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61 Essensole

Real sports brands for long lasting health.
The moto I like most" Give my body sole"

62 United Colour of Benetton

Excellent performance and very stylish. Worth the price

63 Patrick
64 Admiral
65 Lacoste

Unique platinum designed. Should be in top 5

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66 Pony

Get these at Walmart if you want to know. Only elderly and 1-7 year old girls wear these,.

You'll see some really cool shoes on the Pony website. If you guys actually take a minute to look at some Pony shoes, you'll see how cool they actually R. I wished that I voted for Pony!

They are the best shoe ever, they are comfy, and high tops are so swag,
If you got swag you must like this before it is late for you.
One thing suitable for all types of sports

67 Nivia

Nivia has the best variety of Track spiking shoes. They are not expensive.

Football shoes are good and cheap

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68 Anta V 1 Comment
69 Ecco

Ecco is most respected European brand - located in Denmark. Their style is a bit conservative for many but quality is on the top. Highly recommended! I use only ecco sandals from many years and never disappointed.

Perfectly anatomical designed shoes. Supports every foot movement. Extra durable.

Very stylish and good in variety

Most comfortable I have ever used

70 Timberlands

If you love woodlands, then you'll Timberlands as well. One place ahead of woodland, but expensive!

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71 Avia

Good cheap shoes to go play and get dirty in

Good shoes for the. Money

Its good in running

Its underrated

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72 RBS
73 And1

Cheap and nice colors

And 1 should be last

And1 is good for being cheap


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74 Caterpillar

The best shoes ever with no doubt

75 Lebron V 4 Comments
76 Bacca Bucci
77 Metrix
78 Active
79 Kelme

Good shoes good range perfect grip, all the best to kelme

Worst brand ever hard, ugly looking, the shoe laces are huge and the logo ruins everything.

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80 Activ Abou Alaa

I think it is the best its comfortable lasts longer

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