Top 10 TV Tropes Displayed by Undertale's Characters

The Top Ten TV Tropes Displayed by Undertale's Characters

1 Adorkable (Alphys, Undyne, Papyrus)

Wait how did I get here I voted for sans.
i'm mobile. :/

2 Omnicidal Maniac (Chara)
3 Eyes Always Shut (Frisk)

I have eyes, you know.
They're right under my EYEBROWS!

4 Bestiality Is Depraved (Alphys and Amalgamates)
5 Eldritch Abomination (Omega Flowey, Amalgamates, Gaster)
6 Nightmare Face (Burgerpants, Sans, Amalgamates, Chara)
7 B*tch In Sheep's Clothing (Alphys)
8 Brains And Brawn (Alphys and Undyne)
9 "The Reason You Suck" Speech (Genocide Sans)
10 Big Little Brother (Papyrus)

The Contenders

11 Stepford Smiler (Sans, Alphys, Papyrus, Flowey)
12 Barefoot Cartoon Animal (Alphys, The Dreemurrs)
13 Laughing Mad (Flowey)
14 One-Winged Angel (Undyne The Undying, Genocide Sans)

Photoshop Flowey and Asriel belong here, actually.

15 Sibling Team (Sans and Papyrus)
16 Dem Bones (Sans, Papyrus, Gaster)
17 Dummied Out (Gaster)
18 Nerd Glasses (Alphys)
19 The Woobie (Alphys, Burgerpants, Asriel)
20 The Genderless (Frisk and Chara)
21 Break The Cutie (Alphys)
22 One-Hit-Point Wonder (Sans, Mettaton NEO)
23 Creepy Cute (Endogeny, Burgerpants, Shyren, Woshua)
24 Dysfunctional Family (The Snowdrakes)
25 Manchild (Papyrus, Adult Asriel)
26 Ridiculously Cute Critter (Temmie, Alphys, Asriel)
27 Beware The Nice Ones (Alphys)
28 Memetic Sex Goddess (Undyne, Alphys, Toriel)
29 Memetic Sex God (Mettaton)
30 Ambiguously Gay (Mettaton)
31 Camp Gay (Royal Guards)
32 Butch Lesbian (Undyne)
33 Bi The Way (Alphys)
34 Tomboy and Girly Girl (Undyne and Alphys)
35 Expy (Alphys)
36 Scientific Mother (Alphys)
37 Genius Ditz (Alphys)
38 Nervous Wreck (Alphys)
39 Final Boss (Asriel, Sans)
40 The Unkillable (Amalgamates, Napstablook)
41 Retired Badass (Gerson)
42 Little Big Brother (Sans)
43 Dark Is Not Evil (Genocide Sans, Alphys, Asgore)
44 Psychopathic Manchild (Flowey, Adult Asriel)
45 Meaningful Name (Bratty)
46 Tragic Monster (Amalgamates)
47 Driven To Suicide (Alphys, Asgore)
48 Plucky Comic Relief (Sans, Papyrus, Alphys)
49 Luminescient Blush (Alphys)
50 Aw Look, They Really Do Love Each Other (Alphys and Undyne, Asgore and Toriel)
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