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1 Apple

I have tried many like silver fox, blue berry, pan salsa, magai pan, brain freezer, mint, pan supari, and many other not popular flavors as well. But the double apple gives you the sweet and smoothest flavor, I do try other flavors just to find double apple the best

I'm taking this flavor since last 5 years, if its not available then I Don't order hookah.. Best flavor in the world, double apple mint.. But only 10% mint

Its one of the best flavours... Any other flavors can't take the place of it... Its good for a beginer to start with it!

One of the best flavours killa taste and if you don't like it your messed up in the head it's the best stuff ever! Choice

2 Starbuzz Sex On the Beach

Its Really great.. The smell is great and the taste is also awesome..

The only thing I can say is... It's great...

Best flavour like doing sex with any girl

Its sex on the beach. That's how good it is

3 Night Queen

By far the best flavour I have tried... Truly awesome

It is a sexist flavour I have burned

We can mix night and double apple

Best among what I've tried

4 Kiwi

Bored with apple and mint... The best taste is kivu

It is the best flavour

Best flavour ever

It's a worth able

5 Strawberry

Awesome flavour dude... Keep it up... It is the best flavour amng all the flavours...

ALL time favourite n the best is strawberry

Out of my mind

It's the best out there<3:

6 Fire N Ice

Cool flavour in those I have tried

7 Pan Rasna

One of the best flavor I have ever smoked mix it with any other fruity flavor and you won't regret it. Well my all time favorite is Starbuzz Pink as primary and mix it with Pan Rasna made by Afzal you will love it.

I don't find any flavour better than this one. Mix it with mint or kiwi or have it alone. It is the Best.

Its like your first love you can feel the taste and it will conquer your hear

Been smoking hookah for the past fifteen years and pan raas has gots to be the best flavour I have had thus far. So refreshing!

8 Bubblegum

My favourite one! Works good mixed with any fruit flavour, but it's fantastic on its own, too!

Its sweet and sugary and sexy like me putting my dick on my wife vagina

Bubblegum.. Just wow! It makes lots of Smoke and I enjoy it a lot ;*

I feel like if I'm chewing invisivle gum... Just love this flavor. The smell is amazing

9 Blue Mix

It's is such an amazing flavor it has the that mint and berry flavor, yet there is a ice finish.

Blue mix is hands down the best it taste amazing

I smoke only hookah pipe and flavor is a Blue Mix

I love this flavor, so smooth!

10 Watermelon and Mint

Best flav ever smoking it right now... (watermelon mint, LycHee, MiXed FriuT...)*

Great and best on hot days!

Awesome sense in mouth

It is superb mix...

The Contenders
11 Silver Fox

There's nothing awesome like this fox going through the silver pipe down to your throat

Mostly I use this flavour and the smoke I get through this flavour is awesome

On of the 1st flavors I smoked, still smoking it today (long ass time) great flavor

This is the best flavored and very light flavored

12 Brain Freezer

I m a big sheesha fan and I have tried almost every flavour... It's the best flavour I have ever had...

Tried almost all flavours but nothing is compared to this. this is best flavour in world

Best flavor ever. Mix with kiwi and mint for a great time.

Tried some flavour but its one of my favourite

13 Mint

Besides being a wonderful mixing flavor, anybody who has had a Fumari Lemon Mint or Apple Mint will agree that it's the cool and refreshing quality of the mint that takes a good flavor and turns it into a new favorite.

Without a doubt the best flavor because it mixes with so many things well and it is great by itself also. Cool taste in the mouth and refreshing.

Its one of the best flavour...
We can mix any flavour with mint and its got real cool feeling
It is real mint

Mint is the best flavour ever I just want to smoke mint because it gives you healthy breathe

14 Double Apple Mint

Is the best flavour I have ever seen.

Its cold flavour

Is it best in my hooka bar, mabruk sahara hosptality ( aamby valley) lonavla pune india

15 X On the Beach

X on the beach is a flavour like no other is all I can say!

On the beach hukkah flavour is the best! Use milk as the base, it gives you an awesome demse smoke!

My first Flavour With My Friend Anu & suttu... Shubh

16 Queen of Sex

Just like like Lemon Starburst

Loved it just make you wanna have sex! lol great flavor

Kindly change the name

The flover is so sexy...

17 Krazzzzy 4
18 Black Berry

Blueberry favlor is Queen of hukka favlor

19 Arabian Delight

Where to buy this flavor. This is one of my most favorite flavor. please tell me where to buy

Amazing flavor, It's more wonder full when it get mixed with mint and orange,
Still more excellent when used with x on the beach

20 Code 69

Very nice flavored I was try it

Had one that tasted like coke

Best flavor so far, love it.

Great! hit hard!

21 Pink Lady
22 Red Bull

Great for if you like the drinks

23 Grape

I love grape fakhar with mint cold and ice water try it. It's really good

Grape leaves such an awesome flavor in your mouth. and smells good

Its smell is very awesome

24 Fig
25 Mango

I love berry mint apple, but mango is different. Tastes really sweet, some people hate it, some people love it, I love it.

Tastes like heaven in a pen

Exotic flavors are great

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