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21 Mackenzie Ziegler

She has a lot of potential and is a really awesome dancer for her age

22 Rheana Tumang

She is an AMAZING dancer!

23 Sophia Lucia

Sophia lucia is amazing! She can do 56 pirouettes and is a outstanding dancer. Despite what people say she DOES use emotion and feeling when she dances. She is super flexible and also is pretty and has a awesome name. Her voice is high but that doesn't make any less of great person. She has flat out great technique and is super graceful. If you don't agree with recommend watching her dance to Titunium (it's better then autumn millers) I could watch that dance for hours. Also Requim is really good. She deserves to be number 1! - Frog

Sophia has amazing flexibility. Did I mention her turns are flawless?

Sophia makes you feel something when she performs as well she has incredible technique

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24 Lauren Shaw
25 Brooke Hyland
26 Brynn Rumfallo

She is so awesome at dancing. Plus she has the best leg extensions, leaps, leg hold turns, and musicality. Watch her solos Enter One and Breathe

AH SHE IS SO AWESOME IN EVERY WAY U GO GIRL! she won the dance awards that should say enough, a lot of the dancers up higher than her (chloe lukasiak, maddie ziegler, mackenzie ziegler, etc.) didn't even get top 3

27 Paulina Macias

Paulina has amazing technique and control. She also has great emotional connection and she dances like a professional. Paulina is definitely one of the best junior dancers out there!

28 Leara Stanley
29 Kendall Vertes

Her turns are amazing and she's very fluid when she dances

30 Bostyn Brown
31 Kamryn Beck

When she takes the stage she is flawless and I recommend you to watch her "fate" solo

32 Nina Pollozie

Haja dance academy, Mi. Age:8 - cmdancer77

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