digesting all available facts and holding responsibility for said actions. Tyranny?

Whenever the gap grows too wide between the haves and the have nots, democracies become unstable and so do political systems. To preserve the system, we need to allocate our resources towards the many and stop glorifying the few who have billions. Since when do reality T.V. hosts and billionaire businessmen become the experts on the current economy?

Obviously, these comments must have been written during the Bush administration since we have added jobs nearly every month since Obama has been president and our unemployment rate will likely be below five percent by the fall...

14 Too Many Liberals

Liberals aren't the problem; as a matter of fact, liberalism is beneficial to our society. Progressivism is the issue. In the last five years, they have drastically changed the definition of speech. They silence everyone they disagree with, they cancel stuff for the most brain less reasons, and they terrorize people in urban areas. Liberals on the other hand are open, calm, and actually have good points about why things need to change.

You mean progressivism, "anarchism" & communism

While Republicans are pretty bad too, progressives managed to mess US more than Republicans, I mean nowadays most of the youth believe there are over 56 genders, telling people fat is healthy, whites are guilty of everything that happened in the past, forcing people to pay for irresponsible people's birth control, abortions & child support, making it harder for Asians to get into college, brainwashed people to think anything you see on left wing media is always true facts & that communism is best for our country, I mean if you hate US go to China if you love communism so much or Somalia if you like chaos but stop forcing your damn bigoted beliefs in US, we don't need racism, obesity, communism or sexual immorality I mean being a sl** isn't empowering women & thinking sex has no consequences & everyone having to deal the consequences of paying for abortion & child support & the child either getting murdered in the womb or ...more

The problem isn't "liberals," it's progressive fools, which is what I think OP means. While the racist left wingers slinging slurs at white Americans keep their posts at universities, disaffected moderates and proper liberals are driven to the far right. The rise of Donald Trump and the Alt-Right have been a direct effect of the Regressiveness of the modern "progressive left", with their war on free thought and Enlightenment Principles, as true liberals move to sections of the political spectrum who do not censor. The modern movements of BLM and Third-Wave feminism have disaffected moderates and liberals on both the left and right. Donald Trump and partisan politics is the backlash.

Well, many of our founding fathers were considered liberal in their day and they were able to agree on the principals that underlie our US Constitution. Maybe, just maybe, today's liberals will bring forth the necessary changes to move our Democracy forward as they have in the past. I'm not saying Conservatives are a dying breed, but I am saying there are just not as many of them around nowadays -- could be because they tie their wagons to unpopular political stances or outdated stances. After all, racism, militarism, capitalist cronyism, and extreme nationalism sort went out of style when Facism failed in the 1940's.

15 Political Correctness

For me, this is a big problem currently. Everyone always thinks they are right. The main thing everyone needs to know is that there are no right answers. When it comes to politics, we shouldn't think that what we're stating facts. And it's dumb that people say that. We're all human. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES.

Political Correctness is a dangerous practice that weakens America because it is in effect a new, advanced form of censorship. America was founded on the bedrock of freedom of expression, and the proponents (liberals) of Political Correctness have developed a practice that targets & punishes those who express opposing viewpoints. The Constitution guarantees us protection from arrest and imprisonment with the Right to Free Speech, but the method of punishment used to suppress citizens' expression of a differing opinion is moot-- all that matters is if it's effective or not. Presently in America people are afraid to openly express their honest beliefs out of fear of reprisal. The reprisal may no longer be arrest, torture, or capital punishment as was the case centuries ago, but suppression out of fear of public shaming is an equally effective tool to threaten the disgruntled citizen with to keep him from voicing his true opinion.

I have yet to see politically correct absolutely defined. I think it is a vague term, and is intentionally kept vague by the right, so they can continue to support hatred. By politically correct, do you mean according to the constitution? According to the Bible? According to Robert's rules of order? By what document are we judging "correctness" by? None of us know, and I don't think the right wants us to know, so they can say and do whatever they want and justify it by not being "politically correct". They like Trump because he speaks honestly. Well, so do drunks after five beers.

I don't want to live in a country where we are more concerned with a comedian briefly muttering the n-word than terrorists. It's called satire. I'm white, and my black friends refer to each other that way, and one of them even referred to themselves like that in front of me. There is actually crime going on. Besides, it's not like he said that they are evil human beings, it's just a word.

16 Fat People and McDonalds

There are a lot of fat people here like everywhere else. And there is a whole lot of mcdonalds but I know so many people, myself included, who find, mcdonalds disgusting. But the problem is, when tourists come here they visit the wrong places. You go to Los Angeles, New York etc. But you don't go to the smaller less known cities. Go to boulder CO, denver CO, naples FL, Bellingham WA, san diego etc. There is so many that you fail to see. And the worst part is that you seem to come here just to see fat people. So you can tell everyone how fat america is. Overweight people are people like everyone else. So just enjoy the beautiful places you come to see. And if you really want to go somewhere where there is no fat people, come to boulder. I've lived here for a while and all I see are healthy people.

As a country so concerned about health care, one would think, our source might be in the obesity of the country. True we are not leading in numbers anymore. However I think we are 3rd.
In my philosophy class we proposed an idea that in order to make people not motivated to become health, fatty foods, become more expensive. You wish to order a pizza, it will cost you, the price plus however much you are overweight.
But that's not a real solution, lets face Americans would loose it. Buy america you are not looking good on weight. And don't say its stereotypical because its fact. We are 3rd most over weight.

I barely eat mcdonalds and I don't like it because of the unhealthy food, I like my moms food better and is totally much healthier than mcdonalds. When I grow up and have kids, I will not allow them or allow myself to eat mcdonalds and explain to my kids why.

How stereotypical. Not everyone in America is fat. These are all so offensive and not true. You say we americans are disgusting look at yourselves and stop judging a country that you are simply jealous of.

17 Intolerant Religious Right

They have control of the Republican party and are disgraces to their own religious faith. Plus, they want to wind religion back a few or so hundred years and drag the rest of the world with it. Their ideologies impede social progress, because of the religious right's desire to control everything around them in a way that Jesus would be totally and utterly disgusted at.

Religion and patriotism are two of the biggest things wrong with the USA. They cause many of the things listed here by turning people into ignorant "sheeple" who are incapable of thinking for themselves. Many just wait for their priest, or president, or Rush Limbaugh, or Fox news, or some other right wing nut job to tell them what to think and which group of minorities to hate next

How can a government, or a country function when there is a party that has a large faction that doesn't believe in Science, Doesn't trust any newspaper, and can't tolerate others... and that same party has gerrymandered a permanent presence in the federal government so they can't be gotten rid of.

They're trying to become the new leaders because they're afraid of the fact the youth in the country aren't religious enough and the only way they can have control is through the government

18 Too Much Money Spent On Lobbying

Lobbyists are no more then legalized bribers. Not only should the lobbyists go to jail for influencing the politicians, but the politicians should go also for taking the bribes and not listening to their constituents.

If its not ok for the citizens it shouldn't be ok for companies or politicians

Lobbying is probably the thing that destroyed America in the first place.

19 Homophobia

Russia, Saudi Arabia, and other countries have this problem, too.


20 People are Easily Brainwashed by Politicians

Um, other countries have done this. North Korea, Nazi Germany, etc.

That goes for all trumptards and libertards equally.but, sadly...

Say it again!

21 Lack of Respect Toward Those Who Don't Have English as Their Native Language
22 Government More Powerful Than People

America’s government is by the people, for the people, and of the people. Though it may be very flawed (like everything created by man) we have freedom and rights, we pick our government and can throw them out, we have power in government that other countries couldn’t ever even dream of. The American people are the government. So yes sometime while the government has too much power we have always made sure to have that in check. We are free people allowed to believe and think as we choose. Considering we are a democratic republic I think our government is doing a damn good job. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Not to mention, the people FEAR the government. It needs to be the other way around! When the government fears the people, then America will have true freedom.

You think that's just in the United States? I don't know a single country that isn't that way.

The government gives money to the rich and none to those who need it!

23 They Don't Respect Other's Beliefs and Cultures

Yes they do some people don’t but people like that are in all nations the only reason Trump put flight bans on some countries is to reduce terrorism not hate on Muslims

Not always true, people have no problem driving around displaying their flag of origin. Let's see that happen in most other countries.

I see people being criticized for their beliefs a lot. Not as much of a problem as it has been, but seriously leave them alone.

Look at the mess between Christians and atheists, vegans and meat eaters, different cultures, etc.

24 High Taxes

I heard that some European countries have Income Tax Rates of 50%, In California it's 1/5 of that amount.

This is true where I live the tax rate is over 59% which is huge

Correction: High Taxes. Not enough bang for your buck.

Come on guys I thought that this would be # 1

25 Poor School System

We're being taught as if we are machines. Memorize this, memorize that. We have no freedom to choose which path of education to take. We have to take all of them. Sure kids now are brats, teens are more stressed. It's not their fault. Of course, you're going to find those kids here and there, but it's the education that is hurting them. Not themselves.

In year 6, I really didn't learn anything because the teachers don't know how to teach a class. And plus, my school system is so poor, we have to raise money 2 YEARS before 6th grade, just to go on, like 2 field trips. Back to the teachers, the only class I really learned in was in math, which means none of the other teachers are doing their jobs! My ELA and Science teacher lets kids swear, throw food, eat candy, and just roam free! In Social Studies (SS) we did like 10 projects, that would be due in less than 1 month! School systems are SO BAD

Crappy lunches, dumb test system, disrespectful kids, it cuts into family time, stress levels for teens are insane, you memorize stupid facts like 'magma is lava underground', like seriously! How is that gonna make me a computer programmer? I could go on and on about the flaws of the American Education System.

I’ve been homeschooled almost all my life and am more and more baffled by American educational standards each day. I much prefer British English over American, and American government education continues to push mostly unneeded stuff, like algebra and quantum physics, on students that might never need them - in a one size fits all cookie-cutter environment of animalistic herd mentality. And plenty of school shootings and gun crime everywhere, and student loan debt cause all the jobs are outsourced.

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