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21 Cemetery Gates - Pantera

It's strange that some of the most popular ballads also appear on the list of underrated ballads. This way songs that are really underrated are underrated even on the list of the underrated songs...
Cemetery Gates is #5 on the list of best metal ballads (Top Tens) and here again #5 most underrated... There is something wrong with this list.

A Tout Le Monde, The Unforgiven, Snuff and Cemetery Gates are NOT underrated and shouldn't be on this list, let alone Top 5 (if you know the meaning of underrated; If you don't - just scroll down and you will see awesome ballads you've never heard of). - Metal_Treasure

22 The Temple of the King - Rainbow V 1 Comment
23 Teräksen Taakka - Teräsbetoni

If somebody wanna venture beyond the conventional ballads in EN, this would be a great start (in Finnish).
I don't understand a single word but the vocals are so amazing that I don't need lyrics to get the mood (Jarkko Ahola is an awesome young singer).
Teräksen Taakka = Burden of Steel, but even without translation you will get that heavy feel because the singer perfectly communicates the message of the song. - Metal_Treasure

24 Thorn - Blind Guardian

Maybe it's heavier than a usual ballad. This song is very emotional. Indescribable, passionate, amazing vocals (of course, Hansi Kürsch never fails).

Great mix of acoustic and electric guitars. - Metal_Treasure

25 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Metallica
26 Sinner - Theocracy
27 A Tale That Wasn't Right - Helloween

Michael Kiske - perfect crystal voice. The song is a bit cheesy to my taste but I mostly enjoy the vocals. - Metal_Treasure

28 Catch the Rainbow - Rainbow
29 Handful of Rain - Savatage

Underrated band, underrated ballad.

30 My Last Sunrise - Demons and Wizards

One of the most emotive metal ballads and one of the greatest vocal performances in metal.
There's only one metal ballad that moves me so much - Beyond the Realms of Death by Judas Priest. - Metal_Treasure

Unbelievable vocals! Hands down.

31 Love Conquers All - Deep Purple
32 Love’s no friend - Rainbow
33 Greater Darkness - Moonspell
34 Our Loved Ones - Volbeat
35 Strange World - Iron Maiden
36 The Man - Primal Fear

Great music and lyrics with deep meaning, and one of the best vocal performances in metal. - Metal_Treasure

37 Uudestisyntynyt - Teräsbetoni

Another beautiful and sad ballad in Finnish by Jarkko Ahola. His voice is just divine - powerful and emotional. I hope one day he will get the credits he deserves. - Metal_Treasure

Another beautiful and powerful ballad; Jarkko Ahola - flawless vox again. - Metal_Treasure

38 Isolate - Sybreed

I added this. This song takes you to a whole 'nother world and I loved it so much I couldn't stop listening to it. - NuMetalManiak

39 A Past and Future Secret - Blind Guardian
40 In My Time Of Need - Opeth V 1 Comment
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