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1 New York Times (Usa)

I like this newspaper so much and there is not single day that I do not open this website to get updated.

The best part of this newspaper that gravitates me much is its editorial section.

It's definitely better than the Hindustan Times. Come on PEOPLE

Land of democracy. One of the best news paper in the world brought glory to usa.

1. The NY Times
2. The Wall Street Journal
3. The Christian Science Monitor
4. USA Today
5. The LA Times
6. The Boston Globe
7. The Washington Post
8. The Chicago Tribune
9. The San Diego Union Tribune
10. Hartford Courant

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2 Hindustan Times (India)

I found some standardization in this newspaper... That why it grabs me to read it... I often read this paper to improve my standardization too... I also insist my friends to read this regularly..

More readable and better content than Times of India, editorial column is much better.

Hindustan times is better news paper any day as compared to TOI any day.

It's awesome and impressive

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3 Wall Street Journal (Usa) Wall Street Journal (Usa)
4 Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
5 St. Petersburg Times (USA)
6 Chicago Tribune (USA)
7 Japan Today (Japan)
8 Financial Times (UK)

England the land of information. I always like it.

To quote Chomsky, "It's the only one to tells the truth."

The best paper for me by far

Independent critical thinking and writing.

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9 Washington Post (Usa)

I consider Washington Post as a very influential newspaper!

Without doubt this newspaper is the most accurate and the most objective of all the English language newspapers being circulated across the world! The news and views of the editors and reporters are simply accurate and objective!

Times of India is best

I live in Northern Viginia and I can approve of this newspaper, even though I am only 13

10 The Independent (UK)

Sure, the main paper is gone, but there's still ā€œiā€, and it's worth the 50p for it. - Dominicmgm

The Contenders

11 The Times of India (India)

The world's biggest-circulated English paper - obviously the best! Among the English-knowing peoples of the world, The Times Of India is the highest circulated. - TheSudhanva

this should on top, if don't believe than search it on wikipedia. - tayal5001

It is the most versatile newspaper which is readable as well as imperative for all ages. It should be on the top.

Grt newspaper

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12 The Sun (England)

The best and interesting paper, something for everybody


This is the worse paper in the U.K. It's pornographic and hateful, a source of were to get your propaganda.

The Scum - Dominicmgm

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13 Spiegel (Germany)

The German paper is one of Europe's largest publications - MatrixGuy

Pretty design, variety of content, and well-written articles.

14 France - Presse (France)
15 USA Today (Usa) USA Today (Usa) USA Today is an internationally distributed American daily middle-market newspaper that serves as the flagship publication of its owner, the Gannett Company.

USA Today is the best newspaper in the world. It covers great and under-reported stories around the globe.

16 The Hindu (India)

The content and the quality of English is very rich and it is the oldest newspaper in India.

Ethically the best journalism in India till date

The stories are not based on what will generate revenue or catch more eye balls like what TOI and recently Hindustan Times have been doing. They are based on the seriousness of the issue and accuracy.

It is one of the best newspaper of the world

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17 Corriere della Sera (Italy)

The oldest and most reputable Italian newspaper - MatrixGuy

18 The Toronto Star (Canada)

This is a great newspaper for bird cage liner.

Its awesome I read it everday my name is rONNGA

19 Dawn Newspaper (Pakistan)

I found standardization in this newspaper, this newspaper is the most accurate and the most objective of all the English language newspapers being circulated across the world.

Best newspaper in Pakistan covering news with truth

It Has a good priority of news.

If you walk across any ordinary Pakistani down the street and ask him which English newspaper he would prefer(if he even reads one),he would answer,"Dawn" hands down!

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20 Los Angeles Times (Usa)

Reference quality newspaper, credible, great local, national and world coverage. For me, on the same league with the NY Times and the Washington Post but with a better online presence.

Greats paper if your liberal...

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