Most Underrated Arctic Monkeys Songs

Well, let's just say that none of the songs made it into the top 10 best Arctic Monkeys songs, but deserved to be. These aren't the most popular songs from the Arctic Monkeys, so people don't really know how great they are. Vote for your favorite most underrated Arctic Monkeys song below, and if you don't see it on the list, just add it below! Thanks and enjoy!

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1 Dance Little Liar

This song is AMAZING!... But VERY underrated. When people talk about their favorite Arctic Monkeys song, they always say "Do I Wanna Know" or "Fluorescent Adolescent". Nobody says "Dance Little Liar".

I agree 100&. A lot of my friends listen to Arctic Monkeys but nobody shares my opinion. They haven't even heard about this song. But for me this their best song ever.

I'd say "Dance Little Liar"

You could put every song from Humbug on here

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2 Old Yellow Bricks

Best Arctic Monkeys non single but to be fair there's quite a bloody few!

This song is the main reason I started listening to the Arctic Monkeys.

This song is WAY underrated. It's a cool song and it's Wizard of Oz themed, that's why it's called Old Yellow Bricks haha!

3 Arabella

This song is lyrically the best Arctic Monkeys song. It's pure poetry that only Alex Turner could get away with. The baseline to this song is unreal as well. It just has such a cheeky and menacing feel to it that not a lot of Arctic Monkeys songs have.

This song is from the album AM, and it's awesome! I LOVE the baseline in this song, and the captivating lyrics! It's one of their best songs, and it's not very popular... Sadly.

Why's this one here? More like overrated...

This one is not underrated.
Any song from Humbug, Suck It And See or any bsides and EP's and some songs from Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not are underrated. - TheWiliz

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4 505

When the whole song gets really intense at "and I crumble completely when you cry," I just lose my mind every time, I love it

Well it's got to be their most underrated it's so good


5 Cornerstone

It's actually a rather relaxing and emotional song with Alex's complex story-telling lyrics. I wish both this song and "Fire and the Thud" have more spotlights from the fans. They're just beautiful. - TheRegular1227

Beautiful song, beautiful lyrics, and hilarious video! Honestly one of their best songs! How is this 12?!

It's a single and STILL super underrated! Absolutely gorgeous song to be honest.

6 Library Pictures

This is a song that I cannot get into and I love all of their albums and EP's except the Teddy Picker one cause its weird


7 The View from the Afternoon

The energy with starts, the lyrics talking abut any tennager and also is their open song in their first album,

8 Brianstorm
9 Who the F*** Are the Arctic Monkeys?

Dance Little Liar is the best, but not the most underrated. THIS is the most underrated, as it got a 2* review from NME, when it's more like a low 5.

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10 I Wanna Be Yours

Clearly a different vibe than their other songs, its still one of the best they made. Its relaxing and deep. Too bad most people don't know it. The thing is, this song doesn't stand out compared to the other hits they made so that's why it's so underrated. Give it a try though, its great.

This song is pure sex in my ears. Damn,the things it does to me. Makes me want to pole dance or something lol

This song is so great it makes me feel things

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11 Secret Door

Absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to tango and waltz at the same time. Incredible.

Absolutely dreamy and probably all I could ever want in a song to be honest

Best arctic monkeys song in my opinion

My favorite AM song

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12 Teddy Picker

I feel so proud seeing the song I added at number 30 now 14... It is definitely one of their best and should at least crack the top 10

It's their greatest song and yet so underrated.

13 Perhaps Vampire Is a Bit Strong But...

"All you people are vampires
And your stories are stale" should be among their top 10 songs

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14 Only Ones Who Know

Come on, this is definitely one of their most beautiful songs

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15 Settle for a Draw

How come this song never makes any Top 10 lists?

16 From the Ritz to the Rubble
17 Fire and the Thud

This song calms me down and excites me at the same time

Ugh... who put this here?
Every song on humbug is a masterpiece, with the exception of this boring mess.

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18 Knee Socks

Such a sexy song! - eugepotra

19 Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend

This song is cool, yet SO TRUE! "I don't ever want to hate you, so don't show me your bed..."

20 Dangerous Animals

With dance little liar, pretty visitors, and potion approaching, I'd say it's some of the best of Humbug. Easily their most sexy song.

Oh, and that just brutally evil riff. enough said.

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