Things You Should Know About Heavy Metal

I know that most of us know about it. But still, many people out there just don't know it.

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1 It's not evil nor Satanic

I know I have said this on my list "Worst assumption about music". But still, there are too many people out there who don't know it (It's like they come from the past or something). - Metalthomas

The only metal genre that is satanic is black metal. (Not all bands though). But anyway, Heavy Metal isn't Black Metal. So not really to worry. - zxm

2 It requires talent and a lot of practice

Do you know how long it takes a band to master an entire metal song? Metal is NOT easy. It requires PRECISION, SPEED and TEAMWORK. - Metalthomas

3 It's made up of real musical notes

This is for those who say "Metal is just noise" out there
EVERY fret on the guitar is a musical note. So overall, metal is made up of notes (and chords too). It's NOT just noise. - Metalthomas

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4 Guitar solos are extremely complicated

I agree with Metalthomas' comment that he said about the techniques in solos. However these techniques are also available in genres like hard rock, blues, prog rock etc. But as for heavy metal, these are even better. - zxm

Doing solos is not just pressing a bunch of notes.
For those who say "metal is talentless", do you know anything about "palm muting", "sliding", "bending", "sweeping picking", "harmonics", etc?
Guitar solos are extremely hard. If you don't know anything about those, DON'T criticize those. - Metalthomas

5 It is a popular music genre

It's not radio-friendly doesn't mean it's not popular. - Metalthomas

6 It's not just about death
7 It's good for many reasons

For example:
-Excellent singing voices
-Awesome guitar riffs
-Headbanging guitar solos
-Cool performances
See if you can list more. - Metalthomas

8 It's an important part of rock music, and even the music industry

Soft rock, punk, hard rock, metal, rock n' roll. They are some of the most important genres that define "Rock music". - Metalthomas

9 Heavy Metal is a genre of metal

It's basically the same thing.

Yes, its kinda true. Sometimes some people think it as a same. But heavy metal (also known as traditional heavy metal) is a sub-genre of metal. But while many people call metal as heavy metal so it has become like heavy metal is another name of metal.

Prominent heavy metal bands - Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica (some songs), Deep Purple (some songs), Black Sabbath. Dio etc. All of them are called metal bands too.

But some other metal bands like Slayer, Nightwish, Mayhem etc bands are metal. But not heavy metal.

But calling heavy metal won't be wrong though. Like some musicians call themselves rock n roll. They take rock and rock n roll as same. But usually heavy metal is the first/oldest/standard form of metal. - zxm

10 There are many good metal bands out there

One word: Metallica - Metalthomas

And Pallbearer, Cannibal Corpse, Ahab, Deicide, Abominable Putridity, etc. - Metalhead1997

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11 It requires good knowledge of music
12 Heavy metal isn't just loud

Metal or heavy metal isn't just about loudness. Check some tapping heavy metal guitar solos. - zxm

13 Heavy Metal was invented from different experimentation
14 Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin are credited for first heavy metal bands

I am not saying who created heavy metal and who haven't. I am just saying that these bands are credited to be the first heavy metal bands. While from what I heard most American critics credited Led Zeppelin and most English critics credited Black Sabbath. - zxm

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