Top 10 Underrated Vocaloid Songs

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41 Joker - Hatsune Miku

I thought this was a gakupo song

42 Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat Life! - Kagamine Len and Gumi V 2 Comments
43 Poetaster and Singing Dolls - Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Len
44 Demon Girlfriend - Kagamine Rin

A catchy song about an adorable tsundere girlfriend that everyone should listen to!

45 Honey - Sakine Meiko
46 White Letter - Hatsune Miku

One of the first songs I discovered.

47 Pretty Panty Aku - Marin Series - Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kaito, Kamui Gakupo

The series consists of 3 songs, each telling a hilarious and fast paced song, along with disasterous results.

48 I Am the Celebration of Two People

MY GOSH. Only 42? It's catchy but the meaning is so dark... it's about a girl splitting herself into two people, and then they impale each other...?

V 1 Comment
49 Hitorinbo Envy

This song is amazing and has an extremely catchy chorus. Besides being one of the catchiest songs I've heard, it has deep and meaningful lyrics as well.

50 Connecting - Miku, Luka, Len, Rin, Meiko and Kaito
51 Setsuna Trip
52 Happy Synthesizer - Luka and Gumi V 2 Comments
53 Outer Science - Ia V 1 Comment
54 Final Reason V 3 Comments
55 Dream and a Cherry Tree (Yume to Hazakura)
56 Hybrid - Lily
57 Pumpkin Spice Dummy - Oliver
58 My Seventh Celebration - Miku and Gumi

This song, in fact all songs from the Sisters' Story series is underrated. Don't get me wrong, I love the Onibi series, but The Sisters' Story series also needs some love too! (and other underrated songs by Masa) - MLPFan

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