Most Underrated Movie Series

The Top Ten Most Underrated Movie Series

1 Blade Runner

This and its sequel flopped - Dvafan2

2 Ice Age

I find all of the movies enjoyable - Dvafan2

3 Star Trek

Always overlooked because of star wars - Dvafan2

4 Cars

Very underrated Pixar series - Dvafan2

5 Thor

The first 2 aren't considered to be as good as the 3rd - Dvafan2

6 Dragon Ball Z

The movies with the exception of the broly ones are underrated in terms of anime movies - Dvafan2

7 The Maze Runner

Always overlooked because of hunger games and crappy divergent - Dvafan2

8 The Purge

Underrated films about if anarchy happened in America - Dvafan2

9 The Lion King

Its sequels are underrated beyond belief - Dvafan2

10 Jurassic Park

Its 2 sequels are underrated - Dvafan2

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