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101 Be Together V 1 Comment
102 Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

Can't believe people forgot about this song. I'm surprised, so I added it. I feel like this song will make me cry any day. It's like my weakness! - PanicAtMyHouse

103 Tender - Blur

Wonderful song. Losses are permanent. I never got to say goodbye

V 1 Comment
104 You Don't Miss Your Water - Taj Mahal
105 Still Got the Blues (For You) - Gary Moore
106 Missing You - John Waite

Come on this is the best missing you song I've heard. And it has simple yet cool lyrics. I hear name.. In certain circles and it always make me smile. I ain't missing you at all! I keep lyin' to myself. I just love it and it is so catchy. It is kinda similar to Every Breath You Take by The Police which is a very simple song, yet beautiful and pleasant for the ears.

It saddens me to see this song so low! An 80's classic that at least deserves top 25.

107 Here Without You - The Byrds

As the flipside of the mega-hit Turn! Turn! Turn!, this phenomenal song was often overlooked. Written by the late, great Gene Clark, this highly personal number puts his feelings right out there for all to see.
RIP Gene Clark- No Other.

108 Wanted - Hunter Hayes V 1 Comment
109 3000 Miles - Emblem3

These guys have been a fave during my teen years and I have always loved this song

This is cute and powerful at the same time

110 Mi Mancherai - Jackie Evancho

"I will miss you" in Italian. From Jackie's early days with David Foster comes this exquisite song. Best enjoyed on Jackie's memorable live performance DVD, "Dream With Me in Concert."

111 Half a Heart - One Direction

My go to break up song! Love this song!

V 1 Comment
112 Tyler Ward - The Hardest Thing

This song always reminds me of my ex

113 Empty Rooms - Gary Moore
114 Gone Away - The Offspring
115 From Sarah with Love - Sarah Connor
116 Monsoon - Tokio Hotel V 1 Comment
117 When Will I See You Again - The Three Degrees
118 American Pie - Don McLean
119 Dreaming With a Broken Heart - John Mayer

This song helped me grieve the loss if my mother

120 That Summer - Garth Brooks
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