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41 Hamburger Train

Best instrumental by primus, worth to hear

42 Sgt. Baker

Hypnotic to say the least

43 The Final Voyage of the Liquid Sky

Considering This Is The Mighty Primus - Awful.. - SSScarecrow

44 Ballad of Bodacious
45 Groundhog's Day

This song actually kind of makes me want to get up in the morning- The song has a really nice bass groove with a nice smooth guitar riff.

46 Space Farm
47 The Antipop
48 Electric Uncle Sam
49 Pudding Time
50 Nature Boy
51 Harold of the Rocks
52 Captain Shiner
53 Spaghetti Western

He pulled the pud people! That's worthy of at least a Top 10.

Bass Line is sick and drums just emphasize the whole "out-of-controlness" of the song. Plus the ending just rocks with its funk influence.

54 Dirty Drowning Man

Don't Agree With Above Comment...Don't Like It! Primus Are Better Than This! - SSScarecrow

Amazing beginning and overall a great sounding song.

55 Last a Salmon Man V 1 Comment
56 Restin' Bones

Best Track From Brown Album. - SSScarecrow

57 Bob's Party Time Lounge
58 Mrs. Blaileen

Probably not my favorite since my favorite since mine is always changing, but this is an amazing song because of the dark bassline and the guitar works very well with the off timing and of the terrific guitar solo. The lyrics I think are actually based on a true story and the way les sing helps a lot with the vibe.

59 Eclectic Electric

In My Opinion, this is the worst track Primus have ever recorded. - SSScarecrow

Really sad this isn't on here already! Great sound great lyrics and overall great song.

60 Jilly's On Smack
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