The Top 10 Perfumes


The Top Ten

1 Brit by Burberry
2 Lolita Lempicka
3 Chanel Nº5


5 Le Baiser du Dragon

This is a strong scent, made for a real woman. Although a bit bitter at first, it settles down into a sexy signature scent. I have had strangers ask me about it (they always say "no, not at all" when I ask if I have inadvertantly put on too much). Oddly, others say they can't really smell it at all. It seems to be a scent that people LOVE or can't really smell.

Whoever doesn't like this kind of perfume must bee CRAZY! It has that sexy kind of scent.

6 Shalimar Parfum

Lovei it keep smelling my wrist

Best perrfume

7 Gucci Eau de Parfum II
8 Marc Jacobs

He is the greatest fashion designer...
Ever. - millebai

9 Bulgari Omnia
10 Rykiel Woman

The Contenders

11 Michael by Michael Kors
12 Bulgari's White Tea
13 D&G Light Blue
14 Davidoff Cool Water
15 Alien by Thierry Mugler

Amazing fragrance.. A house hold name for years.. Loved by all women including leading ladies of Hollywood!

16 Taylor by Taylor Swift

I have this one... I would put it on everyday if I could, but I want to make it last :P

17 Victoria's Secret PINK Sweet & Flirty
18 Wonderstruck Taylor Swift
19 Poppy Flower by Coach
20 Jean Paul Gaultier Classique
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