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41 The One On the Right Is On the Left The One On the Right Is On the Left
42 She Used to Love Me a Lot She Used to Love Me a Lot

A lost classic. The Elvis Costello produced version is as good as any of Cash's best songs.

What? 68? Johnny Cash would die again if he saw this...

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43 Look at Them Beans Look at Them Beans
44 You Are My Sunshine You Are My Sunshine
45 Solitary Man Solitary Man

This is my favourite Cash cover, right next to Hurt. Should be much higher on the list.

Come on, this is a great song, it should be at least in the top 15.

Are you joking? 28? This is the best cash song!

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46 San Quentin San Quentin

I don't understand how this song is not on the top list. Great lyrics and rhythm

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47 The Beast In Me The Beast In Me

Deepest cash song there is... And I would vote for hurt but lets face it... Its OVERRATED... And anydepressed teenager thinks there cashs number one fan just because they can connect to one song

48 Ballad of a Teenage Queen Ballad of a Teenage Queen

Amazing lyrics. Amazing voice. Amazing song.

49 One One

Only cover that comes close to besting U2's version! Damn it, it's one of his best... Certainly top 10!

Definitely one of his best songs

There're few covers better than the originals. This is surely one of them

50 Rose of My Heart Rose of My Heart

This song is so beautiful I can't't stop lisstening to it. I can't believe it's 46 on the list!

It is my number one song.Johnny Cash sung this song with feeling,and this song has the most touching lyrics.No song can describe a mans love for his woman,like Rose of My Heart.

51 On the Evening Train On the Evening Train

I can't believe I'm the one adding this to the list, it must already be with the top 15!

52 Tennessee Flat-Top Box Tennessee Flat-Top Box

There is a story that when Rosanne Cash (Johnny's Daughter) covered this song, she did not know it was written and first sung by her father; and that this song and her covering it healed a rift between them. I do not know if that is all true, but this song and both of their versions are great. If you only know Johnny's later in life work, give this one a listen.

53 It's All Over It's All Over V 1 Comment
54 Cool Water Cool Water
55 I Got Stripes I Got Stripes

A absolute classic! Ingenuous and strong.

56 Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog
57 Spiritual Spiritual
58 The Legend of John Henry's Hammer The Legend of John Henry's Hammer
59 It Ain't Me, Babe It Ain't Me, Babe

Just Johnny and June, what a beautiful love story

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60 Sam Hall Sam Hall
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