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41 Flick of The Switch
42 Satellite Blues

Classic song intro... The "yeah" before Rudd's drums kick in rocks! Funny song topic too.

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43 Rock N Roll Dream
44 Girls Got Rhythm

Best lyrics, music and great opening

45 Shake a Leg

AWESOME RIFF AND SOLO, best song off of back in black, not to mention Brian Johnson's voice is unbelieveible in this song

46 It's a Long Way To the Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll)
47 Shot Down in Flames

Ain't it a shame to be shot down in flames?
this song it absolutely legendary! - Dickey96

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48 Fly On the Wall
49 She's Got Balls
50 Hard As a Rock
51 For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
52 Nick of Time

Great underrated classic, from a great underrated album.

A lot of people hate this song, I love it. - MitchellAdkins

53 War Machine
54 First Blood
55 Spoilin' For A Fight
56 Love Hungry Man

A hell of a tune and very underrated.

57 Burnin' Alive

So catchy! Definitely underrated.

58 Nervous Shakedown
59 Go Zone
60 Kicked In the Teeth

Awesome solo and riff, should be way higher

This is REALLY one of the most underrated songs! Epic final song for Powerage album.

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