Top Ten Things You Either Have or You Don't

Things people either have or you don't with no in between.

The Top Ten

1 A good singing voice

I believe certain things can be done to improve your voice but only to a certain extent. - ParasN2000

If you think you do, you need a second opinion - blackflower

2 Charm
3 A twin sibling

Yes. You can't change this - Metal_Treasure

4 A good music taste

This can be improved a lot - Metal_Treasure

5 Good luck

That's something you can't change. - Metal_Treasure

6 Religious faith

I know this one is iffy but I feel that people may be able to relate to this item. - ParasN2000

7 Courage
8 A cult following
9 High IQ

I don't have a high IQ. But it hasn't affected my ability to use my imagination; to read; write, and be a decent and loving human being. Who needs a high IQ for that? I've coped rather well without it. - Britgirl

Yes. You either have a high IQ or you don't have a high IQ. - Metal_Treasure

10 Rhythm

The Contenders

11 A perm
12 Wealth
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