Top 10 Sports Shoe Brands

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1 Nike

Nike is #1!
-It has many selections and designs to choose from!
-It's original and barely people have the same shoe as you.
-It's comfortable.
I Love Nikes

These shoes are really comfy , and they come in many colors, brands and these shoes are made for Hiking or running . when you walk in these awesome shoes its like walking on a cloud !

I've grown up wearing nike, and I always will wear nike. I have about 8 or 9 pairs, and there's always new ones that come out every season that I must have. Plus they're really comfy, and they have a wide selection of for kids, women's and adults. Many stores carry them so it's every easy to find a pair, that few people have.

We bought a Nke that costs 2500 philippine pesos... It has one of the best running shoes I have ever seen and even it is one size bigger it's still great for running, walking, jogging and it even looks good on casual style. It's very trendy and comfortable to wear. Best shoe ever! I suggest everyone to buy Nike shoes...

2 Adidas Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world. They were first founded in July of 1924 as Gebrüder Dassler more.

Look Adidas is the best it has very comfortable and easy to walk and run I have tried the shoes of nike, puma but Adidas is the best Nike takes a lot of money and the shoes are pethatic Adidas the! It has contract with some great sportsmen like Kevin Peterson, and the little master Sachin Tendulkar and it also has contract with my favourite clubs like Real Madrid and the Red Devils, Manchester United I would rate Adidas then Nike, sorry I should not say that nike's shoes are pethatic they are also good but Adidas number number 1 Nike no.2. Pakistan zindabad

Lightweight and tough, its Adidas. I've Black with 3 red stripes the logo of Adidas shoes which I brought a year back. Just few days before that I had purchased Woodland shoes which were too heavy as I just went for its look. So I went for lighter Adidas shoes which are as tough as Woodland and looks fab. And the Adidas pair is the most comfy shoes I'm ever wearing. Don't make a mistake of buying heavy shoes like Woodland. Lightweight and tough, its Adidas.

Adidas shoes are very comfortable and stylish. They come in a variety of designs and colors. Many people prefer Nike because everyone knows the brand. In my opinion both Adidas and Nike are excellent brands. I hate to choose between them because they're both really good brands. I know there can only be one winner but if Nike and Adidas shared the top spot I would be very proud.

Adidas shoes are really powerful in a way. They are affordable with lots of different types of styles. AMAZING QUALITY Adidas last for ages without wearing out. they are stupendous for running and sports. Fantastic! Comfortable they also have good grip so it is easier to climb. I have never bought Nike shoes before because they are too expensive and most of them have been worn. go ADIDAS number 1

3 Puma Puma SE, branded as Puma, is a German multinational company that designs and manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories, which is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany.

Puma is the Best among the Best! The King among the King! Although Jaguar is the fastest *sarcastic* I think Puma is really the best to the fifth power! And it's not that expensive compare to the other shoe brands. Like below 80 dollars you'll get a high quality and good looking and comfortable and BEST SHOES EVER.

I don't know whether PUMA is better than Nike or Adidas. ,but I do know is that the finish of PUMA is class! No sneaker of other brands looks as cool as PUMA does + the Future Suede models, is one among the best!

Everyone knows that PUMA is much much cheaper than Nike & cheaper than Adidas.

Pumas are awesome Nike suck their shoes wear out so quickly like I have a pair of soccer boots from Nike and they split and their so expensive. Pumas are cheep good quality not like Nike okay they might not have the best design but it doesn't mater pumas are awesome

Guys remember Yolo

I just got my new puma drift cat 3s. I wear them 24/7 they are amazing for sport and fashion. I loved my puma drift cat 3s so much that last week I bought a new pair but in a different colour. Puma is mmaadd! Usain Bolt even wears them.

4 Jordan

How on earth is Jordan under reebok I mean REEBOK Jordan is the best trainer brand. Yes they are expensive for some people but they are amazing shoes. If you told your friend you bought a pair of reebok trainers... you WILL DEFINITELY get laughed at but if you said you got jordans they would be impressed. Reebok got nothing on Jordan

How can Jordan possibly not be number 1. Jordans come in all sorts of varirty. Also you can not ignore the fact the amazing shoes were inspired by the greatest nba player of all time Michael Jordan. So if you like shoes with varietiy and swag these should be number 1.

How is this not #1! Jordans are the only shoes I wear. They are awesome! Grate stiles! Their is somthin wrong with this web page! They are really comfterble and doesn't slip out of your foot when running. They alsow last long thought not cheap. But still really recommended.

Jordans are BASKETBALL shoes and Training shoes. Jordans training sneakers are good enough for basketball training but not running.. I think that's what they mean for sneakers.

5 Reebok

Reebok is an amazing brand that has been coming up ever since it was purchased by Adidas in 2006. I love how the company is focused on athletes that like to crossfit and lifters as well. I see this company doing great things in the future specially on the footwear part. If you are a avid lifters like myself you will appreciate this brand.

Reebok Is the most reliable, amazingly comfortable, flexible shoe I've ever worn. When it comes to their zig tech, nothing beats them. I've worn Nike, adidas, and new balance shoes in the last few years, but nothing compares.

Perfectly designed for Imperfect human feet.
These shoes embrace your feet very naturally and gives a lot of comfort.
Love the Memory form and Light weight.
New Reebok designs are incredible.
You don't walk in these. You just Float.

Reeboks are cool I love the zig shoes. Their website is great and easy to use I really enjoy the way they have their, "design your own shoe" set up. Also Reebok shoes are very durable they last long and are great quality for their price.

6 Asics

Amazing, so comfortable and are good for almost anything. These should be at the top as they are very comfortable and have great comfort, and are also very stylish. Amazing, so comfortable and are good for almost anything. These should be at the top as they are very comfortable and have great comfort, and are also very stylish. Amazing, so comfortable and are good for almost anything. These should be at the top as they are very comfortable and have great comfort, and are also very stylish. Amazing, so comfortable and are good for almost anything. These should be at the top as they are very comfortable and have great comfort, and are also very stylish. Amazing, so comfortable and are good for almost anything. These should be at the top as they are very comfortable and have great comfort, and are also very stylish. Amazing, so comfortable and are good for almost dfjahkd

Personally I think Asics sport shoes are extremely comfortable and fit to my foot perfectly, some other times, the other brands of shoes don't really fit that well on my feet. Asics has a great variety and I've had this one pair of GEL Asics for over 6 years and there has been no holes in them since. I really recommend them to anyone who loves comfortable shoes while walking or exercising or even going out. Asics should definitely be at the top because they're comfortable, fashionable and just AWESOME! Can't wait to get myself another pair soon!

I have knee problems (I've had two surgeries on one knee and going for my third on my other knee in August) I can't do anything without knee pain! Asics have the best support especially for long distance runners like me. I will not quit being a long distance runner because of my knees! Nike shouldn't be first! Nikes offer no support for your knees, ankles or hips! Also Reebok? Really? Reebok is like Department store brand! And vans, puma and converse? Seriously? No use to these shoes whatsoever; I'd east her go for a run I bare feet than in pumas!

More comfortable than the other brands and they last longer plus a great choice of colours and are available in extra wide. New Balance run a close second. I wore Adidas and Nike for years playing over the odds for shoes that did not last. Switched to New Balance with much better results then Asics which are better than New Balance.

7 Under Armour Under Armour, Inc. is an American company that manufactures footwear, sports, and casual apparel. Under Armour's global headquarters are located in Baltimore, Maryland with additional offices located in Amsterdam, Austin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Houston, Jakarta, London, Mexico City, Munich, New York more.

Not just great durability and quality, but the prices are better! Secondly, its more stylish. These may have shoes equal to NIKE but half the price! Not only their shoes though, but their apparel too. Under Armour is the BEST! Next though would be FILA.

Low price, Lightweight, Good quality and amazingly easy to run with, I love the colors and all of the features, the shape is different than other running shoes which makes it look epic. I absolutely love them.

Under armour should be number 1! I have under armour things and they are comfortable! They don't make me sweat and they are really good for the sports I do!

Absolutely great shoes, really light and long lasting. They are definitely worth the price.

8 Vans

Vans are the best! They are so cute and are low key my favorite shoe brand! They literally are the only pairs of shoes I own. (I own like 50 pairs of them) I love them so much; especially the vans classics and vans slip ons. Vans are the perfect shoes to have to go back to school.

Vans are the best shoe brand they have super cute styles and are way better than nike and skechers! They come in so many different colors and they match any thing you wear.

Vans go with pretty much EVERYTHING, cute on guys and girls, match every style, and aren't that expensive. How could they not be #1?!

All brands suck. Most of the shoes are ugly and made over seas now of days. I have to say Vans are the best brand and even DCs could be the best but both still have flaws.

9 New Balance

New balance makes the best shoes for people with weird feet but they have no style and they cost a lot so only people with odd feet by them. My dad wears these shoes because his feet are extremely wide, they cost a lot but they're the only shoes that fit him out of every brand up here.

Nike makes fantastic shoes that are overpriced. Fila got bought out by a Korean company and now makes cheap budget shoes. Adidas owns Reebok so count them as one by the way and they both make terrible shoes. NB and Asics are what pro athletes REALLY train with.

New Balance is the only athletic shoe maker that maintains manufacturing plants in the U.S. this is enough for me to pay a little extra. In addition, the shoe can be found in a wide variety of widths and is much more comfortable then other athletic shoes.

I think new balance is the best brand ever. Not only are their shoes fab to run and do any sport they look awesome to they can attract almost anyone toward them and they last very long
. Love you new balance

10 Converse

Converse are my favorite type of shoe because they are super comfy, the come in a wide selection of colors and designs. They also match almost every outfit (even banana outfits)! They also have Marvel designs, along with so much more such as, clear/see through (if your into that), sunflower, polka dot, clouds, flowers, stars, sugar skulls, and so many more (on or on most of the cooler designs are on! Also let's not forget that Converse also have shoes that feel really nice on the outside (I'm guess it feels like silk but I don't know I have never felt silk). I think that Converse should be first. Nike is definitely not my favorite, also Adidas aren't better than Converse either. (By the way Fila sucks but if you want memory foam shoes you can go with them but I definitely do not like Fila). So LET'S GO CONVERSE LET'S GO! LET'S GO CONVERSE LET'S GO! LET'S GO CONVERSE LET'S GO!

Love converse they are so cool everyone loves them. Their fashionable and great worn with almost any outfitt! They come in a wide range of colours and designs. You can even design your own ones! Every converse from the ankle boots to the trouser type ones (I know, but trouser ones do exist! ) are amazing! They are a fair price too. Love em

Converse should be #1! They are comfortable, come in all sorts of colors and designs, they aren't that expensive, plus they match with most clothing! I do like Nike but I prefer Converse over any other shoes!

This is stupid that this is #7 it should be #1 because it's so comfortable, they come with so many different kids of colors, they fit perfectly on people's feet, they look great with clothes, and etc.

The Contenders
11 Saucony

Awesome shoes! Great for running or for any casual wear. Lightweight and stylish. Makes your foot look more elegant. Love these shoes.

Awesome shoes for running and for just wearing around. Plus: ultra affordable compared to main brands like nike

Best design, best value, great materials. Own 3 pairs and planning on getting some more.

Awesome shoes, only problem is the soles fade about three weeks after you get them.

12 Skora

Suck brand is Crap


Fila is all about classics. They have the best classic shoes I've ever seen I use to be up about Nike and Reebok. I've noticed though that nikes aren't the same as what they were like before they were good now there shoes can only last maybe less than a year. And Reebok I've noticed they don't have much variety compared to other sport brands. But ever since I found fila they were for me. They have good shoes that last year's and years I payed for some Marcello runners and they only cost me 30$ and they have lasted 2 years. I don't know why these shoes are at a bottom rank but all that I can say is that this brand is great

Have lots of them and I got some fila mashburns and there 100$ and up but they are sick people were asking me were did you get those? I just said I ordered them but yeah check them out there a sick shoe and also check out the fila cages and the mind benders there hot right now

Really good shoes. Don't always lat too long, but are very comfortable and are great for track and field. Also the designs look cool and not stupid like skechers.

I have tried Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, New Balance & Fila. Only Fila has best Designs, Quality, Durability & Comfort & they last longer than any other.

14 Brooks

Really? Brooks are 28th?! They are some if not the best shoes out there! As far as running goes, which is the top sport for most people, Nike fails miserably! All the shoes in the top 10 on this list aren't even real running shoe brand with the exception of Asics and New Balance. Brooks, Saucony, Mizunos, Newtons, and even New Balance should be in the top 5, or top 10 at LEAST, just based off how many people actually get shoes for running versus other sport-specific shoes.

The best shoe ever... Complete technology for your running shoe needs, infused with DNA cushioning material.. and it is the first Bio midsole.

Best selection of shoes designed for all types of runners. Just look at the number of Brooks worn at any race.

I have a very difficult time finding shoes in my size. My Brooks fit and they are very comfortable!

15 Skechers

Skechers are really great. People just don't like them because you're "not popular" or "poor" if you choose this shoe brand. Also, people need to stop hating Skechers just because they cost less and are "less cool".

The most comfortable shoes even though the price compares to nike it is more comfortable than any other shoe I have a pair of duallite it's the best! It it too underrated brand is not always important!

I had one pair of $30 Skechers sneakers that lasted me years! The only reason I stopped wearing them was I outgrew them! They were my favorite shoes ever.

I just like it. The design is superb. The endurance is long lasting. I feel very comfortable wearing it.

16 Woodland

Fantastic shoes, highly durable and rugged as well. Yes, they are heavy but still comfortable!

Tough shoes ever. Brings out the status out of it.

Woodland is best. It gives royal experience

Woodland is first nike is next to woodland> woodland is the best next to nike is reebok

17 Columbia
18 Lotto

I Strongly believe that they are over priced for what they really are. They don't last long, and there are so many other brands which are much much better than this. It's like buying a chinese car at the price of a mercedes. Makes no sense. And the design is just rubbish.

I am using the lotto navigator brand for last three month. It is light in weight, good look and more comfortable in running. The polishing effect is still their in shoe. I am satisfied and recommending friends to buy this.

I have been using lotto ZHero Gravity since long and it's a superb shoes with its styling, comfort and grip.

They are just sick and Kobe Bryant wears them. Mj wears them. They are just cool shoes. Best shoe ever.

19 DC

Dc shoes has the best quality best feeling when you wear them and they have an amazing sense of style and all the people who have read this know that!

DC is an awesome shoe brand!

For elite men

20 Calvin Klein

Best shoes nice look

21 Sparx

Sparx is very nice quality and comfortable footwear with price all person affable.

Best brand in low price

Look boys and girls I am booxer and runner when I wear sparx shoes then somthing strange happen, means I got electric power of sparx that's way I choose sparx I love sparx

Its good... In price

22 Supra

If you have swag you would really like supras. They have ALRIGHT coloring. Wait what am I saying they have the best coloring and the shoes have all around swag. THAT ALL!

I LOVE Supra's high top designs! It's so light and love it! Good quality too. Definitely should be higher than so many other brands in here.

Supra are a very comfortable shoe that has a cool casual look and feel, they look nice with almost anything that you wearlier, and they are not expensive.

Best in the world and they feel good to your fee when you have to run track. I think supras should be on the top list

23 Nevo
24 D-Rose
25 Sperry

There are cool, confertible and pretty. They are a lot of different designs and they are a lot to choose from. Mostly everybody you see were them, some sperry are better than a other. So it should be probably be in 4 place because I like nike, reebok, and converse. So everybody should probbably have a pair of them because its popular this day.

These shoes go hard

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