10 Best Marvel Ultimate Alliance Xtreme Attacks


The Top Ten

1 Bungee Bash (Spider-man)

Swimgs in the air, spins enemies in web sacks rendering them useless to fight. - aeromaxx777

2 Wrath of the Gods (Thor)

Massive hammer slam and restores allies' energy. - aeromaxx777

3 Galactic Might (Silver Surfer)

Masive cosmic energy radial attack. - aeromaxx777

4 Panter's Might (Black Panter)

Attacks enemies and enchances allies' xtreme attacks. - aeromaxx777

5 Deep Freeeze (Iceman)

Freezes or slows enemies to stop them from fighting. - aeromaxx777

6 Vengence (Ghost Rider)

Burns enemies and restores health. - aeromaxx777

7 Merc's Revenge (Deadpool)

Can cause KO's no problem with amazing agility. - aeromaxx777

8 Sweet Christmas (Luke Cage)

Massive physical slam. steals 500 credits. - aeromaxx777

9 Air Strike (Iron Man)

Sends missiles to pummel enemies. - aeromaxx777

That's the attack I alwys use, BAM,

10 Devil's Onslaught (Daredevil)

Massive radial attack with 2 batons - aeromaxx777

The Contenders

11 Lunar Eclipse (Moon Knight)

Lunar Eclipse is the ultimate Xtreme attack because One: it clears the field of all enemies who are unfortunate to get into it destructive path. Two: once used at a boss at any level will take half of their health.

12 Thunderstruck (Storm)
13 Ultimate Overload (Invisible Woman)

This power does physical damage and her shape is very xtreme

14 Invisibility Ring (Invisible Man)

Invisibility Ring is a xtreme power because Invisile Man does a big silver ring what in the enemies a creepy gravity

15 Bio Web (Spider Woman)

Dangerous radical damage

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