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81 Bad Seed
82 Better Than You
83 My World

I'm glad this song is underrated because I don't like this song. One reason is because the drums in this song gave me a headache. The other reason is that it doesn't sound too good! Please vote.

84 Carpe Diem Baby

So emotional and so good. The main riff is brilliant. One of the best songs by Metallica in my opinion

GROSSLY underrated! This should be number one. One of the best songs ever!

85 Thorn Within V 1 Comment
86 Shoot Me Again
87 Am I Savage?


88 Murder One
89 The Memory Remains

Yes underrated. I've heard people say it's one of the worst Metallica songs of all time! But I love it. Totally underrated!

90 Vulturous
91 Death Is Not the End
92 Nothing Else Matters

This is an absolute awesome tune!

Not underrated!


93 Master of Puppets

I wouldn't say overrated but it's not as good as some of the other songs they have.

This song is overrated, not underrated.

Nobody really likes or knows this song, but it's my favorite Metallica song ever, they never play it live eiterh

This song is sooo underrated

94 Raining Blood

Awesome Metallica songs I love the studio version of this off their best album, lulu, of course!

V 2 Comments
95 Turn the Page

Bob seager and the silver bullet band did it better. But still a great song!

V 1 Comment
96 (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth

YES UNDERRATED! Best instrumental ever!

97 The View V 3 Comments
98 Cyanide
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