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101 Globe

Globe should not be 118 they make the best skate-shoe ever

102 Nathaniel
103 Spalding

World's oldest athletic shoe brand "Spalding" is making light weight, comfortable and decent shoes. For me converse all star should be at second after Spalding.

Very comfortable and good designs

There crap

There crap

104 Yepme

I have 3 yepme shoes, it's just awesome...

105 Dunlop Footwear
106 Action


107 Rockport V 1 Comment
108 Trixin

Trixin is very good

109 Zion V 1 Comment
110 Otomix
111 Weldon
112 Radii

Radii has so many diffrent styles, and they look great. They have many colors to choose. Radii's are shoes with true fashion. Justin Beiber even wears Radii shoes.

These shoes are one of the most stylish shoe. There are diffrent colors and styles to the shoe. These shoes are good for Dancing hip hop, Skating, and looking boss. Jay Z and Justin Beiber wears Radii brand. If you want unique shoes then buy Radii shoes. I think Radiis are the best looking shoes by far.

113 Catamount
114 Mooks
115 Kustom

Lovely shoes

116 Lowa
117 Mitre

I think it's good this shoe is low because who's ever heard of them and name one athlete who wears them

118 Ascent
119 Carbon Elements
120 Vector X
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