Top Ten Total Drama Episodes

I saw a list for each season, but what about the whole series?
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1 I Triple Dog Dare You!

The episode was arguably one of the funniest and most memorable. I couldn't stop laughing at the montage of challenges. Plus, we'll never forget when Heather finally gets what she deserves.

I love truth or dare... and this was just a funnier version; plus it was total drama! Even better!

Nope! I despise this episode! It's basically a slap in the face to Heather fans.

2 Hawaiian Punch

This one is my most favorite TD episode. I loved the Alejandro and Heather part.

3 A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars

Is it bad that I'm happy Josee got eliminated but not happy that Jacques did?

The greatest finale of total drama history!

Its cool that there are multiple old characters hadden like Anne Maria Chris Blaineley and ezekiel

4 Phobia Factor

I LOVE how there was so much Duncney in this episode! AMAZING! Also, Courtney did not screw up her team! And, by the way, even if she did (which she didn't) she showed she was guilty and regretful afterward.

I feel that Courtney should've been eliminated, not Tyler. She totally screwed up her team, at least Tyler tried. But nope, they had to to write out Tyler somehow

Courtney did not screw up her team.

5 Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Show

CMTDARS is just... HILARIOUS! I loved Sierra's debut, and Josh and Blaineley were quite funny as well. The plot was pulled off well, the episode was fabulous becuase it's actually quite realistic... We all thought the show might end, and it was basically a catchup at first, which turned into season three. Best part, GEOFF ISN'T IN IT!

6 Haute Camp-ture

Love this episode. LeShawna elimination is extremely unfair but funny at the same time.

I didn't really like this episode.

7 Hook, Line, and Screamer

I loved this episode, it was funny. I am not a big horror movie fan, but I enjoy what this episode try to do.

Duncan vs The fake killer (Chef) was my favorite part.

I love the look on everyone's faces; and then Duncan's when he realizes his story was 'real'!

8 Get a Clue
9 The Aftermath: IV
10 Planes Trains and Hot Air Balloons

This is one of my absolute favorites.

My favourite Total Drama episode!

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11 Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon
12 Dodge Brawl

This was the first episode I ever watched all the way through, and it made Duncan my favorite character from the OG cast.

This was a really funny episode especially because most of the boys got hit you know where.

13 Brain vs Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown

It's a good episode all around. They made both endings feel bittersweet. The Lightning ending had Lightning's Dad doesn't give up his( the dad's) most prized possession and Cameron gets development, but Lightning doesn't share the money which is fine unless you see the Cameron ending which has good development for Cameron and the money is shared, but Lightning's dad loses his prized possessions.

I must admit, this was the 3rd best Total Drama finale ever. 1 Total Drama All-Stars finale. 2. Ridonculous Race finale. I was super glad that Lightning won. I was delighted on how the producers made Lightning win without making Cameron fans mad. Jo was funny. I'm still rooting that Cameron wins a season.

14 Scarlett Fever

I agree that Scarlett needed more screen time, but THIS was insane. I didn't like how it was a fake island. One of the worst parts is when Max gets eliminated. There were some good parts, though. I liked how the contestants teamed up to stop Scarlett. I also thought it was cool when Max used a fake robot to get into Scarlett's lair. After that, Sugar flies in and captures Scarlett. 6.5/10.

This episode had its ups and downs. I like how all the contestants teamed up to take down Scarlett. Also, Max proved he was the ultimate evil by tricking Scarlett. Max getting eliminated in this episode was dumb, but they needed an episode that eliminated 2 people

15 Grand Chef Auto
16 The Final Wreck-ening

Everyone hates this episode because of how Mike cured himself of his MPD. Obviously, it was fictional, as nobody was or can EVER be cured of something like that by pushing a button. Remember how Sanders came away with ONLY a broken arm after literally dropping 7 miles? Don't remember anyone complaining that she could have died. I also remember TDR Owen falling into lava and getting crushed by several boulders, yet he survives? Come on guys, find something real to complain about.

Honestly, this episode is super controversial due to its unrealisticality. Not only does MPS not just get solved at the push of the button, but also, if it's a reality TV show, then how are they able to see inside Mike's mind? Then again, it's all a cartoon and the episode WAS very good.

17 Top Dog

Normally, I would hate for Courtney to get kicked, but after watching Courtney take charge of everything, as well as fighting with everyone else, I enjoy it.

18 Paintball Deer Hunter
19 Not Quite Famous
20 Awwwwww, Drumheller
21 That's Off the Chain!
22 Twinning Isn't Everything
23 Super Crazy Happy Fun Time In Japan
24 El Bunny Supremo

Its just a really cool episode
I really like the scene where jacques and josee try to steal loki. and I also like the idea of the cliff jumping challenge

25 Walk Like an Egyptian
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