Top Ten Most Underrated Bon Jovi Songs

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1 Dry County Dry County Cover Art

Not my favorite Bon Jovi Song, but still good. This song should get more credit, like others songs e.g. I'll sleep when I'm dead, Keep the faith, Never Say Goodbye, and Bed of Roses isn't that underrated. I mean it got in the billboard hot 100!

This is my 2nd favorite bj song. The work that went into this piece is crazy! Richie is the master.

This song is definitely underrated, one of their most epic songs.

This song is the most underrated bon jovi ever it's better that the #1

2 We Got It Going On We Got It Going On Cover Art
3 Bed of Roses Bed of Roses Cover Art

This song is not underrated at all - Ilikefishsticks

4 This Ain't a Love Song This Ain't a Love Song Cover Art


5 In and Out of Love In and Out of Love Cover Art
6 Blood on Blood Blood on Blood Cover Art
7 Complicated Complicated Cover Art
8 Let's Make It Baby Let's Make It Baby Cover Art
9 Living In Sin Living In Sin Cover Art
10 Diamond Ring Diamond Ring Cover Art
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11 Dyin Ain't Much of a Livin' Dyin Ain't Much of a Livin' Cover Art
12 Who Would You Die For Who Would You Die For Cover Art

Sounds like the lovechild of We Don't Run and Fingerprints. I like it!

13 Fingerprints Fingerprints Cover Art

Usually, I'm not for sex songs due to ethics (or the lack thereof,) but Fingerprints has a kind of hypnotic beat.

14 Lost Highway Lost Highway Cover Art
15 Prayer '94 Prayer '94 Cover Art

This is just a live version of Livin' On A Prayer. - BonJovi17

16 Wild Is the Wind Wild Is the Wind Cover Art

Yes. This song plays with your emotions and kind of shifts from ballad to anthem and back again, a few times - BonJovi17

17 August 7 August 7 Cover Art
18 (You Want To) Make a Memory (You Want To) Make a Memory Cover Art

Definitely underrated... This song is beautiful and so emotional. I don't see it on any of the lists.It truly deserves attention

19 Let It Rock Let It Rock Cover Art

To me, its secretly a top 3 from Slippery When Wet. Killer song.

20 (It's Hard) Letting You Go (It's Hard) Letting You Go Cover Art

As I said in the list of the best Bon Jovi songs, this is one of the few songs that can make me cry if I dwell on the lyrics too much. It's beautiful.

21 Someday I'll Be Saturday Night Someday I'll Be Saturday Night Cover Art
22 Unbreakable
23 Shot Through the Heart Shot Through the Heart Cover Art

A good chunk of Bon Jovi's fans assume Shot Through The Heart is You Give Love A Bad Name, and this song was brushed under the rug, basically.

24 Janie, Don't Take Your Love to Town Janie, Don't Take Your Love to Town Cover Art

Really, the entire album Destination Anywhere is underrated. Sometimes songs are used on setlists, as are songs from Blaze of Glory, but to the best of my knowledge, nothing has been played live from this album since 2013.

25 Who Says You Can't Go Home Who Says You Can't Go Home Cover Art

I love this song ever since they used it in commercials for NJ tourism!


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