Top Ten Best Twenty One Pilots Songs

I only made this list because I hadn't seen it yet on this site. Hopefully people will come to it eventually.
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1 Car Radio Car Radio Cover Art

I honestly never liked this song, not even when I was a proud 21P fangirl. It's literally just the lead singer whining about first world problems. That's it.

This song is so good it sends chills down my spine whenever I listen to it. Not to mention the abrupt beats and instrumentals at 2:57 and 3:56. It's the kind of song that makes you want to drop everything and just concentrate only on it until it gets over.

It's impossible not to love this song. I find it the most relatable and most beautiful at the same time. I remember lying in bed and listening to it, trying to learn the words. It's the best song in the world, along with Forest. Nico and the Niners is a close second.

This song has a very nice beat, along with creatively impressive words. It includes rap, pop, and ballad all in one and is a song many people from the Clique enjoy. This was my first song I listened to by them and I love it so much.

2 Holding on to You Holding on to You Cover Art

The song not only sounds amazing, perfectly blending multiple genres into one fantastic sounding song, it also is outstanding lyrically. the song begins with him saying how much he's lost and how much he doubts, but by the middle of the song the lyrics become more defiant. most notably 'tie a noose around your mind, loose enough to breathe fine, and tie it, to a tree, tell it you belong to me this ain't a noose it is a leash and I have news for you you must obey me'
the chorus is very catchy, and I find myself unable to not sing along with it. I have so much praise for this song, and no complaints.

Personally the lyrics just really connect with me especially "and the windowsill looks really nice right? You think twice about your life, it probably happens at night, right? Fight it. Take the pain. Ignite it. Tie a noose around your mind looses enough to breathe fine and tie it to a tree, tell it you belong to me this ain't a noose this is a leash and I have news for you, you must obey me" (ik that's most of the second verse) but I was in a really bad place and this song helped me get through it in so many ways so yeah give it a listen x

I love every single song twenty one pilots has released (and I'll probably love the ones that are unreleased too) but this song managed to draw tears from me almost every time I listen to it. It's like some sort of therapy for me - all my insecurities and anger seem to seep out when I listen to it, and not a lot of songs are like this.

This song lyrically and sonically is one of the greatest songs in their discography and my personal favorite. I just love it so much, I'm so emotionally attached to it, more than any of their music, this was the first song by Twenty One Pilots that I really got into and without it I probably wouldn't have gotten into them at all.

3 Migraine Migraine Cover Art

I was going through a really hard time a while back, and the Stressed Out album helped me a lot, particularly this song. This song deserves to be number one. It communicates a state of mind that I've had to endure, and was a comfort to know that someone else could feel the same. Not only is it beautiful musically, lyrically, and in terms of its message, it has saved a life.

This might be my new favorite Twenty One Pilots song. Although "Tear In My Heart" and "Ode To Sleep" are amazing, I couldn't relate to either song. When I first heard this, one line stood out to me: "I am not as fine as I seem." Although it may sound simple, I've never seen or heard anything describe me more than that one line. The beat is genius too. 12/10.

So many meaningful quotes to this song. "Sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind","Sometimes death seems better than the migraine in my head" "I am not as fine as I seem", "behind my eyelids are islands of violence", "I know we made it this far, kid" For someone going through depression, these are what get me through a lot.

Migraine is the epitome of what twenty one pilots stand for. The whole song is presented as a metaphor with dark lyrics and a happy beat. Only by listening deeply you will be able to understand and that's what I like about them they present everyone friendly songs for the masses and brilliant songs for the fans.

4 Ode to Sleep Ode to Sleep Cover Art

I'm a pretty big fan of twenty one pilots, and their music is so amazingly strange that you can't really pick any song out as bad. In fact, almost all of their songs are absolutely fantastic. But I don't think any song represents the band as well as this song. The deep lyrics of Migraine and Car Radio, the intense rapping of Holding on to You, and the synth pop of Tear in My Heart make this an interesting, tempo changing journey of a song. But there is also something at the core of this song that just resonates with me. It's a sense of hope and an urge to fight back that you don't hear in too many of their songs. Pair this with one of the most awesome beats and bass in any of their songs and you get the best TOP song yet.

My favourite song hands down. Everything about it is absolutely PERFECT, but then again, "Don't trust a song that's flawless," amirite? The tempo changes, the badass drumming, the rapping, the lyrics, the piano, I can't begin to say how much this song brings me up. The music sounds awesome, especially after "I'll stay awake, 'cause the dark's not taking prisoners tonight." It sounds like the intro to the best video game to ever be made. And watching it live is just amazing, how everyone is so into it. Currently trying to learn the lyrics to the second verse (why must you rap so fast, Tyjo? ) but other than that, every word really gives its meaning. Best. Song. Ever.

Ode to Sleep is a perfect representation of, well, pretty much everything twenty one pilots is. The way they use their lyrics to describe these intense emotions and go into such excruciating detail so that the song seems to spread through you and moves from your ears down to your heart. The way they so fluently mix tempos and even genres of music is astonishing. Just the pure skill Tyler has with his voice and Josh on the drums and how everything blends harmoniously (despite seemingly rough transitions) is just phenomenal. Hearing this song really gets you going and always makes me think "Wow, I wish all music made me feel like this." Ode to Sleep is overall, an incredible song, and it could be argued whether it's number 1 out of TØP's great number of songs, but I truly believe this song deserves appreciation for just how truly amazing it is.

Not a diehard TOP fan, but I am a big one, and their lyrics never cease to amaze me. The thought that goes into their songs is incredible, and are constantly examined to define their meaning. Though Stressed Out and Ride may be the ones everyone knows, but those who listen a little deeper know that those are by no means their best songs. Personally, I think The Pantaloon, Trapdoor, this song, Run and Go, Migraine, Polarize, and Message Man are their true and best songs. Keep it up Twenty One Pilots... I think you're starting your own genre here.

5 Stressed Out Stressed Out Cover Art

The perfect song to describe the plight of a Millenial 20-something year old. Grown up with the knowledge that they will be something special, facing the overwhelming stress in living up to that potential, & desiring a childhood when it was all so much simpler - and yet the acknowledgment that all of us are going through it gives an assurance that the grind is worth it.

There is no description in the English language that can adequately describe this song, it's just such a work of art that I don't think I can do it justice. If you haven't listened to it yet, stop reading this and go listen to it! If you have listened to it, then you too should stop reading this and go listen to it!

Lucas Graham. What an amazing song
I might be 59, I know a good song when I hear it.
Plus you have a fantastic voice and the bands sound is a perfect blend.
Keep it up.
My new favorite song. Will definitely be on my list of my funeral songs.
Please don't be offended, it's a great honour in my familys list.

I love this song, I'm 18 that song just explains my life. I recently moved out of my parents house and it's pretty tough living alone. I can't depend on my mom to do my laundry, make food, pay to have a roof over my head, pay for my clothes, I'm all on my own from now on.

6 Heavydirtysoul Heavydirtysoul Cover Art

I'm listening to this song right now. It's so catchy, sticks in your head, and makes me want to dance and sing along. It has a relatable message and the amount of different melodies and layers in this are so interesting. Tyler's voice changes pitch so much, but still sounds great, and Josh's playing is so intense. Great song. This should be in the top ten.

Oh my god. I just cannot believe this is so low on this list. Gangsters don't cry, but these people who think this is not amazing are really making me Mr. Misty Eye...even though I'm a girl. Who can rap.

Tyler's rapping in this is amazing! The beginning is beautiful, and the beat is something to die for! One of my favorite twenty one pilots songs along with Ode to Sleep!

This song is the best TØP song in my opinion. It's sinister in an unexplainable way. It stars with Blurryface screaming and hen bursts into the fastest TØP rap ever (it actually is, watch the fastest twenty one pilots raps) then goes into a catchy chorus. It's so great. Also 'Death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit" gives me chills.

7 Guns for Hands Guns for Hands Cover Art

This was the first song I heard and I watched the video along with it. It was on a T.V. program and I wasn't into alternative bands at the time. I kept making fun of Tyler's 'twitching' or whatever in the video and I'm sad I didn't realize that he was just lost in the music. At the time I was brainwashed with mainstream music like Justin Bieber :( years later I hate Justin Bieber and I love so many bands now and I love Tyler's passion for music

I truly believe this is the best song ever written. I went through a pretty big twenty one pilots phase and this is one of the only songs I can still listen to on repeat. the second the drums kick in I get chills, and when the chorus starts, I always tear up. Guns for Hands is incredible.

It is a happy sounding song, and at the same time has very deep and meaningful lyrics to go along with it. Generally, it is a big favourite of the Skeleton Clique.

This was the first song I had ever heard from T.O.P, at first is sounded weird but after awhile I really liked it, and became my favorite song. I always put it on replay!

8 Ride Ride Cover Art

Has great transitions between vocals during the "I've been thinking too much" part, would think it was two different people if it was my first time hearing the song. From an album with 2 of my favorites, including this one and Tear in My Heart. Upbeat and meaningful song. Also recommend Heathens, Tear in My Heart, Fall Away (youtube version ft dr. blum of misterwives), The Pantaloon, March to the Sea, and Ode to sleep especially; although all of there songs are incredible.

I just love ride it's just amazing and I love the meaning of the song (not because it's so popular) the vocals are outstanding and I know all the words to the whole song most likely may favorite song.

Extremely relatable, this song is a reminder to me that I'm not the only one going through hard times, to let loose, and to roll the windows down& breathe a little.

This is my favourite out of all their songs. I can't believe how different their songs sound compared to one another, it shows just how dynamic the band is.

9 Kitchen Sink

This song is very beautiful. While so are most of the other songs on this list, it deserves to be higher up. I mean, #10?! Really? And of course Heathens, Stressed Out and Ride are higher up for some reason! So enraged...but enough complaining. The song is so meaningful and is all about purpose. The message is purpose. Meaning, things can't just be, they have to have purpose. Why is that? What does it mean? Are the questions that described this song. While I haven't had full on depression like some Twenty One Pilots listeners have, I could sure relate to feeling so useless. And how this song helps so much with that. Going back to the whole purpose thing, the song is trying to say that if something is meaningful to you, and only you, you have a purpose to live! Who else could think of that AND write such a beautiful song about it? None other than Tyler Joseph everyone!

Kitchen Sink is an amazing song. The instrumentals in the beginning are amazing and creative and the rap verses have so much meaning. We don't know what a kitchen sink is to Tyler so we must make our own meanings that only we understand. Kitchen Sink also includes one of the best verses/bridges we've ever heard from the band (the second verse) with Tyler's brother, Zack, rapping about things and it doesn't make sense your first listen because it's not supposed to. We are supposed to make our own meaning to this song and everything within it. Tyler's vocals while saying,"Go away," and,"Leave me alone," makes you get chills every time you listen to it. Definitely the most emotional song on the 4 main albums (besides Trench) in my opinion because it doesn't even try to cover up the dark lyrics with happy music but instead embraces it. Another one of my favorite parts of this song is the electronic part. The melody is so great and it makes me want to cry every single time it comes on. The ...more

How is this not number one? Not only being the hardest to rap, it has the best lyrics. For example:
"A kitchen sink to you is not a kitchen sink me"
"Think things are after me, my catastrophe"
Plus this entire thing:
Are you searching for purpose?
Then write something, yeah it might be worthless
Then paint something then, it might be wordless
Pointless curses, nonsense verses
You'll see purpose start to surface
No one else is dealing with your demons
Meaning maybe defeating them
Could be the beginning of your meaning, friend.

They couldn't be more perfect.

I have never in my life ever heard a song more fitting of the word "beautiful." Not only are the lyrics an absolute masterpiece, but the music is fantastic at the same time. Seriously about the lyrics though, those alone should rocket this song to the top spot. Less people have heard it because it is from their earlier album Regional at Best, but this is deserving of number one. Holding Onto You will probably always be my favorite Twenty One Pilots song for more personal reasons, but Kitchen Sink is definitely their best.

10 Heathens Heathens Cover Art

Beautiful and sinister, with a well developed background melody and intriguing lyrics. I've never played/seen Suicide Squad, and this is still my all time favourite 21 pilots song.

Suicide squad has one of the best movie soundtracks other than catching fire. Purple Lamborghini, sucker for pain, and this song are all amazing. Bad girl is mediocre.

I haven't even seen the Suicide Squad movie, and I found the song by clicking on it by accident whilst listening to P! ATD, and I was blown away. It's just so amazing, and I love how Tyler's voice sounds in this specific song

The beat is awesome, it sounds like a modern day song, the message is easy to follow, and it will be great for Suicide Squad. Is this gonna be in a new album?

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11 Trees Trees Cover Art

Many people interpret this song about religion, but I think it's about being shy and not being able to express yourself, whatever way that might be.

The first time I saw them live, I could not stop sobbing during this song. It wasn't just because it was the last song of the show. It was really because the energy in the room was so beautiful during it, Tyler's voice was surrounding me, there were all these amazing animations on the stage screen, and you could just feel the hope and genuine happiness of thousands of people together. This song holds a special place in Tyler's heart, as it was one of the first songs to guide him towards his true purpose, and it holds a special place in mine, too.

The lyrics of this song may not mean much to others, but they bring me to tears. Tyler may have written it for something else, but since the first time I've heard it, I've thought of it as a truly beautiful way to explain the disconnection that I feel from my religion, even though Inreally do believe. It may not seem like such a big problem, but it's a big struggle for me. The drum solo at the end sends shivers down my spine, if you've never seen them play this song live, go on YouTube and look it up right now.

This song is a work of art, and I'm absolutely obsessed. The lyrics and Tyler's voice are so captivating, bringing together the emotion brought out in this song. It's one of my personal favorites of all of their songs. I really hope they always perform this at their shows, not only does it get the crowd pumped, but I think everyone can create their own meaning to it and relate to Trees on different levels.

12 House of Gold House of Gold Cover Art

First time I listened to it, I thought it was catchy and fun. Second time around, I thought that the mother died. When I watched the music video... I absolutely lost it. It's such a well written song, and I will often be crying by the end of it. It's by far my favorite and I'm actually listening to it right now! This song deserves to be higher on this list!

It has a happy tone to it and it is really easy to pick up on the lyrics and sing along, even if it is your first time hearing it. The main instrument is the ukulele which just makes you want to move your head to the beat.

Although this mesmerizing song is kinda sad it can bring back memories and mit reminds me that you should always be nice to people since you never know the battles they're facing.

Awesome song. This was one of the first twenty one pilots songs I had ever heard, and it was really what got me hooked on the band. It really should be higher up on the list.

13 Tear in My Heart Tear in My Heart Cover Art

I am 44 years old and got turned on by TOP after hearing Ride. My girlfriend's kids all love them and I have fallen in love with them as well. The 17 year old has seen them twice and now we are taking he whole crew, 17, 14, 13, and 9 to the show in October, can't wait. After listening for 6 months straight, I would say Tear in My Heart is my favorite song along with House of Gold and I really like My Blood as well. Sometimes I can't believe they are only a duo, crazy talented!

My friends had been talking about Twenty One Pilots for months and months on end. Finally, I decided to check their music out, so I wouldn't feel left out. The first song I got on iTunes was Stressed Out (basic, but it was catchy) and the second was Tear In My Heart. It seemed so familiar, yet so new and innovative. The techno was mixed in with the rock and it was an absolutely perfect blend.

Any popular song that calls out the government on anything gains my attention. At first, I found it annoying, but then I actually truly listened to the lyrics. I felt so many emotions and sounds behind the scenes of the song, I simply cannot describe. And I understand now why the Skeleton Clique is so passionate about the talent that is TWENTY ONE PILOTS.

I love this song so much. It's a bit lighter than some of the other songs TOP have (Although they are all amazing) and probably something that would appeal to the wider public. I love the piano/drum/techno combo and I could literally listen to this song for the rest of my life. The music video is amazing and so is this song.

14 Addict with a Pen Addict with a Pen Cover Art

This song and this album in general shows the vulnerability of Tyler Joseph during this time period. He recognizes that he was guilty of weak communication with God and that he was neglecting the most important relationship in his life. He shows his struggle to get himself back on the right religious path, and himself begging God for forgiveness. The subtly and metaphors in this song make it ever more heart and gutwrenching. It has a bit of a simplicity but also a sense of complexity to it, and it really makes me think. It's a piece of art, and it's sometimes too relatable.

Most of the songs on Twenty One Pilots by Twenty One Pilots are far superior to their other albums. By no means are their other albums bad. Many of their songs have made me cry and made me think. But this album in particular is very thought provoking and just special. You can here the emotion in Tyler's voice and that emotion can transfer off to you and change in for the better.

I've seen many interpretations of they lyrics to this song, but the first time I listened to it it jumped out at me that this was a prayer. Especially knowing their Christian background, it's rather obvious if you listen to the lyrics. That said, I had been listening to Vessel and Blurryface for a while when I discovered this song, and fell in love

Most people don't realize what this song is about. I was talking to my friend and she was like "why are they singing about pens? " And it's about a father/son relationship just listen to the lyrics: "I know I haven't been the best of sons" "you hear me screaming "father"" so sad what mainstream fans think.

15 The Judge The Judge Cover Art

"I know my soul's freezing
Hell's hot for good reason
So please, take me"

Interpret the song however you like, religiously or not, it's still amazingly meaningful. Whatever problems you might be having, the Judge reassures you in its own, strange, unconventional way. One of my favourite, if not the favourite, TOP song.

Will argue that this is their best song until I die. It's everything good about top in one 5 minute period. The genre switches, the music itself, Tyler's rapping, Tyler's vocal range, and I think Josh's drumming is just fantastic in this one

This song has amazing lyrics and is always just a great song. It's upbeat to the point where you can be cheered up just by listening to it. This song brings a smile to my face.

One of my personal favourites as I like how the first verse is slow and sort of like a ballad and then the second verses completely transitions into an upbeat song! Also I really like the ukulele in the song! Amazing

16 Taxi Cab Taxi Cab Cover Art

This song is truly beautiful. The tune is melancholic yet uplifting and the lyrics are a work of art. It showcases the best of Tyler Joseph - the raw emotion in that amazing voice gives me chills. The final line of the rap (we're driving towards the morning, son, where all your blood is washed away and all you did will be undone) gets me every time. Beautiful and heartfelt redemption story, this has to be one of the most honest songs I've ever heard

Twenty one pilots has been going downhill since their self titled lp (car radio being the exception) and I think this was the standout track on their standout album. It is literally the most beautiful song I have ever heard. Tyler sings as if someone is tearing his heart out and the rap verse, while cryptic, embodies the song perfectly and tells a beautiful story. Best song by a landslide.

Beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Best rap verse he ever wrote, piano in this song is perfection. "We're driving toward the morning sun where all your blood is washed away and all you did will be undone" Cry every single time.

Beautiful. In my opinion, all there best stuff was on their self-titled album, and this song was the best. As is usual with TOP, it has a deep meaning, without being boring or confusing. And it just sounds so beautiful!

17 Fairly Local Fairly Local Cover Art

Fairly Local gripped me tight and raised me from perdition. I'm sorry, but that's the best way I could describe my overwhelming emotions for this song.

My favorite TOP song. It is AWESOME! It was one of the first songs I had heard. That's what got me to love the band so much.

I can't even explain why I love this so much. I especially liked the parts "Yo, you bulletproof in black like a funeral" it speaks to me haha

Love it. Cannot explain why, but it's true. This song never WAS on the radio, even though the clique voted for it.

18 Doubt Doubt Cover Art

I don't understand why people don't know this song, I feel many of my peers believed it to be a generated pop song, but in my own beliefs I believe it to be a beautifully written electro song. I also hate how these 'musers' re-use this song but not to it's full potential. Also how could I not talk about Christine Grimme's chilling rendition of it, absolutely stunning!

This is personally one of my favorite songs by twenty one pilots, and is also my favorite song at the moment. It gives me just this sense of realism and helps me put everything into perspective. "Shaking hands with the dark parts of my thoughts" is a great lyric from this song.

Twenty One Pilots have great song lyrics and great beats and I'm pretty sure that's what listeners expect from them; an upbeat and fun song with deep meaning. Doubt specifically is one of my favorites along with The Judge which are both upbeat and meaningful songs and I too do not know why it is not on of the top 5.

This is my favorite song, not only from twenty one pilots, but in general. I love the pure beat, the lyrics make me so emotional, and the song makes me want to jump up and dance. Honestly, this song should be in the top 5! I love it SO much! I recommend it!

19 Lane Boy Lane Boy Cover Art

This is my favorite song. The lyrics are so powerful. This is the kind of song where you don't just listen to it; you have to concentrate on it and understand where they're coming from. This song should definitely be on the radio.

This is easily the best song ever. No one should ever say those words unless they actually know what they are listening to. The song is amazing and different. Its not just another crap song about love. Their songs actually have meaning

This should SO be #1. This is what made me a fan of this amazing band we call 21 Pilots. This song showed me all of the other songs. I love this song. 11/10 isn't even good enough to describe Lane Boy.

This is their best song, way better than Stressed Out and also way more radio-worthy. It appeals to everyone, being upbeat but having rebellious and dark lyrics.

20 Semi-Automatic Semi-Automatic Cover Art

The only songs I'd heard were "stressed out","ride" and "heathens", and honestly, I would listen to them over and over again and not be bored. But the other day, this song was stated as my zodiac song, and damn, it really does define a part of me. its relatable and is totally worth it.

Semi-Automatic was the first TOP song I ever heard, and it will forever be my favorite. This song is so well written, and is just a true masterpiece. It really needs to be higher on the list!

Definitely my favorite song, I've just listened through the whole Vessel, and Blurryface albums, and while I was going through Vessel I stopped at this one, and played it on repeat.

"My shadow grows taller along with my fears." This song is a masterpiece and is so well written. The lyrics are very true for some people.

21 Forest

I love, love, love this song so much. It might be by all time favorite top song:
I don't know why I feed on emotion
there's a stomach inside my brain
I don't want to be heard, I want to be listened to
does it bother anyone else that someone else has your name?
You scream I scream We all scream 'cause we're terrified of what's around the corner
We stay in place 'cause we don't want to lose our lives
So let's think of something better...

Extremely catchy chorus and tune, and the rap is very powerful. My favorite lyric of all time is featured in this song, being: "I scream, you scream, we all scream 'because we're terrified of what's around the corner". Quite underrated if you ask me.

I didn't vote for this song but it is so good! To the opening verses to the catchy chorus and then to Tyler's powerful rap. Truly one of their top songs and am surprised that this song isn't more well-known.

"This situation's becoming dire; my treehouse is on fire and for some reason I smell gas on my hands.. this is not what I had planned, this is not what I had planned! " SO. GOOD.

22 Trapdoor Trapdoor Cover Art

This is beautiful and the line, "Take me out and finish this waste of a life," is truly so, so tragic and yet so horribly relatable, it makes me cry almost every time. The pain in Tyler's voice at times and the sigh at the end are all just chillingly sad and it's a really amazing song. Their best by far (although almost all of their songs are amazing, with 'Friend, Please', 'Guns For Hands', 'Holding On To You', 'Ode To Sleep', 'Migraine', and 'March To The Sea' being notably chilling at some moments.)

This song will always and forever be in my heart. The powerfulness of this song, and how every single word has such a distinct and deep meaning just is something you can never forget. I am pretty sure that this is the first top song that I cried to because this is the song where you can hear every single ounce of emotion in Tyler's voice. I am in love with the beauty of this song

I am very upset that this song isn't even added to the list at all, figuring it's my favorite song by them. This song is amazing, because it describes the life of a man and his life struggles. It's incedibly relatable and catchy. If this song doesn't make it to the top 10, Imma be pissed, because it's truly brilliant...

Trapdoor is hand down the most underrated song of twenty one pilots. I mean most of their first album is. I think it is because how little they actually endorse it, like singing it live. Still the melody is touching and the lyrics are POWERFUL.

23 Truce Truce Cover Art

Truce is so powerful and has very beautiful slow and calming setting, it is also so beautiful because many people (including myself) can connect to the lyrics that are emotional yet amazing. This song is also so empowering, whenever Tyler sings "Stay alive for me", it truly allows me to feel happy inside and allows me to keep a steady head and to be strong when I know that I'm at hard points in my life. All in all, the song Truce is a gift from the Gods and it is helping me and many other fans to stay strong and it allows us to believe that things truly to get better and that anything is possible.

Truce is not my favourite TØP song, but it's up there. Seeing it land down here is kinda disappointing. Yes, it's a short song. Yes, Josh doesn't play in it. It's just Ty and his piano, but I love that about this song! It made a great finale for their live show, and the first time I heard it I had to forcefully stop myself from crying. (It took a lot of negative thinking, but that went away because this song fixes everything.) I remember looking at the lyrics on Genius, looking at the meaning and almost crying again because I can't express how much I appreciate Tyler because he really acts like he knows us to a personal level. It's a song that makes you feel good about yourself, and make you cry anyways.
Stay alive for me. My favourite words. Ever.

This song honestly makes me cry every time I listen to it. I was never a twenty one pilots fan, but since a dear friend of mine has been struggling with depression and told me his favourite artist was twenty one pilots, this has now become my favourite song. The honesty in his voice of when he says 'the sun will rise and we will try agan' and 'I will fear the night again, I hope I'm not my only friend.' It gets me every time. Truce should definitely be higher up than #25!

Truce is so powerful and I think the reason people love it so much is because most Twenty One Pilots fans could easily relate to the lyrics. Overall the song is very beautiful and the piano and vocals are very calming and it's definitely one of my favorites even though it makes me cry every time I hear it.

24 Hometown Hometown Cover Art

This song is my favorite off Blurryface, such a deep meaning behind the lyrics and a great beat - absolutely love it. Unfortunately, this one is very underrated, if not the most underrated of this album.

After seeing them on tour, this song will always stick with me the most. The visuals were stunning, and there was a magic trick they somehow pulled off that I'll never forget as long as I live

It sounds like something my parents would listen to and I still love it because the lyrics are so amazing and meaningful.

If you guys have ever listened to Capital Kings, this song kind of reminds me of them. It has a hidden Christian meaning.

25 Goner Goner Cover Art

The song has been anticipated since 2012 was originally a accompanied by different instruments but was never release properly as a single. Then it realeased and is as if he was confessing he wants forgiveness from Blurryface. It's so deep and sad and then the explosions of his emotions about how he feels about not being forgiven and the screaming and the pain he's going through at the end of the track. The tracks ending gives me chills down my spine. The best track they ever made. Powerful and incredible

This song is filled with so much emotion. It's somewhat relatable how it's about Tyler Joseph expressing his emotions and feelings about how lost and lonely he is. Probably my favourite song on Twenty One Pilots' album "Blurryface".

I love the music of Twenty One Pilots because each song is full of emotion. Goner is the prime example of this. It is so raw, honest, and beautiful that it quickly became my favorite song of all time. I have listened to Goner countless times but I still find myself holding my breath and shaking with emotion at the finale.

So I was listening to the whole album with my friend and this came on. SHe skipped it and said it was basicallly boring and repetitive. I like slow piano music and I don't care what she thinks so I decided to listen to it. I was laying on my couch, really tired and then, well, the screamo part came on and I was so scared.

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