Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do During Coronavirus

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1 Go around hugging people

just stand, crouch and stand to feel like you are hugging just like gamers do (minecraft fans will understand)

Yeah, I've had to give my grandparents air hugs when they come over to drop off groceries. Gotta be careful.

Well, yeah, but this one was kind of hard for me to get on board with. I'm a hugger.

That's what people did when my neighbors were having a PARTY

2 Cough on someone

I hate this tiktok trend so much. Don't download this app teens (this is coming from a fellow teen who saw her friends get consumed by it

Should be either #1 or #2. Compared to simply never washing hands, coughing on someone is just STUPID and WRONG

Well, this shouldn't be done no matter what, right? This is just a stupid, gross thing to do.

That's completely stupid and disgusting behaviour

3 Meet up with family and friends

If you sit six feet away from them it shouldn't be that big of a deal. Of course, it's smart to take precautions, but I just wouldn't expect anybody to completely isolate themselves and never see anybody.

Yeah typically stay away from people even if you know them if you must meet at least try to social distance

Exactly what 7or 8 or my neighbors are doing my neighbors also keep having parties with *50* people

Why would you do that. It is dangerous.

4 Drive-in cars with other people

Um...this isn't exactly terrible if said people have no symptoms.

5 Hoard medical supplies

I don't understand the people hoarding masks. Those things do pretty much nothing whatsoever, and the number of places that require them now is just baffling to me. If I'm gonna be forced to wear a mask, I'm going downstairs, digging through my costume bin, and walking around with my Darth Vader mask on. That's less embarrassing in my opinion than those stupid medical masks.

I do this to a degree, but it's out of necessity and is 99% my prescription drugs, and 1% my parents'. For some reason, my sister is basically immune to the world.

The Doctors need them more than you.

Duh! The doctors need it more.

6 Cough or sneeze on people's food

Again, hate this trend on tiktok. Plus, it wastes food

Blegh! Imagine being this stupid and disgusting


7 Panic

theres perfectly good reason to if you are scared of losing your job, terrified of death if you are old or live with an older relative

Tell that to everyone listening to the News. Turn it off the whole goal of the media is to try and scare you with Covid news

"Everybody's gonna die! This is like real life Infinity War!"
*passes out*

Panic! At The Disco

8 Believe everything on the internet

Only trust doctors, scientist, and credible news sources such as CNN and The New York Times. Never listen to the alt-right, or propagandists and conspiracy theorists. We must silence them. They have no right to speak.

Only listen to doctors or scientists, they are experts. Don't listen to celebrities or senators, they don't know anything about viruses.

There's so much misleading information about this on the news, on the internet, etc. that it's honestly baffling. The amount of contradictory information we are provided is getting on my nerves.

Don't. It will make you look gullible, or maybe turn you into a gullible person when it comes to that.

9 Go to crowed places

Even when they reopen don’t join the crowds. You know most places will be packed because people are idiots. Still be cautious otherwise this second wave will become a reality and we’ll be back to quarantine again

What crowded places? There aren't any, are there...?

Well, they ain't crowded anymore right? Lol

Like a coughing fight (SML Brooklyn Guy)

10 Touch your face

As long as you wash your hands and you stay in your house, this should be fine too.

I am actually touching my face as I peck at the keyboard on my tablet.

We can't help it sometimes... though try not to!

Don’t infect yourself! It is hard though

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11 Stay inside and hide

What I do anyway (not the hiding part, but I stay inside more than I should.)

Isn't that a thing we're SUPPOSED TO DO?

Depending on where you are, I’m sure it’s allowed for you to walk around your neighborhood

12 Yell at people who come to close

sTAY AWAY FROM ME! dON'T TOUCH ME! *Elsa throws the man away and freezes him* oOps, I touch' HIM!

dON'T TOUCH ME! *throws them out the window* Oops, I touched them.

yeah so rude

13 Meet elderly people or people in risk groups

Another rule my family broke. Fortunately, nobody died.

14 Go to New York

Do NOT go to New York, unless you have a death wish. (There are also a lot of hobos begging for money in NYC, which is depressing as well as an easy way to get contaminated.)

Yes, don't go to NY ever. Probably millions of people will be moving away because the way the city is arranged is so permanently unsafe.

I went there BEFORE the pandemic tho

Even AFTER the pandemic?

15 Not wear a mask outside

I actually haven't worn a mask for more than an hour over the past few months.

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of people not wearing masks outside.

me 3

16 Have unsafe sex

Really, just having sex period is rather moronic these days. I'm sure all the hornies can wait.

17 Share meals

Bad idea to do that easy way to spread germs

Easy way to spread germs

18 Hoard toilet paper

The toilet paper commercials have even pivoted, to convey "We have enough! Stop freaking out!" At least Charmin stopped airing that commercial with the red bear shaking his butt and saying "I'm Charmin clean! MY hiney's clean!"

I don't understand why everyone hoarded toilet paper.

19 Lick doorknobs

Again you shouldn't do this in the first place

Shouldn't do this in the first place.

20 Give a high five
21 Touch someone's else's things

I can see where this is coming from, but I just don't care anymore.

You need to wash your hands immediately if you do this

Yeah that’s a no no stay out of other people’s things

22 Lick the floor

you shouldn't lick the floor in the first place

Why the heck would you even do this?

*Licks floor* "Tastes like chicken,"

You should never do this

23 Sleep outside

Why? 'Cause COVID-19 is in the air?

24 Run into a wall

Yesterday I had a basketball whack me in the face; it's not that different from running into a wall

Lol, random

lol. Who added this :)

25 Play tag

Random kid: "Tag! You're it."
Other random kid: "That was my sleeve,"
Two weeks later Other random kid is hospitalized wit COVID-19

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