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21 Doctrine Dark

An EX + Alpha character, huh?

22 Alex

Alex must be no. 1 as he has many efficient moves an is really fast according to his size.

23 Rose

She must be included she has the best storyline and mission which is to stop bison and has a touching reason for this and has bean on a lot of street fighter games

She's been my favourite character: mysterious, elegant, and sassy!

She is quite powerful and she helps Ryu the best she can.

24 Makoto
25 Geki
26 Rolento
27 Evil Ryu
28 Decapre

The reason I choosed her is because at least story-wise she is the original imperfect clone of Cammy and her big sister.
Her gameplay regarding might be a little tough at first but she is a blast to play once you learn the ropes.
Her Russian accent is badass and her Ultras and Super are completely devastating. She deserves my vote. Plus...

I founded her ending to be quite sad. Decapre dying was something unexpected.
People should get over the hate of her being the last character. The dislikes (many or not) mean nothing since Ono in an interview warned us about the final character.
Besides Decapre is MILES better than yet another boring shotoclone (I kinda got tired of them after Oni and Evil Ryu). I think the trailers dislikes would've been much more if it was yet another shoto. I like Decapre! I played her and think she is an underrated character with a lot of potential and an entertaining thought-out moveset. And definitely NOT a clone of ...more

29 Birdie
30 Necro
31 Ibuki Ibuki

This sexy ninja deserves to be way higher!

32 E Honda

E Honda is best-girl

He slaps his enemies to death and has an dope thow game, this ripped sumo will crush the competition in just a few mix ups. Shame he isn't more popular! E Honda should be in sfv!

Hope to see in SFV.


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33 R. Mika

Personally my favorite character from Street Fighter Alpha 3 even though she looks ridicules but that's why liked her. - egnomac

34 Remy
35 Adon
36 Dee Jay Dee Jay Dee Jay is a fictional character in the Street Fighter series. He made his first appearance in the 1993's Super Street Fighter II as one of the four new characters introduced in the game.
37 Q

The appeal of this character is that he's so mysterious, and even though he appears in one game, he's left a mark in me and I am a fond of masked characters. And, he also has a badass theme.

Mysterious man, or a streaker?

38 Joe
39 Charlie

He is low on this list because he died even dead Charlie should be in the top 10

Welcome to 2016 after a few days he'll be over Ryu.

He letteraly trained himself and defeated bison only to be killed by that damn chopper

40 Poison

The moost talked about character due to gender confusion and lods of people play her online

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