RustyNails Underrated Horror Movie Reviews 1- " Reeker"

This is the debut post from the underrated horror movie reviews

Movie - Reeker
Tagline - Evil is in the air
Type Of Movie - Ghost/Slasher

" Reeker" to many may be seen as another bad slasher film. Why, its got a few of slasher cliches including the sex=death and the line " I'll be right back". Which unless you're Arnold Schwarzenegger, your not coming back ( the character that says this doesn't come back). The film contains a intro that somewhat reveals the antagonist. Some other cliches is Car breaks down, no cell phone service. Now the main antagonist in the film ( the Reeker) gets its name because it smells ungodly bad when it gets nearby, it reeks. The Reeker is unseen but you can sort of see the air moving.

The plot revolves around 5 friends whose car breaks down in an creepy abandoned town. One character is blind.
The Main Characters are-
Jack- played by Devon Gummersall. He plays the blind man. He causes some jump scares since he's blind he accidentally comes up behind his friends. Jack has a likeable personality and a great outlook on life.

Gretchen- played by Tina Illman. Gretchen is pretty tough and even though she is faced with a murderous enemy, she stays calm. She is definitely not the" damsel in distress".

Trip- Played by Scott Whyte. In the beginning he is seen as a un trustworthy person, smokes weed, and a jerk. He has Jack walk into the ladies room. But as the film progresses he is the only one to realize something weird is going on. He goes looking for help, gets gas, and tells his friends not to stay out of sight. He also gets a gruesome death.

Nelson - Played by Derek Richardson. Nelson plays a good looking guy who eventually gets some, at least almost. Even with this said he is still likeable. He's caring and is good friends with Trip. Unlike many horror movies he makes some smart decisions.

Cookie - played by Arielle Kebbel. Her character probably has a bladder issue since she goes to the bathroom a lot. She doesn't seem to worried about being stranded. And again she is somewhat of a likeable person.

Unlike many horror movies with only usually one likeable character, I think each character is likeable in their own levels. The movie is somewhat ruined by the ended. The Reeker attacks the remaining characters and eventually causes them to wreck the car. Turns out that all characters were ( in reality) were involved in the wreck. They are killed in the same way the Reeker does.Brilliant yet stupid. If they actually were in a car accident then the Reeker and abandoned town didn't happen.

all levels are out of 5

Blood/Gore level - 1.7
not that much, some pretty disturbing, like a still alive dog with its legs ripped off and belly shredded by spinning saw. The blood/gore is pretty based much darker than real blood.

Scare level - 1.1
a big level of jump scares. And a creepy atmosphere and sounds throughout.

Character level- 2.8
pretty believable and likeable. Though of course the cliches goes against them. The better characters would probably be Jack and Trip.

Antagonist level - 3.0
A ghost that smells like a skunk crawled out of the rear end of another skunk. It carries spinning blade weapons. Is cloaked in black and has a gas mask and looks pretty good.

Originality Level - 2.4
Foul smelling ghost ( very original antagonist). Sex=death, " abandoned town, broke down car, no cell phone service, " be right back "( typical/ not original). A blind guy as a main character, love it.

Movie score - 2.9
I enjoyed it. An evil entity ghost creature movie. Some cliches and terrible ending. Not a bad film at all, yet not necessarily a great one. (FYI direct tv gave it 4 out of 5 stars)

also look for this films sequel.


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