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41 Pancakes

Pancakes with Nutella and strawberries are the best

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42 Banana Pudding
43 Eclair Cakes
44 Sugar Cookies

Love them with chocolate chips

45 Trifle

Trifle is the bomb! I love how the raspberry jelly mixes with the sweet bread crumbs, the custard, cream and of course extra raspberries on top, maybe a few glaced cherries... m

46 Vanilla Cake

This is better than crappy choclate cake

47 Flan
48 Cinnamon Roll

Are u kidding me? This is the best dessert ever! The glazed icing on the top over a delicious soft cinnamon roll. It's a sticky bun! Delicious. I could eat this every day

49 Chocolate Chips

M u can have them with any dessert

50 M&M's
51 Chocolate Doughnut
52 Crepes

Nothing more like a French crepe

53 Cookie Dough Ice Cream
54 Boston Cream Pie
55 Cookies and Cream Ice Cream
56 Doughnut Doughnut

i <3 them

57 Carrot Cake

You have not lived until you have some, and you wont feel alive again until you had some, and you wont feel alive unless you have it all the time.

Carrot Cake is delicious, Carrot Cake is perfect, Carrot Cake, is living.

Also try it with chocolate frosting, Carrot Cake with chocolate frosting is like life, if live was covered in Chocolate... How can it possibly go wrong? It cannot, because its Carrot Cake.

58 Marble Cake
59 Bubble Tea

LOVE both, can't decide the best... Just mentioning because it is well worth mentioning it... Come on people... Why fudge sundae... No offense, but how about something more sophisticated... Oreo Milkshake... Red Velvet Cake ball? Tiramisu Gelato?

60 Kit-Kat
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