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41 Human

This is a great song but very underrated! I like this song, apparently no one seems to enjoy this song. Pretty much everyone I know that likes Metallica don't know about this song.

This gets overshadowed by No Leaf Clover - christangrant

42 The Four Horsemen

I actually think this song is a little overrated. It's just not as good as some of the other songs! It just doesn't impress me that much.

This is the best song from kill em all. Please vote up! - ashikkumar

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43 Seek & Destroy

This song is not underrated! It's tradition for Metallica to end a show with this song! So how is it underrated?!

What? This song isn't underrated. It's been played 1419 times live, and it's one of Metallica's most well-known songs.

Compared to the overrated master of puppets This is definitely underrated.

44 Frantic

I just listened to the whole album today! This song at first I hated it! But after listening to it again I realized that it's a good song!

Although it's from the st Anger album, which is not supposed to be a very good Metallica album, frantic is a good song. Not awesome. Just good and unique

45 King Nothing

This should be much higher than 17. Great song, great lyrics, great chorus. One my favourite Metallica songs.

This is my favorite Metallica song! And it's very underrated! Makes me sick!

Every song from Load is underrated, just because it's not Thrash

Dig for gold
Dig for fame
Are you pacified?

46 Low Man's Lyric

I really love this. Very deep lyrics, love the acoustic sounds, and most of all, it shows of James's vocal capabilities

Probably the first song that made me feel really emotional - LMARINE

Beautiful song with touching lyrics, AND A MUFUGGIN HURDY GURDY.

47 My Friend of Misery

Such a good song, it's a shame it doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Top 3 off of The Black Album.
Other underrated songs are '...And Justice For All' and 'King Nothing'

48 Lords of Summer
49 Phantom Lord

Apparently, people don't understand the concept of "underrated. " Fade to Black is NOT underrated. Phantom Lord is beyond underrated, no one seems to like it! The into is mind-blowing, I get chills every time!

This is easily my favorite track on Kill em All. The main riff is just amazing. And the lyrics are just awesome

The reason nobody likes this song is cause IT SUCKS!

50 Of Wolf and Man

This song is unnoticed just like every other song on this album that wasn't considered one of the Big Five. This is a great song, and one of my favorites in the album.

A great song! But not underrated.

Overlooked in a tracklist dominated by Enter Sandman, Sad but True, Roam and Unforgiven

"SO SEEK THE WOLF IN THYSELF! " - MetallicaForever

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51 The Shortest Straw

Amazing guitar playing my favorite song on... And justice for all (besides one) obviously

This song is so awesome! Especially the riff!

This song is overrated! I can't stand this song! It makes me want to destroy my copy of...and justice for all! Terrible song!

52 Fuel

This is one of Metallicas biggest hits! So how is it underrated?

53 My World

I'm glad this song is underrated because I don't like this song. One reason is because the drums in this song gave me a headache. The other reason is that it doesn't sound too good! Please vote.

54 Sweet Amber

Yeah, sure the chorus isn't verry strong. But you have to admit that rissing up rifft is one of the most badass riffts Metallica has ever writen.

55 Ride the Lightning

Finally someone sees Ride the Lighting is a actual good song! One of my favorites!

Best song on this album! And very underrated!

56 Poor Twisted Me

Awesome song I think! Underrated though... Some of the songs shouldn't even be on here. Fade To Black, Enter Sandman, etc.

Great song but very underrated. In my opinion, it is one of my favorite songs off of the Load/ReLoad era.

57 Slither
58 2 X 4

This is one of my favorite Metallica songs ever! It's so underrated though...

What is Welcome Home Sanitarium doing on the list? Every Metallica fan knows that song.

Load is not a good metallica album. But if it was not metallica it would be my favorite!

Yes underrated!

59 Until It Sleeps
60 Wasting My Hate
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