Ada Wong

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I love Ada Wong
She's cunning but actually she's kind hearted
and her fighting style is really cool

She's beautiful, strong, clever, skilled, strong-strong character, cute, unpredictable and that makes her very attractive, cunning and exceedingly sexy, she's unique and the best female character in the RE games. - Ts10ify

Okay ada is my favorite character and let me say the ada is better than leon. I mean come on think if they were really trying to kill each other than ada would win. She better at shooting, hand to hand, and is slightly smarter.

She has a fashion and is mysterious all the time. Unlike other characters she is surprisingly over-confident.

You can't see her but she might be out there watching you.

Ada wong is my favourite character, I wish ada and me could be sisters because she looks like Chinese

Ada is the best if she wont help all of them they would have died in the first place. She is the awesome player of all

She is so flawless in everything. More often while fighting, with GRACE! Probably the strongest among the girls of RE! She is insane good!

Ada can easily outsmart the others and isn't some run of the mill heroine.

She is amazing. She is the most beautiful character ever created in re.She is so girlish and sexiest among all re characters but she is also the strongest,most intelligent, fashionable, fast, impressive and flexible. She kills her enemies so gracefully that it looks like she was just doing warm up. She is greatest ever superspy and Is much better than any other women in re series. She has ninja type moves.she will be watching u when u will be unable to judge even her presence.She is most mysterious character, no-one can even know what she Is going to do next.She is the best. She is also the secret crush of Leon who is re most amazing and handsome character. She has so sweet voice and stylish ascent that will make u fall in love with her. She will kill everyone who comes her way instead of Leon for whom she can sacrifice her own life. She must be above all re women.

Uh, Ada is definitely the best female character is Resident Evil, hands down!

I just love Ada wong, too sexy and attractive.

I agree - Ada's a very unique character and I like her sassy nature, it's very refreshing instead of the quintessential goodie-goods

She's so sexy and attractive... she's cunning and unpredictable. Favorite for

I want to see Ada Wong in every game!

Ada is simply amazing I mean she's beautiful, sexy, dangerous, sometimes a little mean and evil but still goodhearted and she's an awesome fighter!

Can't believe people voted Claire over her. - LukeTargaryen

She is so pretty and she is to clever

Ada Wong is far the best female character in resident evil series.
She's attractive and more beautiful that the others... Clever strong and skilled
She has that special something! - Ts10ify

The asskicker of the series, ada is smart and can pull of anything without a hitch, an outsmart zombies and even some humans such as chris.

Ada Wong is hot, amazing, and of course cunning
but that's make her more.. more.. unique

I like more male characters but from female characters I would say with confidence that Ada is far the best, that's why because she is unique while the other femela characters are more common...
Ada she is beautiful too! - Ts10ify

Definitely Ada Wong! She's the most mysterious and unpredictable character in the series. Her interactions with Leon always make for the best cutscenes, and lastly, she's the always sexy, good badgirl.

Shes the most beautiful and a woman with good deeds and she make a best couple with loen s kennedy.

She is so sexy I can't stop looking at her.I like in resident evil 4 and 6

She is sexy and misterious femme fatale. I'm saying this for all her fans: SHE IS THE BEST

Ada is so one of the most amazing and unique character ever created in 'Re.She is most girlish and beautiful but yet she is the most strongest, intelligent,mysterious, fastest, hot, and badass. She is always loaded with armed guns and is always ready to kill. She is the best. She is a superspy...much much Better than other women in re series. She will be watching u will be unable to even judge her presence. §he has ninja type moves and most beautiful figure and face.She has great targets and will everyone who will come in her way except leon.Her voice is so sweet and her ascent so stylish that will make u fall in love with her. She is also the secret crush of Leon the most amazing and handsome character in re series. So I think she must be above all women. ÑO one know about her past...Awesome lady. I love her