Top 10 James Bond Movies

It remains to be seen how well Daniel Craig will be received in "Casino Royale," but with the movie?s premiere only weeks away, this is a good time to look back on the best of 007?s adventures to date.

The Top Ten

1 Casino Royale (2006)

Popular as the best Bond Film for a reason. It just is. Fantastic performance as Bond by Daniel Craig and a brilliant set of villains. The action pieces were equally as fantastic. All around the best film

Very tough to chose between this and Goldfinger.

My name is Bond...James Bond

This is the best one--has everyone of bonds characters, the gadgets, the car, the girl, everything. Pierce brosnan and sean connery both come after daniel craig... Its awesome

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2 Goldfinger (1964)

Do you expect me to talk?
No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!
Best Bond line ever! - Userguy44

"Do you expect me to talk?
- No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die! "
Goldfinger is the most brained, evil minded, ruthless Bond villain ever, and has the coolest henchman of all : Oddjob! That's why it's the best Bond movie!
But why on earth From Russia with Love didn't even make the list?

Best bond film of all time. Period... - Userguy44

Most people consider this #1 -- my argument is that since Bond spends most of the middle section of the film locked up in a cell, it's not quite as exciting as From Russia with Love. But those two films, in terms of story and direction, set a standard for the Bond films that has not been repeated since. - ronpanarotti

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3 Skyfall (2012)

For as brilliant as Casino Royale was, this just edges it out for the best. The acting was excellent across the board, the directing was fantastic (especially with the visuals), the action is brilliant and very well shot and thought out and the plot is quite well done (even with some conveniences with the villain). - Cum

Daniel has made 007 three dimensional. It's gritty, tense, and full of non-stop action. Gone is snobbish playboy (Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan) who would seem inept in going mano y mano, Craig's a scrapper and when he chases a villain, he does it with singular, focused and ruthless intensity. Terrific surprise ending. And great use of the classic DB5. Can't wait for the next installment. Daniel Craig is 007.

This movie was an absolute blast! There was so much to enjoy in what is, in my opinion, likely the best of the series. Everything from the opening titles to the gun barrel at the end was top-notch. - BKAllmighty

Skyfall is the best J. Bond 007 movie in the world better than any other action film ever not even the best in the world the best in the universe

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4 Goldeneye (1995)

This was, is, and will always be not only my favorite 007 movie but also my favorite movie of all time. GoldenEye is about two spies who were former friends and are now bitter enemies. The Bond girl actually had a major role unlike the others and the movie revived the 007 franchise. People thought that Bond was no longer good but GoldenEye brought back the 007 greatness.The fight between 007 and 006 was my favorite part of the movie, two sworn enemies at each other's throats was just exceptional. - bishop.moore07

goldeneye was a really good film staring pierce brosnan who is well I think the best actor who has played james bond in a long time

A masterful work of cinema. One of the best (in my opinion) movies of all time! Oh yeah and, see reflections in the mirror song is so good.

Very exciting, thrilling and superb. Get prepared for loads of action

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5 From Russia with Love (1963)

Buttery smooth plot, and by the time it jumped aboard a train, with one of Bond's coolest henchman-villains to date waiting on board, I realized I was genuinely enjoying this. I expected a quaint rush of cool-but-dated spy stuff from the James Bond series, not tightly-plotted thrills to match most-any modern day action film I've seen. Blofeld, despite being just a pair of hands with a deep voice this time around, is the most intimidating he's ever been, and the Specter stuff is so cool, it's almost cruel that it builds us up for even better, more twisted schemes to come - something that the later movies could never hope to live up to. Great allies, great action, and a great, underrated bond girl, who, unlike the more iconic women she's sandwiched between, is essential to the plot. (This means trading the memorably outlandish bombshell moments for a more intimate, sensual performance, which I don't find myself complaining about.)

From Russia with Love is simply amazing for a Bond film. Even though it was made in the 60's, all the spy and humor elements that make Bond are present in this film. The girl he gets with is beautiful even by today's standards. The plot line is believable, there are no giant lasers and invisible cars in this film. Sean Connery pulls off the character to perfection and I believe this is his best film. Also, Red Grant is cool as Bond's nemesis and definitely a worthy opponent both physically and mentally. SPECTRE is also introduced in this movie which begins the plot line for many subsequent Bond films later on. If you call yourself a Bond fan, this is a movie you must see. Sean Connery pulls off the character to perfection and I believe this is his best film. - InhaleDeep

Hello from the best small city in the world.
Without doubt one of the best

The only Bond movie to date that truly involves espionage. It's got Sean Connery, the best Bond of all time, in top form, with the best plot of the entire series and superb villains in the form of Lotte Lenya (Rosa Klebb) and Grant (Robert Shaw). Plenty of suspense, minimal gadgets, and Bond is forced to rely on his wits as a ruthless combination of spy and detective. - ronpanarotti

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6 Dr. No (1962)

For a movie made in a short amount of time with a small amount of money and an unknown and unproven actor 57 years ago this movie is 5 times better than it has any right to be. Almost everything here is excellent: Connery’s iconic and flawless performance as Bond with an extreme assuredness about him, the well done action which actually aged well compared to most other flicks from the time, Joseph Wiseman’s scary and somewhat mystical Dr No, the smooth pacing which makes a short film feel like no time at all and the brilliant James Bond theme hell this movie feel timeless. This movie should have been bad. It was made in 1962 with no budget and little time to film. But they pulled it off, and it shows. - Cum

The unforgettable entrance of Ursula Andress -- still the best Bond girl -- earns this one a place in the top 10. Much grittier than many of the films that followed, with Connery especially ruthless and cold-blooded (like the scene where he shoots an extra bullet into one of his enemies for fun). - ronpanarotti

Amazing movie. Started the whole series up. Sean Connery is THE original James Bond. Casino Royal was good, but I bet that everyone who voted for it hasn't seen the older 007 movies. That's the case with most people who say Daniel Craig's 007 flicks are the best.

This is the movie that started it all, I mean Sean Connery is not only the best Bond, he is the original, most of all the Bonds after him did have class and elegance, but no one like him.

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7 The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Indeed this is Roger Moores best film in the role easily! It has the best bond girl, that helps James Bond and yet doesn't just sit around like most of the other ones, Agent X or Anya Amasova. Jaws is the most iconic sidekick ever! And the fact that fish loving maniac Karl Stromberg has Webbed hands is just amazing.
Bond is at his best when he is suave yet sofisticated, fun yet lethal and by god does Roger Moore do it! Absolutely fantastic and also has one of the best story lines of the series and we get to see more of where James bond originated from the navy, this is not shown in many of the Sean Connery films! The film also features the most iconic car of the franchise! The lotus!
Nobody does it better than Moore and it doesn't get any better than this film!

Also quick not- For Your Eyes Only- great movie with the added bonus of a one certain Margaret Thatcher!

This Bond film has everything, my favourite by a mile

The introduction of Jaws was enough for me.

JAWS RULES! Enough said.

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8 On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)

Despite George Lazenby, this is one of the best in the series, with some scenes on par with a Hitchcock thriller. If Connery had done this movie, it probably would have been the best Bond of all time. The Bond girl is a real character instead of a bimbo, there is a compelling love story, and the ending is unforgettable, packing an emotional punch not often seen in Bond films. - ronpanarotti

If Connery had made this film, it wouldn't have been nearly as good. In the 1960s, Connery WAS Bond. After he left, the filmmakers were faced with a seemingly insurmountable task: they had to convince the public that Lazenby, a model with little acting experience, could fill Connery's shoes. Since the filmmakers knew that Lazenby didn't have the chops to carry the whole film, they made sure that the rest of the film--the script, the sets, the scenery, the supporting players--were stellar. Their anxiety over the film's success propelled the film makers to new creative heights, and without that spark, the film would have been lackluster.

In my opinion this was by far the best film. In part because it was the best book, in part because having read all the Ian Fleming books, George Lazenby immediately seemed to fit the characterisation portrayed in the books and in part because of the stunts, spectacular scenery and gentle humour. To me it had everything.

One of my favorite bond movies. The ending is so unexpected! That's why it's one of the best. I won't give anything away, but a must see!

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9 Live and Let Die (1973)

This is the best James Bond film by far. It has the greatest boat chase ever in it as well, this is a must see film. I liked the story line to this film because I think setting things I. Tropical places and exotic places are good ideas

A stylish introduction for Roger Moore's Bond, with great action sequences and more down to earth bad guys. Lots of fun. - ronpanarotti

The best!

I'm a really big bond fan I can't pick the best because it is really hard but I guess this is the most entertaining.

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10 Licence to Kill (1989)

One of the Best Bond Movies if not the best up there with Goldfinger and Russia With Love.

With a guy with class and a good likeing guy playing bond makes the viewer really went to no how its going to end?

I love this Bond movie, always been my favourite one. it is probably the most underrated. Everyone views it as violent, and yes, it is quite a bit more violent compared to other films in the franchise, but Timothy Dalton was criticized for being a tougher bond, but when Daniel Craig did it after him, he was praised for it! I prefer this movie and also am a fan of the Living Daylights. I love how he seems to really care for Pam Bouvier in this movie, whereas, previous Bonds had numerous women throughout the film. Also, Franz Sanchez has to be one of the greatest James Bond villains ever.

My personal favorite out of the 24 Bond films. Timothy Dalton gives true character to Bond. His performance works well with the dark, gritty tone of the film. The end of the film, however, goes nuts. It has the greatest chase and action sequence in the entire series that involves big rigs loaded with cocaine. The Bond villain, Sanchez, was also my favorite in the series. He wasn't some over the top super villain, but a realistic drug dealer who was brutal and remorseless. Over this is just my favorite Bond film, with my favorite Bond and villain in the series, and action sequence. The revenge story is great, as is the overall movie. James Bond going rogue is great.

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The Contenders

11 For Your Eyes Only (1981)

This is my second favorite Bond film. Roger Moore was more believable as Bond. Carole Bouquet as Melina is one of the better bond girls. The action scenes were solid. And the locations were glorious. For Your Eyes Only is a enjoyable and satisfying movie for a more mature and straightforward Bond film.

A return to a harder-edged Bond, with Roger Moore giving probably his best performance in the role. - ronpanarotti

I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I think that For Your Eyes Only is possibly my favourite out of the Roger Moore films.

I can't help but feel like this is inflated by low standards. Yes, it's a Bond film that doesn't rely on gadgets and futuristic evil lairs. But that's about all. It takes away all of the classic Bond elements, but it doesn't add much new. - marmalade_skies

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12 Thunderball (1965)

As much as I love Casino Royal, Goldfinger and most of the other Bond films, Thunderball has always been my favourite film out the whole series. It seems to divide a lot of people but for me it has everything a Bond film should and is much better then many of the films that followed it. Unlike a lot of people I really enjoyed the the underwater scenes and found them well filmed for their time and never found the film too long or 'boring'.

Another of Connery's better films, with a compelling plot and superior direction. The underwater scenes get a bit tedious, but Connery seems to be enjoying himself throughout. - ronpanarotti

Thunderball's pacing is excruciatingly slow, the plot is the stuff of parodies, the characters are misused, under-utilised and over-utilised all at the same time, and the editing is just cheap.

Watching Thunderball right now on Encore. What's not to like when there are nuclear bombs and hydrofoil yachts involved? Happy Labor Day America 2016!

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13 Spectre (2015)

Not the best one, but it's pretty good. - Userguy44

Probably not my all time favorite, but I voted just to get it higher. This movie reminded me of why I love the James Bond series so much by bringing back the old cliches from the Connery/Moore era. Anyone who deems this inferior to James Bond standard should really go back and watch Octopussy or A View to a Kill again.

A great callback to classic Bonds of the past, and the most fun of all the Craig movies. Has the most Bond like feel to it of his movies - much underrated.

It's not a great Bond movie. Not a bad one either. It's a competent big budget action movie with a ludicrous story and some good nostalgic moments. I hope the next Bond movie focuses less on big budgets and more on utilizing its potential. - marmalade_skies

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14 The Living Daylights (1987)

Timothy Dalton's first bond film The Living Daylights is a excellent and exciting movie and a very good start for Timothy Dalton.

This movie needs to be higher on the list. Dalton's hard-edged Bond was an incredibly refreshing take on the character after over a decade of Moore's "Lethal Comedian" approach. My personal favourite of the series for sure. - BKAllmighty

Possesses some truly thrilling action scenes, but this is where the story of post-Cold War, Soviets, arms dealing truly goes overboard. It is far too complex for a Bond Film and copies off plenty of other Bond films that focus on the Soviets, including The Spy Who Loved Me, Octopussy and more. When it's in action and suspense, it excels. When trying to tell the rehashed and overly convoluted story, it fails.

Plus, a period of 20 minutes before the big finale is so unbelievably dull I felt heavy eyelids. 6.5/10 - B

Nothing to say... Amazing movie.
Dalton had to make more Bond Movies. He's the best Bond, like the Bond in Flemming's books.

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15 Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Brosnan is dead last on the list of great Bonds - all his movies are mediocre to atrocious and this is the worst of the lot. At least Die Another Day had some over the top campiness to recommend it - this literally has nothing.

I love this movie

This movie was pretty good. I think the movie made it good with a good plot and second half

This is like, in the top 3 WORST in most lists!

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16 Octopussy (1983)

Fantastic movie! Shot in the the world's most beautiful heritage city of Udaipur, also known in the world as the city of lakes.

This is a bad movie. I don't get how people like this movie, Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough. Why do people like them so much?! They're flat, sometimes cliche, and just boring!

octopussy so far fetched but great
- bosch03

One of the greatest movie titles of all time.

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17 You Only Live Twice (1967)

The best

Love This Movie It's One Of Sean Connery Best James bond Movie Behind Goldfinger - mneilan

In many ways, this is the definitive Bond film. With the volcano missile control base, and a monorail to take the bad guy to safety. Not to mention the ninja scene being the inspiration for pretty much every Austin Powers film. - IronSabbathPriest

This movie just has a colorful rich hypnotic feel. Really colorful lush visuals. Lots of great atmosphere. Love the sound. It's great classic Connery. - marmalade_skies

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18 The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

#17!? This one is easily the best roger moore and should be MUCH higher

This is my personal favourite James Bond film. Sir Christopher Lee as Francisco Scaramanga was a fantastic Bond villain.

I liked it better than BvS and Batman returns.

21 is harsh

19 Diamonds are Forever (1971)

It's more lighthearted and does not take itself as seriously as Connery's other films, but it is a lot of fun and still far superior to most of the Roger Moore movies that followed it. - ronpanarotti

One has to be a really big connery fanboy to say that diamonds are forever was better than the moore era, when diamonds was every bit as ludicrous (and it had an actor, which at that point, who was even less invested in the role) - marmalade_skies

I thought it was kind of good. I mean, it WAS kind of silly that he "killed" Blofeld in the first act when we should have known that 'Blofeld can't go out like that! ', but other than that, I thought it was kind of good.

No where near as good as other bonds such as you only live twice, or on her majestys secret service, but this is still a stellar movie with great action. This deserves way more credit. I would actually not put this in top 5 bonds, but definitely top 10!

The best bond flick made BOB

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20 A View To A Kill (1985)

What's wrong with this movie? It doesn't look that bad...looking at you Skyfall... - Gehenna

It probably would have been a great Bond movie had it come 10 years earlier, but by '85, both Moore, the corny humor and the Goldfinger-formula were all showing its age. - marmalade_skies

Awesome movie. Love ya Moore

This movies awful. And also Roger Moore is too old, his last Bond film should have been Moonraker.

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21 Moonraker (1979)


I played moonraker on the James bond 007 legends,. And you wouldn't believe how cool it is. Plus I like Josh and his girl friend. Roger Moore is the funniest actor in James bond history!

Moore's best perfprmance as Bond. Not realistic? Hell no! Bond is not a realistic character, and this movie takes that idea to insane heights. I also prefer the Adam West Batman.

WAY unrealistic! WAY entertaining!

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22 Quantum of Solace (2008)

Simply one of the greatest though incredibly underrated. Terrific and brilliantly crafted sequences and great performances throughout. The soundtrack and cinematography are excellent as well. Bond is at his grittiest here relying more on his wits and physical strength rather than the plentiful gadgets. Brutal, smart and super entertaining. It has become a favorite.

What destroys Quantum Of Solace for me is not the script, just the execution. I mean, the set pieces for MI6 are bland
And ugly and dull, the editing makes each shot last no more than six frames because the camera is constantly moving
Around, the title cards are tacky and unnecessary, but if you skip all of that, it's actually not that bad.
I think Greene's motive of creating a drought in Bolivia and boosting the prices of water supplies is very creative,
And sure, it's not as creative as some of the other storylines in Bond films, but it just does well for this Bond film.

As a follow up to what people consider the best of the films (Casino Royale 2006), I can see why people hate it, but it's not that bad a film. Interesting story, great action and enjoyable till the end, this is one of the underrated flicks of the series' history.

The newest Bond movie. Fantastic action.

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23 The World Is Not Enough (1999)

Brilliant action movie, and it has the best James Bond actor in it- Pierce Brosnan. Good storyline

Brilliant screen play. Awesome story and breath taking stunts good plot

I have honestly never seen such crap in my life. The acting terrible. The plot is stupid. And last but not least, it literally has the worst villain ever.

This has to be at least number 13 on this list. It's a very interesting one. I found the second half interesting but needs to be better

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24 Bond 25

This movie hasint come out yet and it's unknown when it will.

25 Never Say Never Again (1983)

Underrated! Loved this movie! It's not perfect obviously, but definitely very enjoyable.

The worst Bond film. The directing, atmosphere and sound don't come anywhere near close to the EON films despite having a BIGGER budget than the Moore films. - marmalade_skies

If your gonna remake a film. Remake a good one.

If your gonna copy a bond film, go for a good one like you only live twice

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26 Die Another Day (2002)

Awesome movie with tons of action and girls. Just what you expect from a James Bond movie. Pierce Brosnan is the best james bond.

The reason why I loved the Die Another Day James Bond film is because it has the best James Bond actor and there's the best actress Halley Berry so it's nearly the best James Bond " FILM"

Die Another Day is an abomination of James Bond films and cinema in general. There.

This movie is really good it's a little over the top but it is good great action not the best but it is good maybe a least between 11 and 17 spot

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27 Casino Royale (1954)

It's a strange one, this.

This doesn't count because it's a T.V. episode so you can't call it a Bond movie, or a movie for that matter.

This is a classic. More true to the book than the 2006 version, I think that Peter Lorre does the best bond villain apart from Donald Pleasence as Blofeld - SuperheroSith

28 Casino Royale (1967)

I actually don't dislike this one. It's really chaotic and random. Considering that there's a dozen Bond movies with the same exact plot, it's refreshing to have total anarchy. - marmalade_skies

Why, Orson Welles, why! (Cringe)

Convoluted mess.

That pictur sums it up

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