Top 10 Things that You Need an Extremely High Iq to Understand About Certain Video Games (Sarcasm)

The Top Ten Things that You Need an Extremely High Iq to Understand About Certain Video Games (Sarcasm)

1 Sonic and Shadow are actually two entirely different people in Sonic Adventure 2

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Well duh!

2 Barret is black in Final Fantasy VII
3 Conker's Bad Fur Day is just a slightly less irritating version of Happy Tree Friends mixed with Family Guy
4 Porky and his Pigmask army from Mother 3 are parodic representations of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party
5 To kill the Combine soldiers in Half-Life 2, spray them with bullets until they die
6 Kratos was intended as the main villain of God of War
7 The number "11037" from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc's first trial spells "LEON" when flipped upside down
8 The Mimigas from Cave Story will later become the subject of an extremely forced tear-jerker plot twist that involves them being enslaved and killed for the villain's amusement
9 The poisonous chemical waste pools in Portal will kill you; try to avoid them
10 The numerous puns from Undertale, Mother 3 and Earthbound

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11 Karel from Fire Emblem is a heroic character who just happen to have gone insane. Not a villain at all.
12 Miles "Tails" Prower from Sonic is male, not female, and is just a kid.
13 Cream the Rabbit from Sonic is just a child and has no interest in romance. She also has a Chao companion named Cheese.
14 Knuckles the Echidna is actually a smart character who manages to find every piece of the Master Emerald without any problem.
15 Lammy is a Clinically Insane Transvestite Stoner in Um Jammer Lammy
16 Nagito is going to be the guy that tries to blow up the entire school district in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
17 The Masked Man from Mother 3 is actually Claus
18 Zant wasn't actually the main villain of Twilight Princess after all
19 Much of Hades' so-called humor in Kid Icarus Uprising is just pure snark for the sake of snark
20 Fassad from Mother 3 is a way more fleshed-out villain than Porky and Fawful are
21 The characters that you play as in The Last Of Us are really just plain irredeemable douchebags
22 Explosive barrels explode in Half-Life 2
23 Fawful's Invader-Zim-meets-broken-English dialect from Mario & Luigi
24 Mr. Pipe from Yoshi's New Island is actually Mario in disguise
25 The entire storyline of Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time is a complete nonsensical time paradox
26 The "NO! NO! NO!" boss from Radiation's Halloween Hack represents Dr. Andonuts' homosexuality
27 Alphys is actually bisexual rather than lesbian in Undertale
28 You can actually avoid the Boost Guardian's boost-ball attack from Metroid Prime 2 by jumping over it
29 The Citadel is where the villain's hideout is located in Half-Life 2
30 Going through one color of portal makes you shoot out of the other in Portal
31 Pushing buttons and pulling levers makes important things happen in Half-Life
32 Much of the storyline of Bowser's Inside Story is a blatant parody of inflation fetishism and the vore episodes from cartoons
33 Hinawa isn't nearly developed enough of a character for her death to actually be all that impactful in Mother 3
34 Mario and Shadow Mario are actually two different people in Super Mario Sunshine
35 The visual director of Metal Gear Solid has some remarkably perverted tendencies
36 The Fat Togami from Danganronpa 2 isn't actually the real Byakuya Togami
37 Mother 3 in general is a thinly disguised parody of Star Wars and its stereotypical "good versus evil" plot
38 Mumkhar and Dickson are both going to end up betraying you in Xenoblade Chronicles
39 Being able to refill your ammunition by absorbing parasites in Metroid Fusion REALLY doesn't make sense
40 Being able to refill Samus' suit energy by "concentrating really hard" in Metroid: Other M is just plain stupid and cheesy
41 How to spare Toriel in Undertale
42 Alphys is going to end up betraying you in Undertale
43 The Pigmask Army from Mother 3 is being led by an incredibly fat person named Porky
44 Crocomire's death from Super Metroid is actually a parody of how Bowser is defeated in Super Mario Bros
45 Resident Evil is a series populated almost entirely by Saturday morning cartoon characters
46 Dr. Wily is always going to be the villain in Mega Man Classic games
47 Sigma is always going to be the villain in Mega Man X games
48 In Mega Man 7, you can actually make the Spring Coil bounce higher than it normally does
49 Having fully upgraded access to the village bank in Assassin's Creed 2 completely breaks the game beyond recognition
50 Sliding the analog stick causes your characters to move in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
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