Top 10 Worst Things About Barbie Dolls

Barbie is the world’s most famous line of dolls, but it isn’t the most realistic.
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1 The dolls' bodies are always too skinny

Barbie dolls are notorious for being unrealistically skinny. This design got children thinking of eating and drinking less, risking anorexia, though parents taught them the difference between real and fictional people.

Nicholas Lamm decided to make Lammily dolls to solve the problem. Barbie still won in popularity. The world these days.

Unfortunately, this reminds me of the Winx Club characters because of their skinny hourglass figures.

2 The dolls have disproportionately large breasts

Barbie dolls have breasts that are highly prominent, ruining the child-friendly aspect in ways depending on how you view them. Also, the dolls obviously fit within the more animated realm, which does get children focused on animated shows and movies. If you want a lifelike doll, then Barbie isn't your choice.

3 The dolls' eyes don't open or close

This is a big reason why Barbie dolls aren't very lifelike, along with them looking like CGI characters.

4 Most dolls aren't articulated

Recently, the plastic used for the dolls changed after 1990. Now the legs are stiffer. This took away the scientific realism of Barbie dolls. Very limited editions do nowadays.

5 The dolls aren't very pliable

Barbie dolls are not very pliable, meaning the bodies can't be bent as much as real people's. This is another reason they're unrealistic.

6 There is not enough diversity in the dolls

The Barbie dolls aren't very diverse in shape or size. Real people come in various shapes and sizes, on the other hand. Barbie dolls are always disproportionately skinny. The tallest Barbie doll is 28 inches, and that's rare to find. It's no wonder there are other brands trying to compete with Barbie.

7 A pregnant Barbie doll was released

Midge was released and was in the form of a pregnant teenager. This encouraged underage pregnancy. What was Mattel thinking? Thank goodness she's off the shelves.

That is so weird. I mean, the kids will think that it's a totally normal thing to be pregnant as a teen.

8 An Oreo-themed Barbie was released

By definition, an Oreo is a stereotype of an African that shares many traits with white people. This was a total offense to racial stereotypes, therefore got banned.

9 A Matador-themed Barbie doll was released

This caused complaints because she was wearing a matador's costume (which is worn during bull rituals). She was discontinued after fans, including Alicia Silverstone, asked Mattel to stop making them.

10 A Barbie doll with a pooping feature was released

Not only did it get kids more focused than ever on pooping, but it ate the same material and included a magnet within its blue pooper scooper device, promoting a serious choking hazard. Many toys pose choking hazards to children under three, but this took it a bit too far.

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11 The only good Barbies are blonde

The best-selling Barbie dolls have blonde hair because Barbie is blonde. This takes kids away from other colors, reducing their popularity.

12 A Barbie doll with fiery rollerblades was released

The rollerblade Barbie doll had lighters in her rollerblades that sparked when activated, meaning she left trails of fire as she blazed. These were banned for posing major fire hazards toward people and property.

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