Top Ten Video Game Guns

Just the guns that we all know freaking kill everything.

The Top Ten

1 Portal Gun (Portal/Portal 2)

AW if I had this gun I would be AWESOME! I wouldn't need you use stairs I could have infinite times down slides I could do the most painful torcher as seen in portal 2(put a portal in the ground then put a portal on the moon or even sun) I could also do some awesome pranks. Plus portal 2 is the best game ever. Sorry for the long message

2 Thundergun (Call of Duty: Black Ops)
3 Shotgun (Doom)
4 Gravity Gun (HL2 Trilogy)

Doesn't require ammo can lift heavy objects. I could even make myself fly! - llamaboy17

Ammo? The enviroment is your ammo, trash cans, boxes, barrels, even the grenades enemies throw at you

5 M-16 (Call of Duty 4)
6 BFG (Doom)

A laser rocket launcher which fills the whole screen when it blows up.

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7 MK 2 Lancer Assault Rifle (Gears of War)
8 Tanegashima (Metal Gear Solid 4)

Ossom Gun, If You Pull The Trigger, A Tornado Comes, And Blows Eveything away, I Call It The Tornado Of Souls - copkiller

I Hope I Wrote It Right, Yeah A Gun That Creates A Tornado If You Shoot It, Amazing and Crazy Gun.

9 RCP90 (Golden Eye 007)
10 Spinfusor (Tribe Series)

The Contenders

11 Ray Gun (Call of Duty Zombies)
12 211-V Plasma Cutter (Dead Space Series)
13 Spartan Laser (Halo 3)

halo 3 destroys all other games and the Spartan laser is just beast as simple as that no other info necessary - dissthisnoob

Halo 3 is overrated, but it's still a good game and the Spartan Laser is the best weapon in video game history.

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14 Banana Bomb (Worms)

a cluster bomb, only a bigger bang.

15 Mag Charger (Timesplitters)

A gun that can shoot through walls, and see through walls.

16 Patriot (Metal Gear Solid 3)

A Legendary Weapon That Has Unlimited Ammo

17 Spread Gun (Contra)

A shotgun, but every pellet kills.

18 EZ Gun (Metal Gear Solid 3)
19 Monkey Gun (Timesplitters)

A gun that can shoot 64 bullets in 1 second.

20 Railgun (Metal Gear Solid 4)
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1. Portal Gun (Portal/Portal 2)
2. Thundergun (Call of Duty Black Ops 1)
3. Shotgun (Doom)



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