Best UK Indoor Skateparks of 2014

The best indoor facility for Skateboarding and BMX.

Taking into account the facility, the staff and the staff knowledge, skate shop, cafe, parents viewing and waiting, car parking, website and originality of it, and most of all the ramps and how they work for Skateboarding and BMX.

The Top Ten Best UK Indoor Skateparks of 2014

1 RAMP 1 Skatepark Warrington

This park just blows you away the minute you step through the door. Been to all other parks in the country and this is by far the best I have ever been to. It's just simply on another level from the ramp selection to the facilities. Another great thing is you just arrive & ride which means if you are running late it doesn't matter as you simply pay for your session time as opposed to being restricted to a session time. Everybody must try this place & make there own mind up.

I'll tell you how good this skatepark is as I don't even ride a bmx/scooter/skateboard etc and personally not had a go on the ramps myself (even though they look amazing) but my daughter has and naturally loved it but the facilities in the whole Park and the welcoming feel you get means even if your a non rider it's an awesome day out! Highly recommend this place to anyone of any age and skill level. Think the street cred word they say in the park is "sick" :-)

Awesome skatepark, great staff who are friendly and helpful. Amazing street plaza, rhythm section, bowl and air bag! It's got everything. Plus great food and games/arcade room.

Ramp1 is an amazing facility, designed with the entire family in mind, yet still technical enough to attract the hardcore enthusiasts. Warrington is very lucky to have this facility.

2 Rush Skatepark

Newly opened facility only one in the area, big shout out to Michael and Jerry for opening it. The skatepark has everything for everyone it suits all little children right up to men who still want to have that odd ride round the part. It's got performance parts such as the resi ramp and foam and then it has the other areas such as the jump track which I have personally never seen before by any other skatepark in the UK and then it had the bowl the street section and the main park.

Can't believe we have such an awesome facility in the sleepy Stroud valleys! Haven't skated and other indoor parks but can't imagine there is anything better than Rush! Fantastic friendly people and some ridiculous ramps to ride!

Great skate park fab staff and easy to get to loads of parking and the skate park itself is great and well laid out. Even when it is busy there is loads of space!

Fantastic skatepark always have a great vibe with people to help you progress best park I've been to in a very long time

3 Adrenaline Alley Corby

Sick park, an amazing mix of everything to huge transitions to a mellow and chilled street section. Perfect bowl. Has something for everybody and then some.

This park is huge. You get lost I this place and it has everything including outdoor trails.

Staff Are Nice, The Skatepark Is The biggest In Europe And No Skatepark Can Top It

It's bigger and and has a scoot building for so others only know 1 else has that.

4 Mount Hawke

Absolutely astonishing skatepark! Constant new works going into action - built to perfection. Passion for the local community is expressed thoroughly through various different events and activities that take place. Relatively decent entry fee. Huge diversity within the park's set-up so there really is something for everyone. The staff are always smiling and always good for a conversation about what's happening within the park, it has one of the best skate communities I've come across in the UK yet due to the work and passion that's been poured into it. Go visit this gem immediately!

Such a great park, this place has ben around for years and it just keeps getting better! The staff are wicked and the ramps build quality is insane hawke should definitely be number 1!

Amazing park and such a good environment unlike loads of other skateparks in the uk also all the staff are friendly and make you feel welcomed and the food is delicious.

Sick park, one of the best scenes I've experienced BMX wise and it appears the same for skating. Definitely worth a visit, local jams such as Easter jam always go off!

5 Rampworx Skatepark Liverpool

The best and oldest skatepark going. Every other skatepark copies this place. Industry run, support their local riders.

Been around forever 17 years or so!
Guys do it for the right reasons, staff are great,
Place has everything you could ever want to ride.
Just look at the pros who have come from this place.
Speaks for its self.

Best UK indoor I've been too hands down! Friendly staff, awesome set ups and a cheap price!

The screws hold the ramps together

6 Bay Sixty 6 London

Voted because del said vote for rush so I thought to myself laugh out loud lowe that

7 Prevail Poole

I work here, so it must be good!

Great besides the arrogant 12 year old marshals

8 Unit 23 Skatepark

Great park loads of huge ramps and bowls just over all a great park

9 Motion Bristol

Great local park kool staff always great time there just a shame it's not bigger maybe something to look at in the future

10 XC Hemel

The Contenders

11 Terminal 1 Park
12 RampWorld Cardiff
13 Exist Swansea

Exist is a nice little skatepark but the UK doesn't have that much skateparks so they should build more

14 Campus Skatepark
15 The Shed

Huge it has everything and a bunch of great rider go there some of the best it is also very smooth and has a lot of flow

16 X-Site Skatepark
17 Ramp Skatepark Llanelli

Best in Wales for atmosphe. Lovely owners always there. Staff great with children and comes alive at night for the teenagers and adult skaters.

18 Creation Skate Park

Best indoor park in the midlands.
UK's best vert ramp.
Foam pit for the kiddies.

19 Beast Rampz
20 The Arc Skatepark Preston
21 Kaos Skatepark
22 The Level
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