Top 10 Types of American Girl Products

This is a community list of all the types of products from the history-telling brand, American Girl. This brand revolutionized the stories of American history, making them fun and entertaining.
The Top Ten
1 Historical Dolls

The full-scale dolls every fan craves. They portray historical characters including the original three: Samantha Parkington, Molly McIntire, and Kirsten Larson. They are 18" (45.72 cm) in body size and are part vinyl, part cloth, with a stringed interior. They often come with their own books, helping children read about their lifestyles. They currently cost $115.00.

2 Truly Me Dolls

Dolls made to look like you. They're 18 inches yet are soft-bodied and cost $115.00, just like the historical and Girl of the Year dolls. Making a custom one comes with a $220.00 offer, which is best done with two $150.00 gift cards, as $80.00 are saved in addition to extra gift money being earned later, unless you just bought one from the shelves.

3 Girl of the Year Dolls

They add another addition of characters, though they only last a year, sometimes two years, before retirement. In fact, it's the most active line in American Girl nowadays.

4 WellieWishers Dolls

They're American Girl's answer to fairies and consist of Ashlyn, Camille, Emerson, Kendall, and Willa. They're 14 1/2 inches (36.83 cm) in body height and cost $65.00.

5 Bitty Babies
6 Mini Dolls

They are miniatures of the full-scale dolls and cost $24.99. They are 6 1/2" (16.51 cm) and all-vinyl with flange joints yet unfortunately use the BeForever format. The Girl of the Year trend no longer includes mini dolls, and none of the Wellie Wishers ever had mini dolls. The books are also miniature and are paperback.

7 Mini Bitty Babies

They are like the normal Bitty Babies, but are 7 3/4 inches (19.685 cm) in body size and cost $26.00. If they were 7 1/2 inches (19 1/20 cm) in body size, they would be half the body size of the full-scale and would be even cheaper.

8 Pets
9 American Girl Catalogues

They helped people learn about the history of American Girl. From all the characters to their history, the catalogues have it all.

10 American Girl Books

Each doll often comes with a book and helps children learn about the history of American history and these girls.

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