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1 ComeToSell

The cleanest classifieds site.. Free ads for US and Canadian consumers and businesses.

99Globalads is a much better website with global advertising feature. - rakeshroy02

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Best in india - jimjasongo

Simple and easy to post a classified.

Free online classifieds in many international versions.

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We have had a great time using this free classifieds. Ad posting process is easy and you can tell you are dealing with one of the cleanest classified ads sites.

It sure is one of the cleanest classifieds out there. has options such as reporting ads if the ads are over posted, include inappropriate content or are posted in a wrong category. Other spam stoppers it has placed are math questions, captcha and last not least they go over the ads manually to give an extra care to the site. Hands down, they are one of the cleanest classifieds online.

Well the page is about being a trash free classifieds. We were asked math questions and captcha for posting ads. It seems they are ensuring the quality of the site and it is nothing but good news for real ad posters.

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6 Foolads

I think it's a great site we missed on this list - manojkumar

Its nice its simple and its easy - davischu

Its is one of few trashfree site which is moderated to give clean un-adulterated results for its users - manojkumar

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7 American Classifieds

Original, unique and free online classified ads in over 300 US cities.

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Spanning over 100,000 cities worldwide, SellDude provides non onsense free classifieds multilingual listings. - selldude

Amazing site. Simple to browse. Easy to read and easy to post.

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Search thousands of local classified ads in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura and the Inland Empire.

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11 Free Ticket Classifieds

A very good place to buy and sell tickets without all the spam and junk on Craigslist. -

12 Quikr Classifieds
14 US Free Classifieds

US free photo classifieds. Auto, real estate, pets and other classified ads. Full year run ads.


This website seems like target region in UAE. IN this website there are some genuine ads are posted. There is no trash at all. You can choose this website

User friendly maintained classified, thanks for admin of website - uaeclass25

17 Justdoondo

Worldwide "thrash Free" classifieds with zero "in-description" ads making your listings clearly visible to users.




A free alternative to newspaper classifieds. No Popups! Anti Spam!

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