Top 10 Most Underrated Theory of a Deadman Songs

Songs by Theory of a Deadman that are somewhat overlooked. I'll be including songs from all TOAD albums. If you think I missed one feel free to add it.

The Top Ten

1 Point to Prove

Their most underrated song and it's a shame because it is great and has a good riff to it.

I'm learning this is a very good and underrated band

They're very underrated and in lots of way better than Nickelback.

Thanks Jeff, I'll listen to some - EliHbk

2 Leg to Stand On

Their 2nd most underrated song.

3 Misery of Mankind

Somewhat underrated.

4 Salt in the Wound

Self explantory to be honest.

5 World War Me

Not a big Savages fan but this song is overlooked.

6 Quiver

For obvious reasons.

7 Hating Hollywood

A great song to be honest.

8 Got It Made

Had to include it in the top 10.

9 Easy to Love You

A ballad but a good ballad at that.

10 Love is Hell

Solid song from beginning to end.

The Contenders

11 What You Deserve
12 Invisible Man
13 Any Other Way
14 Say I'm Sorry
15 Nothing Could Come Between Us
16 No Surprise
17 Say Goodbye
18 Since You've Been Gone
19 Hell Just Ain't the Same
20 Hello Lonely (Walk Away from This)
21 Little Smirk
22 End of the Summer
23 Wait for Me
24 Head Above Water
25 The Sun Has Set on Me
26 In Ruins
27 Make Up Your Mind
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