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101 Let Me Be Your Lover

Best song on sex and love... pitbull and enrique rocks again

One of the best songs of enrique

I Donno Whats wrong with the people out there but this one deserves at least no.10 spot! Must Listen Before VoTing

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102 Amigo Vulnerable
103 Mamacita
104 No Apagues la Luz
105 Escapar
106 Alive

One of the best energetic songs of Enrique! Just listen to it!

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107 Noche Y de Dia

I don't know Spanish but the tune and voice of enrique was awesome. It will make you dance.

Wisin yandel's voice was awesome in this song.

This song is very, very addictive.


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108 Mentiroso
109 Pienso en Ti
110 Oyeme
111 No Puedo MÁS Sin Ti
112 Stand By Me

Nice song... Stand by me... By enrique iglesias...

113 Beautiful

This song gives me goosebumps.

114 Only a Woman

What the hell? This and hero are the best romantic songs of enrique. whay it's here? /?

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115 Still Your King

AWESOME song! Enrique is an awesome musician who knows what he's doing!

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116 3 Letters
117 Marta
118 Tres Palabras
119 La Chica de Ayer
120 Falta Tanto Amor
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