Top Ten Underhated Animated Movies

Animated movies, yeah, on this site everyone usually talk about overrated, underrated and overhated movies and such, however, there is one category not many people remember, which is underhated, there wasn't even a list of underhated animated movies until I made one, oh well, without further ado, let's start!

The Top Ten Underhated Animated Movies

1 Sausage Party

Now this is a movie that I have'nt seen, and I'm glad I haven't. I have been looking at reviews for the movie and try to see what the movie is about, and it just seems to disturbing and disgusting. An adult animated film with very much swearing and gives a disgusting view of food who have sex togheter and disgusting and disturbing looking food, and some food have breast, yes, I am serious! Appearently this movie seems to be fairly unknown, but most reviews like this movie, and I am like what? I believe a user here will say that I am immature and need to grow up, but this movie gives such a disturbing and weird view of food, you will not want to eat after you've seen it, and I haven't seen this movie even, but I won't neither - darthvadern

Without all the gore it's actually decent and has good plot, this would actually be 1 of the best animated films of the year but the unnecessary gore at certain parts makes it...nyehh, I personally don't mind gore but only put it where its necessary.

Oh and just because it's animated doesn't been it has to be for kids. This is Ma15. Do not watch this film before or after you eat. - AlphaQ

You mean bangers literally banging? The most intelligent character is a piece of gum. This is for immature losers.

There is a reason people haven't done a underhated movies list and that is because it doesn't makes sense and is an utterly pointless list, because your just going to list movies that everyone knows sucks or a list with a bunch of movies that are ok but you personally hate, why not just make a personal list of movies you hate and be down with it - germshep24

2 Sing

Now this is a movie I hate even more than TSLoP, while it has a more original story, this movie is only made to have a bunch of outdated pop songs that every kid nowadays listen too, hence the name. There's even Anaconda by Nicki Minaj in it and you know a kids movie is terrible when it has a song about butts in it. Also, the animals have no reason even to be animals! They could've been humans and nothing would've changed, in movies like Norm of the North, Zootopia and Madagascar at least the characters have a reason to be animals because the movie wouldn't have worked otherwise, in this movie however the characters could've been humans and nothing would've changed, like Megasoulhero once said, but for some reason this movie gets some love and I have no idea why - darthvadern

Poor song choices were involved. The best part were the piglets laughing at the Taylor Swift song and dance.

THis is trash. The trends they put in this film are so outdated. There was a poor soundtrack as well and most of it is super cheesy. 1 point because the characters have somewhat have a personality. But...not good. 3/10 - AlphaQ

Many people hate Illumination entertainment though. - B1ueNew

3 The Secret Life of Pets

We all now how hated Illumination Entertainment is, they just make movies for money and money only and do not care about quality, but quantinty only, they have terrible humour and rushed plots, this is their finest example as it is a rip-off on the beloxed Disney Pixar movie known as Toy Story which was the first CGI animated movie ever made, in 1995. This is that movie but better animation and with pets instead of toys, that's how uninteresting it is. Max is a Woody rip-off, Duke is a Buzz Lightyear rip-off and even Snowball is kinda like a Sid Philips rip-off due to their brutal personalites. Ugh, this movie is definitely not good and it's not even that hated for some reason - darthvadern

Its okay and somehow reminds me of a mix of other Pixar movies. - AlphaQ

4 Zootopia

This is a terrible and predictable movie, at least the original script had some creativity! - myusernameisthis

I won't bash the movie so I won't necessarily talk about it, just have it on the list, I'll keep it quiet. - darthvadern

People can love it if they want. They're free to have their own opinions, but I don't like this film. - girlcool

This is overhated. Big Hero 6 is overrated. - B1ueNew

I have a rather opposite opinion, I find Big Hero 6 to be fairly underrated, and Zootopia is *gets smacked in the face*, *ten seconds later*, well I find it overrated but I respect your opinion - darthvadern

5 The LEGO Batman Movie

The weakest lego movie in my opinion. - myusernameisthis

As you all might now I am one of the few users on here that do not like this movie that much (along with B1ueNew). I found this movie just to be so boring! It has some bad humour too and isn't that funny and it contradicts the whole point of Batman since Batman isn't a superhero that relies on teamwork and this movie makes us believe that, and this movie was labelled as the best animated movie of 2017 and only good animated movie of 2017 until Coco in November 2017 was released - darthvadern

This movie is crap and only exists for money and made for kids who like breadwinners. No creative plot at all. Just "Oh no some criminal wants to take over the city! " And then "The criminal becomes good again" cliche trash. All 3 LEGO movies have this unoriginal and uncreative twist it disgusts me how they are praised for that. - B1ueNew

Worst Batman film. - girlcool

6 Open Season

The second one is a guilty pleasure of mine, but the first one and the other two are awful. - Drawbox

I’m pretty sure everyone hates this movie. - MegaSoulhero

It still has some fans, and I remember you saying on the worst animated sony movies that you remembered liking it, so it was kinda a reason I had it here (I respect your opinion but just so you know) - darthvadern

This is one very underhated movie definitely. So, it's a story about a bear that for whatever reason must leave the city and its owner because the giraffe Elliot decided to ruin everything for him and this movie has so many disgusting bathroom jokes that are so disgusting, I don't remember too muh about it but it was disgusting. The plot is boring as well and the final battle agianst the hunters is just very stupid and clichéd it feels like. Appearently it was so popular that it spawned ' three sequels, and I heard they were all even worse - darthvadern

7 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

I liked the first Madagascar movie, a lot, it was very original and had a good plot and is quite nostalgic. The second one's even better as it had better story, is more nostalgic to me and has excellent enviroments! This one however just screams 2010s with its rather mediocre pop songs, a boring circus setting and not even feeling that much like a true Madagascar movie. The villian was probably the best part, Chantel Dubois, an animal murderer who likes killing animals, and is now out after Alex, because she wants to kill a lion, she's brutal and scary, however nothing else is that good. The european and circus settings are so boring in my opinion and zoo animals don't really fit in that type of setting, and the pop songs are just so bad, there's nothing iconic about them, this movie also seems to be the most loved one in the franchise, I'll admit I loved it the first time I saw it, I even went as far as saying it was the best one and the secod was the worst but my opinions have ...more - darthvadern

I actually liked this one. - B1ueNew

Well I don't think it's terrible but I certainly didn't like it too much - darthvadern

My favorite of the trilogy. - MrCoolC

8 Ice Age

People pretty much always talk about how good this movie is and how horrible the sequels are when I actually have the completely opposite opinion, while Collision Course was the worst of the sequels it was still a fairly enjoyable movie, especially compared to the original which I do not like it all, it had like one good scene which was the ice slide part but that's it. A very boring movie with terrible humour like that one diaper joke and the villians are completely misunderstood and their leader dies a brutal death even though he just wanted revenge on the humans, speaking of, the humans. They can't even talk, but the animals can. Oh well, history movie logic I guess. Now granted this movie was a bit emotional, but that was mostly just the end and near beggining. The animation was also terrible in my opinion, I mean it's somewhat watchable but it's not good, overall I find the movie to be pretty terrible - darthvadern

9 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

Cinderella was a great movie in my opinion, that did deserve a sequel, however unfortuanely the sequels it got were abseolutely terrible! Now granted, at least the second one in the series is very hated, for good reason, it has no point and it's just so boring and has no plot, it's just mice writing stories, literally, these stories have no point or real meaning neither apart from the first one maybe! It also a recieved a second sequel, A Twist in Time, while it was better than the monstrosious Dreams Come True, it was definitely not a good movie, people however seem to like it, and I respect that, however I will voice my opinion too on the movie, this movie is just so unoriginal because Lady Tremaine just changes time and goes back in time so that Cinderella won't be able to marry the prince, and instead Anastacia, like please is that all you got? Now I will admit that Prince Charming, Lady Tremaine and Anastacia recieves some major character development, and that was one of the few ...more - darthvadern

10 The Road to El Dorado

What is the point of this movie?

I remember thinking it was decent, it isn't underhated but it's not a masterpiece, more dissapointing - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Despicable Me 3

I loved it a lot honestly - darthvadern

12 Mars Needs Moms

Yeah this was a nightmare - RawIsgore

It was so nasty - 23windomt

13 Doogal

Please please watch the real movie The Magic Roundabout 2005 or even the original show.

14 The Emoji Movie

Take this off. emoji movie is the best movie and I have wet dreams about it every night

15 The Haunted World of El Superbeasto
16 Sleeping Beauty

Now granted, this movie isn't that loved, but it still have a big fanbase although not that big. Now this movie is very forgettable so I won't talk too muh about it, however the fact that the main protanogist Aurora only has a total screentime of 18 minutes just goes to show how forgettable this movie is - darthvadern

17 The Lego Ninjago Movie

It was alright, at least it was better than the other lego movies - darthvadern

This was worse than Lego Batman. - B1ueNew

I hated This movie so much. - B1ueNew

18 Secret Life of Pets 2

Can we PLEASE stop adding movies that aren’t out yet? Why do people keep doing that on most lists? No one has seen this movie yet so there’s no way of knowing if people like it or hate it! The trailer was bad, but it’s just a trailer! Besides, I haven’t heard anyone say that the trailer is good! So how exactly does this fit in a list of underhated movies? Makes no sense! - MegaSoulhero

A troll must've added it, I personally hope the movie can improve on the rather mediocre original - darthvadern

19 How to Train Your Dragon

Huh I thought it was very great - darthvadern

We already have Game of Thrones!

20 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection

The good but disappointing third movie in the Lyrical Nanoha franchise
I found it a bit disappointing to be honest mostly due to the rushed twist ending at the end. - PerfectImpulseX

21 Food Fight

I'm pretty sure everyone hates this film already. - AlphaQ

Agreed. It's even #1 on the Worst Animated Movies. But to be fair, it IS awful, so it deserves to be hated. - Disney1994

22 Norm of the North

TRash tRash and tRash suff said I tAlked aBout tHis mOvie enough. - AlphaQ

Not too bad - darthvadern

23 Titanic: The Legend Goes On
24 Life's a Jungle: Africa's Most Wanted
25 What's Up: Balloon to the Rescue!
26 Happily N'ever After
27 A Troll in Central Park

WOw lOoks great

jokes - AlphaQ

28 Flushed Away


29 Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale

WHat iS tHiS

I WaTcHeD tHis wHen just after I smoked a blunt. It looked funny but I think if I was sober I would actually despise this film. - AlphaQ

30 Home on the Range
31 Ratatoing
32 Tappy Toes
33 Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale
34 Go!Animate: The Movie
35 Trolland
36 Hulk
37 Joshua and the Promised Land
38 Leo the Lion
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