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21 Sonic Boom

Great throwback feel in all the songs and really good songs that are catchy as hell. Who cares if Ace and Peter aren't on this, it sounds better the more you listen. For sure top 10 material!

An album that gets better with age. Highly recommended.

Third-best of the regular studio releases, after 'KISS', following then 'Love Gun'; predominantly in exact 70s-style and packed with memorable offerings - in no way band sounding exhausted, thirty-two years on from the last original longplaying record {! }, thus surely recommended...

22 Unplugged

After Alive this is their best live album. You won't be disappointed.

23 Double Platinum

That's right indeed, and without a doubt...

That's right indeed, and without a doubt...

Best and only truely satisfying collection of the 70s recordings (THE recordings, exception the missing of 'Christine Sixteen' instead of '100.000 Years') - and in their best (studio-) 'versions' : starting-point and finish in terms of the band's releases, no point debating it...

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24 Unmasked

This album is unbelievably fun from start to finish and not to mention has some extremely powerful songs as well like Naked City and Tomorrow, great album from a great band.

Shandi, Naked City, Talk to Me, Is that you? , What Makes the World go Round'.. All awesome tracks!

This album may have not had the KISS sound but it is full of catchy pop songs. It should be ranked in the 12-15 range.

This record is a straight-up power-pop classic

Don't let anyone, even members of the band tell you different,

This is a top 3 KISS record,

For all their Genre hoping THIS is the record that truley reflects their influences and I belive is the TRUE sound of KISS, right up there with Destroyer, it's really that good.

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25 Crazy Nights

Paul Stanley's vocals were amazing on this album. People say Kiss followed the trends during this era. I say people were just copying Kiss. Crazy Night's is the best. Turn on the Night, My Way, Crazy Crazy Night's, Reason to Live, Hell or High Water, I'll Fight Hell to Hold You are all amazing Kiss songs. And the cover is cool too with the broken glass and the blue background.

I have never understood why this album gets so much grief. Ok so they caved in and made a commercial album and modified their sound but this album rocks and It is the sign of a great band that can adapt its style to suit.

Not the best, but an underrated album

I love this album!
It's my "reason to live"!

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26 Hot in the Shade

This is the hardest vote I ever had to make on these sights. I've been a die hard Kiss fan since 1988 when I was 11 years old after being introduced to Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits (which I still love till this day) I now know the band very well especially there music. But for me to vote for their best album at this point in the game is extraoidinarily tough for me, like I said I know all their albums very well. Even though Dressed to Kill is very impressive (especially Two Timer), Unmasked is great from start to finish, (Naked City being my personal favorite from that album), Dynasty being an unbelievable album considering X-Ray Eye's and Charisma is from Dynasty, Lick It Up tends to be my favorite most times, ya gotta love Not for the Innocent, and Crazy Nights is also a truly impressive album, my heart tells me I gotta go with Hot in the Shade, for the simple reason that it doesn't get enough recognition when it is a truly great album of monumental proportions. Think about it you've ...more

27 Killers
28 Ace Frehley
29 Paul Stanley
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