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Why isn't this #1? Have you LISTENED to this song? This is one of my favorite songs, period. The melodies and his voice tug at my heartstrings whenever I listen to it. You can hear the emotion in his voice.

Best song, should be number 1.

That is the best

Best song of Enrique, no kidding.

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82 She Be the One
83 If the World Crashes Down

This should really be in top 5 to be honest. In my opinion hero is just overrated

I just love this song

84 Nunca Te Olvidaré
85 Coming Home

My favourite enrique songa after HERO,!

86 Lloro Por Ti

Oh my goodness, you guys, THIS IS ONE OF ENRIQUE'S BEST SONGS!

Awesome it very much

87 El Muro
88 To Love a Woman

What...I don't know why the song is in 70s..this song has the best musicality with enrique's touch...should be in top 10 at least..

89 Break Me Shake Me

Great song I like it very much it should be on top 10

90 Si Juras Regresar
91 Suéltame las Riendas
92 Love 4 Fun

This is the best song of times

93 Héroe
94 Esperanza
95 Tu y Yo

Its such a pretty song!

96 California Callin'

This song is like one of the best enrique songs in my opinion. This should be in top 10. Lyrics are so deep, slow soothing music, nothing overpowering. It sinks and doesn't force or try too much.

A short but beautiful song
It's so peaceful you guys must hear it once

97 Not In Love

Its just the phase that I'm going through...

Yea I always look for something new

98 Dile Que

Love this song

99 Alabao

Beautiful! so melodious! I can't stop listening to this... But this music has not got enough reputation as others... God knows why!

I love this song

Alabao is best song ever I heard like make you to feel fly Its English N Enrique singsout it very physhically

100 Baila Senorita

It is the that I heard last year it is so good and so best of all I love first of all you turn me on

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