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Lady Gaga is an awesome artist!! This is a list of how I would rank her songs.

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1 Bad Romance

I love this song it is her best song that she ever did and she done some pretty good songs

Musically Bad Romance is Gaga at her best. Conceptually original, anchored in counter-culture themes and focusing around the destructive nature of desire Gaga explores the Freudian drives towards sex and death. This song does not have a message, Gaga is not preaching, she is exploring the darkness of the human psyche, a theme that is all too often overlooked in modern pop. Although she is often criticised as derivative and something of an attention seeking controversialist, you have to admit, she does it with more style, substance and aplomb than any before her.

Oh yeah! I love this song. I really like this song, huhuhuhu :(( this reminds me of my best friend that is now living in Canada, we always sing this song while walking, and we also sing this song every time there's a competition in our place. This song makes me more happy because I'm thinking of my bestfriend that is really Okay there in Canada. I love you Best!

My favourite. - PatrickStar3

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2 Poker Face

For me this is as near to perfect as pop can get. Catchy but never too catchy. That chorus is quite short, so you never get irritated by it.
Bad Romance, even though it is darker, gets on my nerves after a while. It just sounds a little too OTT, whereas poker face holds the balance for me.

the actual song that made her famous!
highly addictive and the music video is really fun

KewLest song Of Lady Gaga according To My Opinion
the actual song that made her famous!
highly addictive and the music video is really fun


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3 Paparazzi

The way she performed it on "the monster ball tour"... I will never forget it, you blew me away gaga!

This song never gets old! I love it. This is prob the best song of hers and I hope she continues writing songs. They are amazing. She is a gifted person and she needs to continue using her gift! I hope I continue to here her songs for a long time.

This song has a fun rhythm...
congratulations for Lady GaGa

Her best song ever, deserved better than overrated Born this Way song (good but overrated). This is the best song of The Fame and that VMA performance, it's 2018 and still sounds new!

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4 Born This Way

Born this way is a song related to a perfect way... This song tells me in my mind that I must be brave I must have fear...
Cause I'm born special;I'm born to be good... I am a super star... It says that don't lose hope cause you are born a perfect way... So when I hear this song I felt so wonderful and say to my self... I AM BORN THIS WAY... AND I'M FABULOUS AND SPECIAL!

I love this song. It's my second best song ever (after hold it against me). Gaga is an pop sensation, this is her 5th number one! Well done gaga!

Just plain awesome... Way better than Bad Romance... Pretty much no comparison when it comes to this song... You should all read this and think, "wow, this person is right" and then you think about this song... Then you decide to share the joy with poor black African kids who don't know who the hell she is... Then you'll be world famous for helping the poor, black African kids, so then you'll decide to let underprivileged, Caucasian, Asians kids listen to this song and you will do amazing things because of this great song... Then you'll sell your ipod that has this song on it for a million dollars, repeat the process, and become an unstoppable tycoon corporation CEO, destroy the world with your pollution from your black-market tobacco/alcohol/heroin/meth/ other dangerous drugs and die from lung cancer caused by second hand smoke, then donate all your money to drug dealers across the nation, and be hated for generations to come... Overall, I like this song.

I love it

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5 The Edge of Glory

I always liked lady gaga but when I heard this song I just can't stop listening to her

I love this song. Its different than lady gaga's usual monster type of music. I can NOT stop listening to it

Honestly Lady Gaga's music has been going downhill for a long time. Poker Face and Just Dance were great and Bad Romance was pretty good but every song after that has been lacking that quality she initially showed. The Edge of Glory is the exception. She made a great song that is way better than any of her new stuff that I don't understand why it is so popular. Born This Way is clearly a copy of a Madonna song and Marry the Night just confuses me as to why it's so popular. This song is the best because it beats out any of her new stuff and is able to compare with her first few songs

Well music wise its quite similar to madonna's' express yourself '. On paper the song Title sounds interesting but the actual song is quite vanilla. Love gaga though

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6 Telephone

This song is so good! Beyonce is also a great part of this song as well as Lady Gaga!

I love gaga ever sense she was famous I never got to meet gaga but I love this song because in the music video gaga and beyonce kill people its funny gaga is my hero and no one can tell me different I really want to meet her even though I'm only 12 if I had one wish it would be to meet gaga

It's so gd and of course its got the 2 best female singers ever! (lady gaga and beyonce. ) She should make more songs like this!

Love this song

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7 Judas

I only like this song because it sounds like bad romance.
Now I like judas.
Poor alejandro..

Awesome... Have it on my iPod and can't live without listening to it at least once a day.

Help rate this song and take it to a higher position.

This song is really cool! I love the way she dances a lot! Laugh out loud

Judas is in my opinion #6 and sadly, Edge of Glory wouldn't be on the list. Judas's hook is great but lasts a bit too long. I really like the opening though, one of my favorite Gaga openers of all time!

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8 Just Dance

This song has many good qualities. the beat and the energy mix so well

Wicked cool awesome amazing cool
Did I already say cool
I'll shut up

A great get-up-and-dance song! Shows her raw talent early on in her career. Who could sit to this song? Hats off GAGA.

I’m a fan of classic rock but very few songs are as nostalgic as this one for me.

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9 Alejandro

Lady Gaga manages to create a feel completely different than her other hits with Alejandro. The song is greatly rhythmic and brilliantly catchy and Lady Gaga surprisingly manages to pull of the Spanish accent

Love the song.. Can't stop listening to it since the first time I listened to it. Very catchy and addictive and awesome video!

Nice song... Although the video is little strange... But her voice is awesome...

SHould be #1

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10 Applause

Vote now people. This is the best song ever. It's so catchy. It makes you wanna go crazy & dance. It's even better than bad romance in my opinion. It should be #1 on the list. You can never get bored of it!

Not as big as bad romance but still PERFECT reminds me why I love her
-br is impossible to be topped anyway-

GaGa keeps showing the world how amazing she is:) I am always amazed with all of her performances. Paws up! "Give me that thing that I love, turn the lights off.. Put your hands up make em' touch! "<3 -Applause

love it - Icecream18

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11 You and I

This is by far my favorite Gaga song because in this one, she doesn't sound weird. We can actually relate to the lyrics and the tune is catchy while showing off her beautiful voice. If this song doesn't show off her great voice, I don't know what other song would.

Best Gaga song ever. Love it!
It's un-weird and shows a whole new aspect of what Gaga can do. She's amazing!

Unfortunately, this one didn't do as well on the charts as many of her other ones, but somehow I like that. This is my one song. It makes me feel happy with where I am in my life and wherever my life will take me. I like that it doesn't follow the traditional pop song structure, yet it is still perfect. Lady Gaga won't be remembered for this song, but it's the one I'll remember.

You And I
Is a great song probally the best on Born This Way (Next To Judas And Sheibe)
Love it!

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12 LoveGame

After listening to this song surely you will become fan of gaga

THIS IS THE BEST SONG IN THE WORLD! I love the part when she goes "it's complicated and stupid got my ass squeezed by sexy cupid. " You're the Friken best!

No way! Why is all the way down here? Song is so really cool. "let's have some fun this beat is sick I wanna take a ride on your disco stick"! I love gaga very much. All of her songs are great. Ain't got one to choose

How can this be here! This should AT LEAST be 3rd. Not to mention the music video!

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13 Marry the Night

Favourite Lady Gaga song. Completely love the meaning behind the lyrics. She aced the intro to the song on the music video. Just wish the actual musical intro on the music video (while Gaga was climbing into the car) was how the album version began too. The music video is so fitting. I love the fashion and choreography, especially the massive hats!

Marry the Night is what keeps us up at night. It's what makes us what to go for our dreams, while still holding on the darkness (the night) of our lives, because without marrying those parts of us, we cannot live up to our full potential. This is why I think it's the best Gaga song of all.

Pity that the billboard turned this song... Well that Europe is not! I am glad that I live in Ukraine and I will be happy to see ratings "Marry The Night" in the national charts of Europe and let the organization billboard "chews nails"!

This should be in the top 5!

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14 Dance in the Dark

MY FAVE GAGA SONG OF ALL TIME! I swear to God this track took over my IPod for about 2 years! 600 PLAYS! Love love love this song... It's what made me become a little monster

I just love the mysterious gothic-like rhythm of this song and its wholesome meaning too.

How the hell isn't this in the Top 10, it's my favourite. The opening beats give me goosebumps, and the chorus is danceable and yet absolutely haunting at the same time. And Gaga's songwriting really shines through in this tragic tale of domestic abuse.

Rhythmic, relatable and deeper meaning. Lady Gaga at her prime. Timeless.

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15 Speechless

I find this an amazing song. It has the old school class, but at the same time it's got the new school pazzazz and you'll still love it the way you always will. I'll never get tired of it.

Every time I listen to this song I feel like it's real and really Lady Gaga showed her emotions in the song in a really perfect way

I love this song so much, its one of the best ballads! the text is really romantic


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16 Scheisse

It's completely catchy in every part of the song. It's such and original song that makes Gaga unique... It's one of my favourites of her carreer...

Unique with a throbbing dance beat. Beautiful. If this isn't a single off of Born this Way, I will be SEVERELY disappointed. Personally, it's my favorite single off of the entire album.

Finally! I've been waiting for just such music from Lady Gaga. I really liked the music and how easily Gaga sings this song, so the result is great! Bravo!

Very underrated song. but really a good song. good job Joanne Stefani Angelina! - kradzen

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17 Do What U Want

Awesome gaga song by far which came in to my hot list. This song is just hot... The best gift which a woman can ever give to her man is to say that "you can do what you want with my body". This song expresses it and has a catchy and nice tune. The collaboration with R. Kelly is just speechless, that it made this song great. His part rocks and this whole song is a masterpiece of everything."You're the Marilyn and I'm the president and I really like to hear you sing"what else does it need to be one of the top 10 or at least 15. It is too heart touching and I remember about my boyfriend while hearing this song. It is one of the best and please vote vote vote for it.

Awesome song which you wont hear like this in the future. This is so heart touching and collaboration with R. Kelly rocks. Please vote for it

This song is so energetic! The song reminds me not to care what anyone thinks about you or how much they criticize you and just be yourself... Because "YOU can't HAVE MY HEART and YOU WONT USE MY MIND BUT DO WHAT you WANT! "

Awesome song.
heavy beats. And completely Awesome. One of the best Gaga songs.

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18 Bloody Mary

I am in love with this song so please vote it more and it will come forward more so this is the best song of Lady Gaga so I want everybody to visit this website and vote it everyday and this song rocks believe it or not but I believe okay from now only visit this website! Awesome web

This song is very inspirational, and I love it tremendously. It has good fluency, and is easy to listen to without having to pause, to try to figure out what the lyrics mean. It has a catchy beat, one of the best I've heard in my life.

This is her best! It's my favorite one of hers, it's so dark and sinister, and it really brings out her voice!

I just love the darkness of this song. It's so disturbing but relaxing all the way. I just... love this. It's so catchy, and... beautiful.

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19 Hair

This Song DESERVE TO BE AT #1 it is a really meaningful song, and the piano it is just incredible and perfect. If you hear Gaga singing this song live, you'll fall in love with it because she sings it from her heart and I hear it like if Lady Gaga in person is singing me this song just for me. MY FAVORITE SONG

Most meaningful song on th album apart from edge of glory

Hair deserves spot 1! I'm going to GaGa's concert on monday and I am really hoping she'll do this one. It is my favorite song and probably showcases her voice the best aside from You and I.

Disco Heaven is should be In the top 18

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20 Heavy Metal Lover

The best song of hers to date in my humble opinion. It's very original and better be a single. I love how gritty it is. It reminds me of monster era.

The song takes one into a different dimension

<> I love heavy metal and this song Gaga confirmed that at heart she ardent rocker... I love Gaga and her work. I thank her for heavy metal and Lover album Born This Way! - teleroy

I like this song - RoseCandyMusic

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