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21 Evil Ryu
22 Decapre V 1 Comment
23 Birdie
24 Necro
25 Karin

No. 1 in Japan's popularity poll and No. 7 internationally! Deserves to be way higher!

Karin is just lovely! There is an undeniable charm to her personality, appearance and character that is just so loveable! I want Karin Kanzuki for every next subsequent street fighter games!

I hate Karin she so stupid and how the hell is she stronger than poison and rose? They are way stronger and should be in top 5 - cpfriends88

I hate Karin she is the weakest chracter!

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26 Sakura

She deserves to be in the top ten because she is the third best female Street Fighter character.

Sakura is 1 of my favorite video game characters ever! She is cute, friendly, and actually enjoys fighting every1! Her voice acting is so adorable; she was the 1st Street Fighter character I tried (After Ryu) in SSF4, and I think that she could easily be a fan-favorite.

Classic fighting schoolgirl! Come on Why is she second last?

I'm legit surprised that she's rated so low.

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27 Zangief

Zangief is by far the strongest street fighter character I've seen

Zangief, create in film Street Fighter, his big and hard man, greate fighter, of red small trousers. Zangief is great fighter and guard Bison army. Zangief create in game Street Fighter 1, 2, 3, 4. Werry accelerated fighter with great power.

Zangief is rhe strongest street fighetr ever! He should be first. Ryu is like a bunny rabbit to me

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28 R. Mika

Personally my favorite character from Street Fighter Alpha 3 even though she looks ridicules but that's why liked her. - egnomac

29 Rolento
30 Dhalsim Dhalsim

Dhalsim is one of the strongest characters I know. He deserves to be in the top ten. If you think he is bad because he is slow, then you are an amateur. Dhalsim can teleport which makes him one of the fastest characters. In the anime he had psychic powers. Capcom probably didn't want Dhalsim to have that ability in the game because he would be too powerful. If you still think he is too slow, then try using his yoga teleportation.

Why so low? He's original, fun to play as, and YOGA FIRE

Dhalshim is mutate people and beast, master fire, he is brown india body, red painting line. He is hand to push up and big forms.

How is Dhalsim not higher? He BREATHES FIRE

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31 Remy
32 Adon
33 Dee Jay Dee Jay
34 Q

Mysterious man, or a streaker?

35 Joe
36 Charlie

He is low on this list because he died even dead Charlie should be in the top 10

Welcome to 2016 after a few days he'll be over Ryu.

He letteraly trained himself and defeated bison only to be killed by that damn chopper

37 Poison

The moost talked about character due to gender confusion and lods of people play her online

38 Balrog Balrog Balrog, also known as Boxer, is a fictional character in Capcom's Street Fighter series. He made his first appearance in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior in 1991.

Balrog is big strong boxer and fighter with red glove and blue costum. He is big bos in film Stereet Fighter and hard opponent to game Street Fighter 1. He is discover to game Street Fighter 4 and only games.

39 Juri

How can anyone miss that? Seriously

One of the Hottest Female Characters Ever.

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40 Hakan

An amazing character! Love his oil rocket! - Hydro_shinobi

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