TDTOP5: #5- Dodgebrawl (Total Drama Island)

Turkeyasylum This episode of Total Drama is one of the earlier episodes in the series, and also one of the better ones. The episode begins with the contestants in the mess hall, eating more of Chef Hatchet's crap (well, he won't ever give 'em good food...). Then, Courtney complains Harold snored all night. Duncan also gets tesed by Chris, but he later scares him by asking if he wanted to know how much he was hurting from the lack of sleep. Then, Harold walks in, wearing a Sharpie mustache (by Duncan). Everyone just laughs as they see him walk in. Then Gwen (winner of the Awake-A-Thon) walks in, and she's of course tired. And after some teasing between Heather and the tolerant Courtney, Chris begins the challenge: Dodgeball. He explains the rules, and we get the hilarious time Lindsay gets hit by the ball. The first match begins. It's down to Cody against DJ and Katie. Cody takes them down with strange electric following balls. He wins of course. In round two, Tyler convinces the team to give all the balls to him. And he hilariously misses every shot (except one, where he hits Lindsay). Courtney gives him crap, and Lindsay goes on a walk with Tyler after Trent got Tyler off (the romantic scene was during the match). The Gophers win the second round.

Now, this is why I like the episode. As the Bass are in the state to lose, just about, Duncan comes in, and gets the team to win the next two rounds. And the episode develops Lindsay and Tyler, as they were talking under the Dock. However, Heather and Courtney both give their members crap. The episode also has a good arch of humor from Noah, where he refuses to participate, with hilarious responses about why.

Now for the final round. The game goes on for forever, and Hsrold tries to join in, but the team wn't let him. And when he does join in, Duncan forces him to the back of the court. And earlier, there was a funny scene with Harold, where he does a "mad skills" throw, and Leshawna throws a ball at him. He screams like a little girl in response.

And in the final round, it's Harold against the stronger Owen. Harold has to catch the ball to win (remember the "mad skills" he has?). And, he does. The bass won. The whole team was upset about Noah not participating, and he was kicked off.

Now, to the good qualities of the episode. It was funny, memorable, and basically what people think about when someone says TDI. I liked Noah's jokes, and the ideas, as well as the genius word choice.

But, why is it at number 5? One, it was a little predictable, and two, there weren't many lines.

I will be back with the number four...


I've been marathoning TDI, and it's good so far. I'm at ever's second elimination. - Puga