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61 Kid Leo

Great voice and personality. He knows music. I listened to him in Cleveland on WMMS. He brought a lot of new artists out and into the national and international spotlight.

This guy is crazy and does the best original mixes. No matter what song its always a different nonstop danceparty. Best dj EVER.

62 3LAU
63 Wolfgang Gartner
64 Frankie Knuckles
65 DJ Aligator

His rank must be better

He was the best from2002 to 2008. I love his his musics

He is a giant of trance music

Best dj

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66 Basshunter

Basshunter is one of the most underrated artists today, he should definitely have a higher ranking. His songs are the best, everyone should give his music a try.

Now Your Gone is the best house techno song on this website but the artist is 44th?
What!? - Basshunter is awesome. Dota, All I ever wanted and now your gone are all awesome songs PLease scroll down before you vote.

Basshunter is the best artist ever, let alone the best Techno Artist. Everyone try listening to his music and you wont regret it.

Seriously Basshunter is a legend, definitely top 5. Come on people, vote up.

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67 DJ Blend

Dj blend is the best dj in the world you idiots

DJ Bl3ND is the number dj in the world

He's the best DJ in the world.

Is he a blender? - JolteonIsAwesome

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68 DJ Yutaka
69 DJ Nebir
70 Larry Levan
71 DJ Aladdin
72 Dyro

What Dyro 73 those people don't have a good taste

Wow he's amazing Radical Wolv Pure Noise Go down He rocks the best dj ever

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73 Dannic
75 Edward Maya

I mean seriously, he is not even in the list. haven't You heard "Stereo Love"? If no then please try it out.

The best. A person with amazing and unique taste in music. Deserves to be amongst to 3.

Come on put him in the top 20 haven't u heard stereo love and desert rain

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76 Kygo Kygo Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, commonly known by his stage name Kygo, is a Norwegian DJ, songwriter, record producer and musician.

Kygo is the best up and coming DJ, how isn't he in the top 20. Has no one listened to Firestone, Stay, Here for You, Stole the Show, Carry Me. He performed in the Olympic closing ceremony Enough said. Let's bring him into the top ten!

Kygo is one if the best DJs. His remixes are awesome, especially sexual healing and cut you teeth. Listening to them makes you feel like you wanna dance right on the spot.

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77 Kid Koala
78 John Digweed

I read the chat and I laughed a lot... Buy a life kids.

No, I just cried

79 Mark Ronson Mark Ronson V 2 Comments
80 Laidback Luke

Great DJ and producer with songs such as Turbulence, Dynamo, Speak Up and more

He is truly a legend.first he was a hardcore raver but he transformed his love for edm into profession

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